AMAC Members: New Member Benefits News 4-1-15

The AMAC Local Merchant Discount Map has Launched!

 The NEW and IMPROVED Find A Merchant feature allows our loyal AMAC Members to conveniently locate local discounts in their area. Great discounts from local merchants. Check back often… New Merchants are joining every day!

See Map Here

Flood Insurance

The new Flood Insurance will be avaiable on our website by the end of business 4-1-15. This coverage is available in 32 states, licensed in states where 88% of AMAC households are located. Members should be transferred to the Flood line at 844-403-5663 for assistance. More information about Flood Insurance below.

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J&B Vet Supply

It’s here as promised! J&B Vet Supply offers discounted veterinary supplies at competitive prices. To learn more about this new member benefit please click the link below.

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More Benefits Coming Soon:

Personal loans offered by Marlette Funding.

Discounted UPS rates for AMAC members.

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