Obama Rushes to Admit 110,000 Refugees by Year’s End

800px-Barack_Obama_on_the_telephone_with_Hassan_Rouhani wiki mediafrom – NetRightDaily.com – by Natalia Castro

President Obama once pledged to admit 100,000 refugees from around the world into the country by the end of 2016. Recently, he has decided that number was simply not enough, he has rushed the vetting process in order to admit another 10,000 refugees by the end of the year, with a majority of the new additions coming from Middle East nations. However, with an already inadequate vetting process now being accelerated, the chance of another terror attack on our soil due to President Obama’s reckless actions is higher than ever.

In October, FBI director James Comes admitted during a House Committee on Homeland Security hearing that “if someone has never made a ripple in the pond in Syria in a way that would get their identity or their interest reflected in our database, we can query our database until the cows come home, but there will be nothing show up because we have no record of them.”

Meaning that with ease, an individual eager to commit their first terror attack can move into the U.S. without any knowledge from government officials. Unfortunately, this is not a speculation or a far reaching theory of an action that might occur. One of the suicide bombers killing himself just outside of France’s national sports stadium in November, was posing as a Syrian refugee to gain access into Europe.

With President Obama’s increase in refugee admittances, this process is being sped up to even further submit our nation’s people to even more terrorist attacks. The Associated Press report of April 2016 cited Gina Kassem, the regional refugee coordinator at the U.S. Embassy in Amman, Jordan who noted that “while the resettlement process usually takes 18 to 24 months, the surge operation will reduce the time to three months.”

Making it even more difficult to properly vet the refugees entering the country.

Congress has attempted to combat this growing problem, however with pushback from Democrats and a constant veto threat from President Obama legislation has been weak at best. The House overwhelmingly passed the American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act of 2015 aimed at improving the vetting system, but the bill still neglects key security risks.

For example, the bill grants further screening for individuals coming from Iraq and Syria; ignoring U.S. Department of State data which also shows 3,858 visas come from Jordan, 2,008 visas come from Lebanon, 7,049 visas come from Iran, and many more nations known for having a presence of terror.

With an uncooperative White House, there is little possibility for a successful and adequate piece of legislation being produced.

Until Congress is able to negotiate legitimate vetting policy dealing with refugees, allowing them to enter the country uninhibited places substantial risk on all of the American people. It is not a matter of refusing to allow them to enter, it is a matter of ensuring that the individuals who do enter are coming to integrate into American culture not destroy it. Until then, what’s the rush?

As long as we have a President who believes in his sole ability to make this critical decision to admit tens of thousands of refugees despite backlash from both Congress and the FBI that admits the current screening process is flawed, the American people are not safe. We need a leader who will focus on our safety above all others.

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6 years ago

Obama needs a BULL LET!

Gene E Daniels
6 years ago

Obama is the most worthless president we have had in my lifetime and I’m 67 years old. This is why we need a man like Donald Trump to take control and make the United States Great again. If we were unfortunate enough to get someone like Hillary, it would be just an extension of Obama and all of his failed efforts.

Dennis Keenan
6 years ago

Let’s give Trump a chance to change things from the White House!

Paul Revere
6 years ago

How could anyone with half a brain not known that Barry The Boob was an American hating left wing radical subversive bent on damaging, if not destroying, our great country. Now the half-wits are primed to elect Barry”s female clone to finish whatever he leaves undone. It’s clear to me that the once great Democratic Party has morphed into the he’ll bent Demonicratic Party. Think about it!

6 years ago

Forget about taking in any Christians, Obama and Jarret, only Islamists and most appear to be young men.. Something is up with all this mass migration into Europe and the US and it falls in place when you realize many world leaders are pushing for this “global economy”. The reason is that there is money to be made for them and those such as George Soros, who funds these orgs that are pushing for the New World Order with no borders. I guess there would be a UN in charge of regulations and none of people like Soros would have to follow them because the UN is so corrupt as it is already. I have no idea how it would work since none of the leaders that are pushing for it have elaborated on the subject. Big secret that only they know. This is all why there has been a rise for support of Trump since one couldn’t tell the difference from a Republican vs a Democrat these days. Both parties brought this on and only have themselves to blame.

We really have to be aware of voter fraud since more states and counties are revealing that they have more people to vote than eligible voters. I had to call three times to have my father removed from the Democrat roles when he passed on but only one call to get my mother’s name removed from the Republican roles. No surprise to me there.

6 years ago

This doesn’t surprise me at all. Barry O is hell bent on destroying this country any way he can. As I’ve said before, he is the most corrupt and anti American president we have ever seen. Our country is going down the tubes. Like others have said, we better get out and vote if we want to save our country and vote for those who are willing to stand up for our constitution. Most of our so called representatives do nothing about Obama because they are cowards. It is time for term limits in Congress and the Supreme Court.

