Pre-Midterm Trump Tally: Effect on the Polls?

trump-effect-midtermsMainstream media sources continue to cast our president in a bad light, but the evidence of his success speaks for itself. This article is the last in a three-part series outlining President Trump’s outstanding accomplishments since taking office.


To recap the previous two installments, President Trump has made enormous strides since taking office, racking up historic victories in all areas of American politics, including the economy, welfare reform, deregulation, government transparency, energy, veterans’ affairs, health care, the courts, immigration, and the preservation of our Constitutional liberties.

In the face of constant criticism and unjustified smears, President Donald J. Trump has kept his promise to make our country great again; evidence abounds. The “Trump effect” is real and observable, and it has manifested in what’s perhaps Trump’s greatest achievement as president yet: the renewed sense of national pride and morale in millions of American citizens.

Many commentators have billed Tuesday’s midterm elections as a referendum on President Trump—to a degree, this is true. And despite the predicted ‘blue wave,’ it is still uncertain whether or not Democrats will take the House (see “Expect the Unexpected in Midterms”). At this point, there is only one thing we know for certain: Those who wish to continue seeing the “Trump effect” will undoubtedly have our president’s long list of accomplishments in mind when casting their vote.

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4 years ago

So, where is the article ( Part III ) ?? The above states that this is the last in a three-part series, but after two paragraphs it ends with nothing to click or access the Part III. ? Please advise, I’d love to read it. thanks

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