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Nancy Pelosi’s Legacy – A Mess


What can be said of Nancy Pelosi’s leaving the House Speakership? Without stooping to sardonic humor, her departure is overdue, damage profound, mark on the chamber a blot. Years will be required to reverse her damage to the chamber’s reputation, practice, and rule.

Some will say that Pelosi broke new ground as first female House Speaker. That is true, and perhaps the only good thing one can say. It shows anyone can advance but it is not enough. Pelosi’s no Golda Meir, Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, or Margaret Chase Smith.

Contravening all norms, she embraced rank, unmuffled partisanship, taking delight in stuffing the other party, not sharing information, misleading, mischaracterizing, and constantly offering, with mock neutrality, in-your-face one-ups-man-ship.

When the Affordable Care Act, which proved a big step back, came to a floor vote, it did so after secret drafting, unconscionable adds, and the demand Republicans – and Pelosi’s own caucus – vote for it to read it. Ever happened before? Never.  

When in the annuls of democratic governing – let alone in the US House – has a leader demanded a blind vote to secure a politically untenable, fiscally ruinous bill pass, and by seven votes? Never.

Even under Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich, legislation that was substantial – such as a yearend “omnibus bill” – got days in the Whip’s office for review. Pelosi changed that, demanding – in the way of autocrats – a vote without reading.

She crippled bipartisanship for the purposes of creating mock divisions for her party to run on, choosing to break the system and confound the Founders’ intent for power. In countless areas, she offered bills that increased federal power “under the table,” stiff-armed openness, honest debate, States’ rights, individual rights, and fiscal discipline.

She did this using tricks like false names on bills, like “Build Back Better” or “Inflation Reduction Act,” to soothe fears, which proved justified. She pushed false narratives to achieve the opposite of a bill’s title, damaging energy access, federalizing state prerogatives, changing culture by fiat.

She mocked Americans’ intelligence as demagogues do, giving “gold medals” to “those who protected the US Capitol on January 6, 2021” (HR 3325), while pushing the end of bail for criminals, defunding police, excoriating border patrol, legalizing drugs, passing private bills to reward illegal immigrants (e.g., HR 1548), and endless anti-police bills.

She blocked police reforms, such as companion bills to Black Republican Senator Tim Scott’s Senate bill (S. 3985), despite knowing they offered advances that would bind wounds, then claimed Republicans were to blame for no reform.

She attacked Republicans and energy companies, then collapsed 23 anti-fossil fuel bills into one, named it the “New Direction for Energy Independence” bill (HR 3220), and proceeded to ignore mass unemployment in the sector, high inflation from loss of energy independence.

On the legislative side, she pushed hundreds of bills that raised taxes on average Americans (directly and indirectly), locked down the country’s economy, degraded domestic, border, and national security, allowed increased drug trafficking, undermined defense readiness, and promoted radical cultural changes, such as gutting Title 9 for transgender primacy.

On the cultural side, she changed the language used in the House, banning references to mothers and fathers in favor of “gender neutral” terms, reimagining illegal immigration was not illegal, ended the term “illegal alien,” wants “amnesty” for all those illegally in the country.

On faith, she ridiculed those who opposed abortion, including a haughty hit at the Catholic Church for daring to be against it, then pushed bills that would allow killing a baby at end of term. In that vein, she called for a venting “righteous anger” against Supreme Court justices after Dobbs, putting them in fear.

Most damagingly, Pelosi’s House and committee rules changed in numerous ways, planting timebombs in the institution – some officially, such as boxing out the minority, some unofficially, such as by weaponizing oversight, subpoenas, and pioneering “flash impeachments,” knowingly, intentionally subverting Constitutional history and protections.

In a leap beyond, she pushed two impeachments with personal animus, driving a Mack truck through the constitutional process, ignoring history, blocking minority participation, selectively pre-releasing information, implying facts never proved, denying fair trial rights, due process, confrontation, 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendment assurances, calling it just a “political process.”

In short, she made a travesty of the honor, dignity, and solemnity accorded the word “impeachment” for 200 years, doing so with glib indifference to the impact on the future. She respected nothing more than herself, her power and status – from violating COVID protocols to ignoring historic practices, rules, traditions, and sensibilities of prior House Speakers.

Much of what she did was behind the scenes, under the table, simply left unaccountable, from allowing insider trading, which touched her family, to disallowing traditional oversight of waste, fraud, abuse, border security, politicized Justice, unready Defense, chaos in Afghanistan.

The breadth of her impact on the US House is hard to underestimate, a fact in which she takes pride, but the impact is not positive. It is an enormous historical blot, a period of “politics uber alles,” “ends justify means,” political outcomes subverting truth, transparency, bipartisanship, and law.

In the end, Nancy Pelosi leaves behind a wrecked House, where trust is thin, bipartisanship a shadow, dignity, honor, and decency sidelined for raw power. She personified the erosion.

Objectively, America will suffer for Pelosi’s missteps, disregard for all who got us here. Lost is the understanding that big things matter beyond a Speaker’s personal agenda and fleeting hold on power. She never got that. Fair winds and following seas to the queen, she left a mess to clean.