6 years ago

This man needs to be impeached now before he brings in more terrorists into this country. The people he has brought here during his time in office should be sent back to where they came from. They do not assimilate and do not like us. They want to make this country into a third world nation and want to bring their savage theology and laws with them. When some of them were asked if they liked living in the U.S. rather than their country, they replied that they would rather live in their country. So, what are they doing here? Send those people back and do not bring in anymore!

Paul Revere
6 years ago
Reply to  Mary

The only reason the Subversive-in-Chief hasn’t been impeached is because he’s not a Republican, he’s a Demagogue. If he were a Republican and pulled the crap he’s pulled, he wouldn’t have lasted his first year in office. But Congress, the useless cowards that they are, along with the unholy cabal of corrupt, yellow journalists, always make exceptions for the Nation’s Demagogues, Demonicrats & Democrats! Heaven help America. We’re in our death throes. This Presidential election is arguably the most important since the founding of our Country!

Wayne Peterkin
6 years ago

The reality is that there is really no vetting process. To vet a refugee you must have access to the person’s history in significant detail. That information simply does not exist or is not accessible in most third-world nations. In the absence of the vetting history needed, a person is simply approved and that is what happens to the vast majority of these refugees. The government can’t find anything negative (no records) so they let them in. The best analogy I have heard in a long time was this: “If you have a bowl of skittles and three of the tidbits are deadly poison, would you take a handful and eat them anyway?” That is exactly what our government is doing with our safety.

6 years ago


Paul Revere
6 years ago
Reply to  KEN

Interesting you call him a demon. I no longer refer to him, Hillary, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi & the rest of the left-wing loons as Democrats. Given the destruction & chaos these brain-dead zombies are responsible for, I refer to them as DEMONICRATS!

Thomas Wilde
6 years ago

So where is the “opposition” (LOLOL) GOP? So where are our Brave Defenders (LOLOL)? The Imam in the Washington Mosque DOES NOT decide these things on his own. CONGRESS does. This is purely ILLEGAL act yet nobody opposes the Muslim-in-Chief. WHY? No guts? No cojones? No good sense? And WHY are the federal bureaucracies participating so willingly in an illegal act? Why has the military and federal security agencies not only stood aside watching but actively participated?

Still think you can rely on the US military to defend YOU? LOLOL Still think the DHS is on YOUR side? LOLOL Still think the GOP is an opposition party? LOLOL

They’re all utter FAILURES. Just as End Time Prophesy said! People, WE have been abandoned by the very people we once could trust to defend us!

Norwood McDaniel
6 years ago

20 TRILLION DEBT!! Where’s our Dam do nothing CONGRESS???

Dita A. Couch
6 years ago

Our founding Fathers believed in God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I do too. That being said, I believe that God is sovereign over all that happens to and in America. There are only two things each of us can and must do….go out and vote, your voice MATTERS, and pray! Start with reading II Chronicles, chapter 7, verse 14. THANK YOU!!

Charles Lopresto
6 years ago

It appears there is an organization called “Welcoming America” which is encouraging help given to refugees/immigrants to get relocated. Sounds all well and good, except i believe it is funded by George Soros who, with the help of President Obama has as his goal to flood the country with Middle Eastern immigrants. I am not hearing much about this, except that I saw it posted on FaceBook by someone much more Liberal than I am. It is disturbing what is quietly going on.

6 years ago

So much for “I have a pen and a phone.” What good president would threaten the entire nation with such a statement and get away with it? What are we???naughty boys and girls? obama (lower case deliberate) should have been impeached when he said, “The Constitution is a negative document.”

6 years ago

There goes our Muslim president trying to make America a Muslim nation I hope the people that voted him into office see what they have done to our country and I hope they get what’s coming to them and the Republican Party you could have stopped him I hope you are happy that you have helped him destroy America

General Bull Krapper
6 years ago

If someone Ali Obama let’s in commits a terrorist act he should be arrested & thrown in jail with his fellow Muslim scum.


Eagle Eye
6 years ago

Obumu has to hurry to get enough terrorist into the country…so, they can disrupt the election of Donald J. Trump. They already have Clintons endorsement since she wants to increas the rate to 550% more than Obumu…

6 years ago


Paul Revere
6 years ago

Only 110,000 refugees, most of whom I assume are from terrorists overrun countries? How could our Pretender-in-Chief hope to cripple our country with a paltry 110,000 such refugees. Why, there couldn’t be more than 1100 potential terrorist’s in the whole batch. That’s only one-percent! How could he hope to decimate America or replace the U.S. Constitution with Sharia with such a small Trojan Horse army? If I know Obama, he can do better than that; and between now & next January I’m sure he will!

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