Planned Parenthood: The Bigger Picture

Jedediah Bila

Jedediah Bila

By Jedediah Bila, Author and Political Commentator

Planned Parenthood has once again proven what many know all too well:  the organization’s mission, despite its charming title, has little to nothing to do with family planning or parenthood.

Footage released on December 9, 2009 from a Live Action undercover investigation in Appleton, WI titled The Rosa Acuna Project, reveals a Planned Parenthood counselor and an abortion doctor providing medically inaccurate, misleading information to a female “patient” in order to encourage her to have an abortion.  Some of the more alarming statements include:  “It’s not a baby at this stage or anything like that,” “You know, women die having babies,” and an insistence that the “fetus” does not possess a heartbeat, but rather a “heart tone.”  According to Live Action, leading embryologists Dianne Irving and Ward Kischer have labeled the statements by the counselor and doctor in the video “scientifically erroneous and absurd.”  The video complements former Texas Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson’s declaration that “Planned Parenthood really tries to instill in their employees and the women that are coming in for abortions that this is not a baby, that this is just a mass of cells.”

This is not the first time Live Action, a self-proclaimed non-violent “youth led movement dedicated to building a culture of life and ending abortion…” has brought Planned Parenthood’s dishonorable activities to our attention.  Their summer 2008 Mona Lisa Project exposed several acts of negligence on the part of Planned Parenthood to report cases of statutory rape.  In another Live Action undertaking, Planned Parenthood clinics in Ohio and Idaho were eagerly willing to accept donations from a caller—an undercover actor—who wished to ensure that his/her money was targeted toward aborting African-American babies.  Despite these occurrences, Planned Parenthood snatched $349.6 million of government funding in 2007-2008.  Visit Live Action’s national Planned Parenthood Violations Map for a peek into what your hard-earned tax dollars have really been up to.

Although these findings are heinous enough, there is a bigger picture that must be acknowledged.  Planned Parenthood has been long championed by the left as an honorable protector of women’s rights in much the same manner that the National Organization for Women—despite a single-issue, pro-abortion agenda and an ongoing commitment to crucify pro-life females—has been promoted as a beacon of feminism.  The results?  Thousands of women flock to Planned Parenthood each day with the false expectation of impartial guidance and sound medical advice.  They join NOW because their college Female Studies professors—and the NOW website—tell them that Sarah Palin “is a woman who opposes women’s rights.”  And ultimately, they head to the voting booths and pull the lever for the likes of Barack Obama because academia failed to mention that feminism and ownership of one’s body has everything to do with personal responsibility and the gift of womanhood, and nothing to do with the left’s sanctimonious right to kill.  FYI—NOW, the supposed champion of the rights of all women, features a page on their website devoted to “Fighting the Right Wing.”

Planned Parenthood, NOW, and the “feminist” left have long been the architects of a powerful disservice to women in the name of protecting them.  The distortions should not and cannot be tolerated, so let me break down just a few final equations:

Planned + Parenthood = Abortion Crusade.

NOW + Feminist Left = Oppression of Pro-Life Voices.

And while I’m at it, Hope + Change = Government Overtake of Your Liberty.

There comes a time to say enough is enough. That time is now.

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12 years ago

Jenny you say that this organization is pre-choice, but it does not have the right to give misleading information to young unsuspecting women. If the truth was told about the child growing inside a woman, there would be many many many less abortions. If they truth were told about how barbaric an aboryion is, no one would have them. God creates out of love, man destroys out of greed and deceit.

12 years ago

Planned Parent as stated above is truly an organization determined to make abortion the acceptable norm. They are nothing but sick and twisted people who are more concerned with money than the rights of women. If women only knew the torment they will suffer for the rest of their lives after an abortion there would not be very many done. Planned Parenthood (Planned Child murder) and this administration must be stopped now before it is too late for this beautiful and magnificent Country.

12 years ago

in 1973 I went to PP for verification of pregnancy. Immediately they were scheduling an abortion before asking me. They could not understand why I did not want their adjenda. when I hear that AARP was supporting the health bill I started praying for a way other than that group. Thanks for being there.

Bernadette Penn
12 years ago

I will pray for Jenny Anis, that God will take the blinders of of her eyes.

Jenny Anis
12 years ago

Planned Parenthood is Pre CHOICE and only and I am sorry to see the comments prior….shame on all of you for not being better informed. It is easy to not take a stand for choice and go along with a “Safe” view. What other views have you taken the safe road on?

Stephanie Diamond
12 years ago

I believe that Planned Parenthood is Planned Abortion

I also believe in the causes that AMAC believe in…..But I’m Canadian & I don’t think my views count in U.S.

Barbara Fallano
12 years ago

This single subject has allowed the liberal Democrats to own the government. We cannot allow one issue to rule or ruin our chances of
being more inclusive to Independents

12 years ago

What a great magazine! Super articles that speak for the over 55 population instead of trying to fool us that government control is “best” for us!
Thank you for putting out the truth!

Ron Sutton
12 years ago

My term for Planned Parenthood for years has been “Planned Barrenhood” since their main objective is to abort babies, not ever to birth them.

John A Salter
12 years ago

I will definitely join AMAC as soon as I have the funds to do so. I bailed out of AARP about 4 years back, taking my auto ins. to Nationwide, now with AAA.
Living on S/S isn’t easy! –js

Ed Brown
12 years ago

This asso. is wright-on to oppose the liberal AARP!
I will forward to friends.

12 years ago

Great article! I always say that Planned Parenthood should actually be called “Planned Abortion.”

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