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1 month ago


james michalicek
2 months ago


2 months ago

Nancy vomit pelosi

2 months ago

She is a traitor to the country, a disgrace to women

2 months ago

The greatest consolation to the American people is if she spent the remainder of her life realizing what a disaster of a human being she truly is. If only she realized how horrible, nasty and hateful and vile and ugly of a human she is.

Letts Brandon
2 months ago

What happens if a rodent like squad member becomes the democratic leader, will we be able to understand the chatter and squealing?

Edith Moses
2 months ago

Nancy Pelosi needs to be sent to Quantanamo and stand trial before a Military tribunal court for treason against the USA AND SHOT BEFORE DAWN AS A TRAITOR.

Bill on the Hill
2 months ago
Reply to  Edith Moses

Love it Edith… Can we add HRC to this list, except in her case, she gets a noose, just like Saddam did…
Bill… :~)

2 months ago

We are just as happy as the “Squad” that the Pelosiraptor is finally going away.

2 months ago

She ran it as a mafia don would…

2 months ago

Pelosy’s leg-assy doesn’t sound too appealing.

2 months ago

Nancy Pelosi’s end game was to fatten her pocket, take advantage of her position so relatives could enjoy it too and to HATE anyone who disagreed with her. I think that might include the Pope. She doesn’t like America and Americans. In fact I think she probably hates us. Once she has left the House I’m sure she and hubby will fly off to Italy where she can drink all day long and nobody will care she’s drunk. It’ll take strong folks to undue her damage and right the House.

2 months ago
Reply to  Rebecca

I hope they do go to Italy or someplace else and take her buddies, Biden and Obama (and spouses) with them…and stay there.

2 months ago
Reply to  Rebecca

I totally agree with your opinion. I would also add a confident, respected, knowledgeable , strong leader is desperately needed in this position to get the House on the right track to undo the damage.

2 months ago

Im sure when the witch dies or before a statue of Nance will some where in California

legally present
2 months ago
Reply to  MJP

Then we can do what the lefties do, DEMAND it be taken down, or spray paint it, or yank it down. you know like they did in 2020.

2 months ago


2 months ago

The Mafioso ways of Nancy Pelosi are finally over at least in Congress! Unfortunately she can’t be tried for the multitude of insider trading that made her millions because she had the perfect pawn to her making millions, husband Paul. Through out her 35 years in Congress, 19 of those as Speaker, Nancy Pelosi did nothing for the Betterment Of The United States And It’s Legal Citizens! Her Legacy Words Of “You’ll Have To Vote For It To Be Able To Read It” showed her Mafioso ways. Over Due Is Not Your Retirement Nancy. Rather You’ve been Chased Out By The Threat Of The Republicans Taking Back The House Of Representatives From Your Greedy Hands For Selfish Entitlement!!

Jim D.
2 months ago

And they never even mentioned her bold and deliberate, on national TV, ripping up of President Trumps state of the union address while he was speaking!!! She’s a disgraceful embarrassment to all Americans, including Democrats, and generally speaking, humanity itself! Good riddance, and please let the door hit you in your scrawny ass on the way out!

Star Key
2 months ago

Amen AMAC, and she groomed her successor who will be worse than she was.
We need to back strong Republicans and fire the weak ones.

David Bonnet
2 months ago

Her reign has been nothing more than a Satanic reign of terror, destruction and untold amounts of economic losses

Michael J
2 months ago

I’ve learned something from Pelosi, that congress doesn’t read the bills, they just pass them to later find out what’s in them.

2 months ago

Jail time will bring justice for the illegal and immoral travisties done by this vindictive and hateful woman. Salem law should be mandated for her!

Jess Salazar
2 months ago

Let’s be fair, Nancy Pelosi was, in her tenure as Speaker of the House, all about Nancy Pelosi. With every fiber of her being, her main goal was to acquire power, and influence, which she so successfully achieved. Alas, it was to the detriment of the American people. Her moral values as a humanitarian, leave much to be desired! Anyone she deemed beneath her agenda , never stood a chance of reaching a compromise. We can be grateful she will no longer be in government, the sad part is, her ilk never changes!

Melodie Almond
2 months ago
Reply to  Jess Salazar

Eloquent reply. Thank you. Seriously the first thing that dropped into my thoughts was DESPICABLE. And her daughters comment regarding her mother, “you will be bleeding before you know you’ve been cut”. Where were other elected officials to take a CONSTITUTIONAL STAND. My heart hurts for AMERICA. Melodie Almond

Leslie in Oregon
2 months ago

The scariest part would be her “retiring” so she can help get her nephew Gavin Newsome elected as President!

Melodie Almond
2 months ago

AGREE! Let us AMERICAN citizens take THIS WARNING!! He’s sure been lacking for California and I’m a native Californian. Melodie Almond

2 months ago

Lord help us if he does get in there. But he can’t harvest ballots for president as he did for governor here…..both times.

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