AMAC’s Founder, Dan Weber

President would rather go on TV show than speak to 45,000 Scouts 

[July28, 2010] [Bohemia, NY] – Daniel Weber, President of the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) today criticized President Obama for skipping the 100th Anniversary celebration of the Boy Scouts of America.

Saying Obama’s decision “looks like he’s putting politics before patriotism, and is an insult to the millions of Americans who participated in Scouting in their youth”

“There will only be one 100th Anniversary in history and it is a shame the President would rather be speaking at political fundraisers and appearing on The View, than speak to our nation’s youth.”

“The ideals we learned about as Boy Scouts; Honor, Trust, Duty, Bravery, Reverence and so on, are not taught in our schools nor are they highlighted on our TV shows, but they an important part of helping to build character for the future citizens of our country.”

Weber said at a time when the influence of Gangs is spreading across the nation, “More young Americans have died of gang violence than have died in both the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. The Boy Scouts are one of the few organizations that help to answer this problem”

“Boy scout officials have been kind to note that the President has allowed two visits to the White House by scouts since his election, so they are not making a big thing about the snub.” Weber said, “But sending a video to them is like sending a video to the troops instead of visiting them.”

The Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) is a nonpartisan organization looking out for the interests of Americans 50 and older. It seeks to preserve the Traditional American values of Faith, Family and Freedom and is considered the conservative alternative to the AARP.

AMAC was founded in 2007, now has over 100,000 members and is growing rapidly.

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10 years ago

The 10 days in the jamboree was the best of my life!!!I miss the cdrows and the free hugs. The good mood on the pitch. I would go again at any time, and I am proud to have been one of more than 39,000 Scouts Jamboree in the 2011thIT WAS GREAT!!!Love greetings from SWITZERLAND!!!thank all those who organized this great camp!!!!I’m looking forward to the next world scout jamboree =)<3<3<3<3

10 years ago

It is time to say goodbye . It is time to say see you next time , but paphers nobody wants to.They ate, shared, talked, swapped, smiled, played, made jokes, met new friends, worked, and an endless etc. Thanks Sweden for this unforgettable Jamboree.Many people, and I am included, followed this huge event by internet. I watched T.V., magazine, news,photos, latest comments, all about programme when I had time, above all at nights.Other Scouts that must be congratulated are the I.S.T. people, I think they deserved it.I believe some of them will see one another in Japan to celebrate a beautiful JAMBOREE. TccO VIC

12 years ago

Sandy – I could not agree with you more. Get rid of everybody who has been in office for 20 years or more, and we would have a much better congress. We are in a world of hurt, and Obama is respnosible for only a small fraction of it. Most Obama haters think he signed the bank bailout – he didn’t. And I know several policemen and firemen whose jobs were literally saved by the Stimulus every one of these ideological purists hated so much. Try telling the hundreds of thousands of state and local employess whose jobs were on the chopping block until the Stimulus funded billions to state and local governments to solve their deficit problems, and save those jobs, that the Stimulus didn’t save one job. Baloney.

Blind hatred is, first and foremost, blind.

12 years ago

You people are seriously warped.

In addition to numerous other Presidents, including your beloved Ronald Reagan, who never attended, there is this somewhat problematic fact for all of you Obam haters: On June 12, Obama entertained a contingent of Scouts in the Oval Office, discussing policy on children, youth, recreation and natural resources. Obama was the first president since Coolidge to do that. Where were you guys who criticize him here, to credit him for doing that then? Oh, that’s right, your hatred for him knows no bounds.

Gerald Ford couldn’t fit it into his schedule either. Why not call Ford “anti-Scout?” Or Dwight Eisenhower, who missed at least two Jamborees? Or Ronald Reagan, who also couldn’t find time for a Scout Jamboree in eight years? Does the word “hypocrisy” mean anything to you?

This is truly an idiotic attack on the President, and deeply disrespectful of the office. And like many, who apparently you could care less about, I resent the use of scouting as a political football on such a bogus issue. It really illustrates how petty adn small minded the opponents of Obama are.

12 years ago

those who voted for him are getting exactly what they deserve, unfortunately those who did not are also paying the price

12 years ago

Wow, such a bunch of hateful people. No, we don’t need McCain and Palin in office. We need some younger people. Lets get rid of all the people in Washington. Stop paying pensions, there health insurance and lets see how much money we save. Let them figure out how to pay doc. bills, dentist bills and for prescriptions. Did they get raises this yr? We people on social security didn’t and won’t next yr. either. Our wages don’t go up, but the price of everything goes up. This country is in sad shape and its not all Obama’s fault.

WVA Scoutmaster
12 years ago

I was at the jamboree and am sorry the President did not attend. I was embarrassed by the booing. Boys will be boys, but adults booing the video was unforgiveable and unpatriotic. I did for vote not for President Obama, but he deserves the respect of his office. He won the the election and the video was dignified and said all the right things. I wonder if those who were booing ever heard of loyal and courteous.

