Political Resolutions to Consider Adopting in 2018

growth conservative Scandal Democrat Republican capitol House democrats political1. Connect with your member of Congress: Members of congress are responsible and accountable to their
constituents. It’s important for the voter to stay up-to-date on congressional votes and issues. Sign up to get the most recent news and information from your member. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter. (Remember, many members have a personal and an official account). Subscribe to your member’s email newsletters and set up a Google alert to stay up-to-date on all the news from your senators and representative.

2. Get active on Twitter: Twitter is one of the most effective ways to get direct contact with your lawmaker. Sign up for a Twitter account and set a goal of tweeting at least three times a week about articles, opinions, or votes you want your network and your member to see.

3. Write a letter to the editor: Get your name in print by writing a letter to the editor in response to an editorial or giving your unique perspective on an issue. Remember to keep it brief: It should be no longer than 250 words and focused on one particular issue. The best letters to the editor have a personal connection to the topic you are talking about. Keep the tone formal and polite. Make sure your statements can be backed up with solid evidence.

4. Get involved locally: No one knows the needs of your community better than you. Use the new year to find out what’s happening in your political community. Attend a town hall, go to a neighborhood meeting, or join a local political group.

5. Read a political book: Keeping up with the news is important. To understand the current news, keep things in perspective. Take time out of the 24-hour news cycle and read a historical book like “A Republic of Spin” by avid Greenberg or a cultural commentary like “Hillbilly Elegy” by J.D. Vance.

6. Join an activist program (like the AMAC army): Politics can be isolating, but it’s much better with a community of people. Join a local or national organization to amplify your voice and coordinate your efforts with other grassroots activists across the country. Voters delivered a mandate for change—real change this time—in November of 2017. 2018 is the year for even more grassroots America to continue the momentum by leaning in, speaking up, and getting involved. Will you step up in 2018?

From - Heritage Action - by Sondra Clark

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5 years ago

I’ve written my Congressman several times on various issues, but all I get back is a form letter that usually doesn’t have anything to do with the topic I wrote about. Oh yes, and “I’m doing a great job, vote for me”. What I want to see mostly is justice served to those who have committed crimes against the people of America, including lies and misleading comments. I think once we start prosecuting these domestic enemies, with punishments to match the damage they have caused, our ship will right itself.

5 years ago
Reply to  Gary

Happy New Year, Gary-
Since I moved to this state a few years ago, I have attended a few town hall meetings with our local representative. After getting the “talk” (much like your form letter, probably), he opened up for questions from the 100 or so people attending. Many are reticent to speak up, but once the conversation gets going, more will join in. But BE that first speaker! And be passionate! The representative comes with note-takers, so if more than one person speaks on a particular issue, it is more likely to be noted. Although this representative disapproves of raised voices, I apologized for doing so, but I remained civil while I raised my voice!! And he listened, and his note-takers took notes…and others joined in. If we all stayed so sheepishly quiet, he would have missed how seriously we took these issues. …and how his next election hinged on the priority he gave them.
Letters help, but a face-to-face meeting armed with cogent arguments is best. Keep trying. Keep writing. Keep calling. Follow up with a phone call to ask what s(he) has done on a particular topic. And those politicians whose work you admire–let them know! Money talks; a publicly demonstrated commitment to vote a certain way on an issue will be followed up with a donation to help keep him around.

5 years ago

A comment often claimed by people I’ve met is, “I’m just one person, I can’t make a difference.”
In 2009-2010, when the Tea Party movement was resurrected largely as a result of The Affordable Care Act, I felt motivated to do something. I was, and still am, vehemently opposed to government-run health care delivery. The call that came over the local talk radio station to rally in downtown (city) was the catalyst. So I made my sign (sturdy, for re-use) and headed for the rally. There were THOUSANDS of people attending, many carrying hand-written cleverly worded sentiments that reflected their own personal complaints with the Obama administration, and particularly with the ACA. There were no fresh-off-the-press groupthink signs commonly seen at rallies sponsored by unions, Wall Street Occupiers, or liberal causes.
What do you think the newspapers said the next day? You guessed it—something like “HUNDREDS of ragtag protesters snarl traffic in downtown (city)”. Totally dismissive, and inaccurate. That didn’t stop us. As the years dragged on with one after another socialist plan for the government to take control of more of your money and your personal freedoms, we continued to assemble and to peacefully protest. And, although the newspapers and other main stream media predictably downplayed the size of the crowds or the number of conservative politicians and industry spokesmen speaking against the democratic agenda, they were beginning to listen, if with only one ear. But these rallies were getting attention, especially among the people. That’s what mattered. More and more “ordinary” people discovered that here’s a cause that “speaks to them”, and they got involved. The outcome has been wave after wave of shifting political majorities in the House, then the Senate, and, gratifyingly, in the White House.
So how could some of the most influential newspapers and television conglomerates in the country continue to trivialize what was happening? Very simply: because they could. They still do. The support system they have in the liberal establishment and in Hollywood see to it. But we’re a persistent lot, and some of the anger that has been aimed AT the media for being the lying, distorting sources of fake news that they are is paying off. These media are seeing their ratings drop. President Trump, with his active Twitter account, has effectively and frequently pointed out their numerous flaws, and has embarrassed them into airing retractions. Some liberal news media celebrities have even been fired or “suffered” time off without pay for their sins.
So, yes, gather the facts and do all those things mentioned in the article. It matters. One person—YOU—CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

5 years ago
Reply to  Kim

Very well stated Kim. Yes, truly dedicated people can and do actually make a difference every day. It is only when people adopt the fatalistic attitude of “I’m one person, what difference can I possibly make”, that we lose and the liberals win. Most people don’t want to hear that we are in a long-term war for the heart and soul of this country. That it will takes decades of persistent and relentless push-back against the progressives that have wormed their way into all facets of the government, media and entertainment. Many are either too apathetic to get involved or are simply looking for a one-time quick fix, so they can go back to sleep walking through life. They are the ones that usually find the “one person can’t make a difference” message so attractive. It gives them a reason, no matter how pathetic it may be, for them to ignore what is going on around them and embrace their victimhood. However, it is the truly committed in this country that will always push-back against the progressives that seek to re-make this country. Yes, one person can make a difference and there are many of us out there. That is what has the liberals so fearful and why there is a barrage of non-stop fake news stories against President Trump and his policies. Why Hollywood has geared up to crank out a series of movies romanticizing liberal viewpoints and why senior levels of our FBI and CIA are actively trying to unseat a sitting President with manufactured lies. They see their grip on the government, media and entertainment endangered by millions of individuals that simply won’t tolerate their ruinous progressive policies anymore. So yes, each and every person can make a difference.

Ivan Berry
5 years ago
Reply to  Kim

Very well stated, Kim.
As an aside: the book listed in the article about spin should have stated the author as (D)avid Greenberg.
Happy New Year, and keep up the good work.

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