Republicans Storm Closed Impeachment Proceeding

capitol left power america radical-house-fair-congressional-oversight impeachmentHouse Republicans stormed a closed-door proceeding Wednesday where lawmakers were questioning witnesses involving the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

Over a dozen Republican lawmakers gathered outside of the private meeting room and told reporters that they would try to enter the closed door depositions regarding the official impeachment inquiry into Trump. These closed-door proceedings are being led by the House Intelligence, Foreign Affairs and Oversight committees after allegations that Trump asked Ukrainian officials to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

“We’re gonna go and see if we can get inside,” Republican Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz told reporters according to a video posted on Twitter.

Multiple Republicans not on the three committees have tried to access the depositions and get transcripts of the meetings in the past, the Washington Times reported. One Republican said that the group “got in” but were asked to leave, Olivia Beavers, a Congress reporter for The Hill, tweeted.

My colleagues and I are holding a press conference lead by @RepMattGaetz outside Adam Schiff’s secret impeachment chamber demanding transparency for the American people,” Republican Texas Rep. Ron Wright tweeted.

Reprinted with permission from - Conservative Daily News - by Shelby Talcott

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2 years ago

Some Dems are just trying to keep false rummers going about our President Trump thinking it will help them and their financial backers gain more power. Nancy should be the one impeached for working with sore losers against the what the American citizens have already voted for while wasting our tax money. Drain the swamp!!

Beverly Brooks
2 years ago

Stop peacehment NOW!

Chrissy Digman
2 years ago

You know what’s funny is it everyone seems to forget that these people work for us and if my congressman or senator from my state wants to go into their hearing he better get inside. This is just a bunch of malarkey

James Ponsot
2 years ago

They are just a bunch of cowards communists democrats trying to destroy Our American Laws as provided by the Consitution of the USA!!! THE DEMOS NEED TO BE TRIDE FOR TREASON!!!

Maxine Olson
2 years ago

This impeachment “inquiry” is nothing more than a Star Chamber and should be declared illegal. Where is due process and facing your accuser?

2 years ago

Republicans need to lock arms and get behind the President period!!! It would be great to smooth out some of President Trump’s rough edges. BUT we always KNOW what he is thinking, because he is constantly telling us. TMI- Way too much information !!! And get all these fake investigations turned around to investigate Obama & Clintons-in jail. Waste of time and money down the drain AND we could have built 3 walls and 5-Star hotels for the “immigrations” holding areas!!!!! It is time to move on!!

Free Market Filly
2 years ago

The Republicans did not “storm” the closed door session. Please don’t use the liberal media rhetoric which distorts the news for emotional or propaganda effect. The Republicans simply walked in and sat down quietly. Period.

2 years ago

The Republicans didn’t storm the secret meeting, they were very civil, much more than some of us would have been if having a chance to do so. This Adam Schiff is a plant by George Soros. Schiff got elected with money from George Soros . Schiffs’ sister is married to George Soros’ son. If no one knows who George Soros is just do a little research on him. He is a man who went against his own people ( the Jews, yes he is a jew) and took up with a Nazi general in Germany under Hitler ,and assisted him in confiscating jewish personal property. He has assisted in overthrowing governments. This impeachment is nothing but a smoke screen as was the Russian investigation. Trump was found to have done no wrong then and has done nothing wrong involving the Ukraine. The Ukraine old government was corrupt and so was our old government under Obama. Hillary was
suppose to win the rigged election , and we the people stopped her. This is bigger than we the people can ever imagine. There are still many insiders attached to the old administration, and if the truth comes out they will all go to jail. Iran, Libya, China, and the Ukraine, are all involved headed up by our old administration. Sounds crazy but just wait and see. If Trump doesn’t get impeached of which I’m sure he will not. The old administration is still alive and well and when the truth starts to come out, you’ll probably start seeing dead bodies show up. Dead people can’t talk.

2 years ago

Why closed doors?? So tired of all the nonsense…

2 years ago

From what I have seen , heard, and researched I have come to realize that the democratic party is no longer an American entity and should be abolished and all members deported or thrown in jail for treason

Susan McDonald, CDR/ USNR
2 years ago

It’s about time the Republicans stand up for our President and the law. The dems should b shut down and go to work on our countries problems together. If you can’t work as a team… go back to your states and stay out of DC.

Betty Buchanan
2 years ago

Good for them. This should not be closed doors, or being held at all for that matter. This stuff has been going on ever since President Trump surprised them all and won the election, because he is what the people of this country want !!! This is all totally illegal. No way they can impeach him, because it has not gone according to the articles of impeachment from the start. It is totally against the Constitution of the United States. Just because the Democrats didn’t like the way the election turned out and the person they were rigging the election to win – didn’t, they’re being like a spoiled child and pouting and doing everything illegal still to try to get him out of office. They will not win. The people of this country put him in, with the help of God, and not allow this to go on. With God you have peace, without God there is nothing but turmoil and hatred. Get over it Democrats. Repent to God and to the people of this country that you are doing so wrong, change your ways and admit you’re wrong, get behind the President and support him like you should have from the start, and get the work done you were sent there to do. The people do not want your socialism or communism or you to try to rule us. Put some of your millions back into the social security you stole, but said you were borrowing, go home and retire on what you have and your social security (not the big pensions you set for yourself). We will thank you and forgive you.

2 years ago

Why do the Democrats think they should run a meeting without having the other side there to balance the discussion? Especially when they are going to try to change a election. The election was done fair & square! The people voted who they wanted to be President of the USA. Waite & vote again in 2020 & see who they want then. If you don’t agree, then to bad that’s what the people want & have chooses!

Richard Wells
2 years ago

It is about time!!!!

Don B
2 years ago

It’s about time the C.U.R. (consolidated union of rinos) got off their fat arses and started supporting the President.
Personally, I think the Republican Party Members SHOULD stand with the Republican President just like the Socialist Democratic Party members do when they have a Dem. President and like they are doing now to bring down this Great President. Only one thing they have going for them is that they stand together and that’s something more than the Republican members do.
I wish I had some magic dust….I’d dust them ALL down and make them all disappear. !!!!!

2 years ago

“House Republicans stormed”………Using the language of the left is NOT a good way to start this article. Leftist “news” should be immediately disregarded or at least put into parenthesis. Why are “we” forwarding their commentary? IE: Americans dont not own a single “assault weapon”, However we may have Anti assault weapons. I personally will NOT let the leftist categorize me. Semantics? Read world history, “Categorizing” whole groups of people make them easier targets.

Rob J
2 years ago

Why weren’t ALL the Republicans in the crowd, why so few … it’s time to Primary all the RINO’s ? ! ? !

2 years ago

As a registered democrat, I am appalled by the Democrat Party shenanigans. It is absolute hate. It seems to me the politicians would work to help those who put them in office. Yet all they do is push division and hatred on their quest to rule with iron fisted totality. I will not vote for another Democrat until these idiot politicians understand they are hired employees of we the people and NOT our rulers!

2 years ago


2 years ago

They should impeach Schiff or if that doesn’t apply to his position, he should be removed on the basis of misconduct

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