12 years ago

Montana said on 8/4/10 that Dwight Eisenhower did not attend the Boy Scouts Jamboree. However, WRHAWORTH says he/she SAW Dwight Eisenhower there in Colorado Springs on the 50th anniversary of the Scouts. I don’t think Montana knows what he’s talking about. And I think some of you are right, if I was at the Jamboree, seeing Obama there would ruin it. It wouldn’t be so bad for him to snub every Christian or just plain American event if he just wasn’t such a suck-up to the Muslims at every opportunity. Since when is Ramadan on our American holiday calendar?

12 years ago

How did America get this far away from our Constitution? Please vote in November and get rid of (Obama) and all the evil invading our country, before it is too late. Our Consstitution is hanging by a thread.

12 years ago

I agree that this “madman” should be sent back to community organizing where he came from. America is is great danger from this wacko and his cohorts..

12 years ago

I attended the 50th Anniversary Jamboree in Colorado Springs and was so pleased to see President Dwight D. Eisenhower ride through the scouts and greet us. I am so disappointed in this president for his snubbing of the Scouts… but what can you expect from him?

12 years ago

Kathy B said it right.
I too dispise obama and his administration down to the Supreme Court & Congress (democrats).
Look at the recent appointment to the USSC. This women fought off every Federal case filed against obama in regards to his Birth Record.
She won! obama won! Those who filed LOST because of this “friend” of obama’s. My my American, do we have to suffer two more years of this humiliation, deceit, liberal or socialized government attitudes? Fire the bastard now! IMPEACH OBAMA on the grounds he refuses to prove he is a natural born citizen.
I think this muslim has committed the perfect Coup.

12 years ago

As an Eagle Scout (’66) and a Veteran (Army, ’70-’73) I am not surprised he snubbed them, but I am disappointed the scouts boo’ed him. As much as I dislike him and all he stands for, he IS the President. We owe Respect to the office (if not the man) and that we owe respect to those in authority over us comes from the Bible! We can, and should, work diligently to vote him and his democrats out of office.

10 years ago
Reply to  SeaDragon

ME daba cosa comentar . pero que buena eipaxclcif3n da ese muchacho de anteojos .y que buenmozo que es, se nota que es un gran tipo..AHH y me hubises avisado que era para esto, que me peinaba Muy bueno el post. Excelente lo que sacaste. Es como el REPRAP. gugleenlo si les dio intriga, no se van a desilucionar.

12 years ago

My Son was at the Jamboree and we was glad Obama wasn’t there. It is sad to see that a young man already sees how corrupt and wrong our nation is being ran. Oh and Montana my Son will be voting soon!!!

William J. Evans
12 years ago

I’m not as concerned about not visiting the Boy Scouts as I am about
the cost of the 8 vacations that his wife has taken at the people’s expense.

R.M. Wolfe
12 years ago

The Politicians are breaking our Nation. They do not need to collect a pension, the size they are getting, and the Health care, along with their spouses. They should get Social Security + Health care, like we do. AND, what good does it do, for us to vote? We are not the ones to put them in office. Obama is putting all his studges in office, to insure his re election. We all need to stand behind Arizona, and get all the illegals out of our country. They are draining our country, in many ways. FREE stuff, that our own people cannot get, plus bringing all the drugs into our young people. Why do we sit back and just complain? We need to change the voting laws. Have a count on the peoples votes, not the Electoral College. Every Politician, should only serve 2 terms, then, get out and get another job, and put new blood in office. They shouldn’t be entitled to the pensions they are getting. They are draining us dry. They get raises, but, we, senior citizens don’t. If they can vote themselves a raise, then, we the people, should be able to do so, also. The Politicians are putting us BROKE.

Ron Bridgeman
12 years ago

This man, Obama” is a disgrace to the office of president. I get tired if seeing his mug on TV every time i turn it on. We need to read and heed 2 Chronicles 7:14.

John Cervello
12 years ago

This man SHOULD NOT be President of the United States. War Hero John McCain should be!

Kathy B
12 years ago

I’d like someone to explain why we have to wait until the next election; this man decieved an entire nation, he broke the LAW. Now he’s making laws we have to obey? I want him out YESTERDAY! Those pansies in DC have done nothing but prove they are PANSIES – when it comes to him. If we are forced to wait, then get rid of all of them we possibly can and elect people who have courage, integrity and who have common sense.

Kathy B
12 years ago

Obama will snub any overtly Christian function because it is against his (now-confessed) religion; Muslims are currently working at the United Nations to get permission to make Christianity a crime in their homeland. Obama’s cameo at a Christian church prior to his election was a ploy to capture ‘Christian’ votes. It was a lie just as his birth in Hawaii was a lie. He is a Kenyan, of course. He broke the law to gain the highest office in the land. Frankly, I would not want him speaking to any youth group, most especially one such as the Boy Scouts of America. The BSA would not tolerate deceptions from their members; they should not be made to show respect to this liar – even if he is the president.

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