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Mr. Biden, Are you Serious?

BidenPerhaps 100 topics might follow this title – “Mr. Biden, are you serious?” On trusting China and Iran, opening our US border, packing the Supreme Court, sanctimonious socialism? But let us take just one: The slow-motion, heavily scripted, self-described president-elect calls President Trump’s demand for less waste and higher citizen payments in the Omnibus-COVID bill – “an abdication of responsibility” with “devastating consequences.”  This is history rewritten. See, e.g.,

Put aside deep Democrat-Republican divisions over FY21 spending, conferenced after months, and focus on COVID relief.  Biden has the gall to blame Trump for a delay when Trump repeatedly pushed a Democrat-controlled House to fund the critical Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) – which would have saved millions of US businesses and jobs. See, e.g.,

That is not the incredible part.  The incredible part – lest we forget – is this:  The Republicans – Trump and Senate Republicans – began pushing Democrats, with whom Biden sided, to help small businesses and citizens with COVID relief all the way back to May 2020.

That is right, after an initial multi-trillion-dollar initiative in March 2020, and half-billion-dollar PPP effort in April, concern mounted that small businesses would still fail.  When they did, they would take down more than economic indicators.  They take down life dreams, family fortunes, deep purpose, personal investment, and irreplaceable jobs – by the millions.

What did Democrats do when Republicans argued – in May – for more PPP assistance to keep small businesses alive?  They passed a morally reprehensible $3 trillion dollar mega-mess – a massive, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink, socialist bill – that took over major sectors of the US economy, including transportation, energy, health, education, and finance, bailed out Democrat states’ overextended pension funds, and omitted key liability protection for small businesses.  See, e.g.,

Democrats refused to negotiate in good faith – which their leaders admitted after the election – to deprive President Trump and his economy the stimulus that would have saved countless businesses, families, and jobs.  In this way, they kept his election prospects down.

Now, after the election – which Democrats claimed they won before votes were tallied – they have the gall to blame President Trump not just for delaying COVID relief ,but for asking that waste be taken out and higher direct payments be made to American citizens.

Incredibly, even as this president stands against socialist expansionism, unlimited domestic spending, and Democrat efforts to subvert the 10th Amendment and federalize COVID mandates, he has argued for more direct aid to small businesses, liability protection, and citizen payments.

Now comes Mr. Biden and company to say the President should have acted sooner.  Really?  Where were these move-faster critics – now claiming empathy for millions of businesses and lives affected by delay – when Trump was pushing for relief in May, June, July, August, September, October, and November?  Have they forgotten their own obstruction, so soon?

The gall of political elites – especially spendthrift Democrats – is breathtaking.  The notion that average Americans, who have been locked down and are scraping by, suffering huge losses in businesses, jobs, and basic anxiety, do not see what is happening is an insult.

Americans are not stupid.  They recall the sequence of events, repeated delays created by election-focused Democrats.  They see the insufferable gamesmanship, how their lives come second to a quest for political power.  They will remember in the months and years ahead.

Seeing a presidential hopeful, never mind someone who calls himself president-elect, go before the American public to block COVID relief for seven months, plead for national unity, and then blame a President who was pushing COVID relief over all that time – is a sight to behold.

But behold it we must – as that is what is happening. This is a sure sign of what lies ahead if Biden takes the oath on January 20.  We will first be told that our version of history – near and far, founding to present – is wrong.  Then we will be told the Democrat Party and socialist priorities will save us.  Finally, we will be asked to accept this with a smile.

Do not count on it.  Americans – at least many of them – are far smarter than Mr. Biden surmises.  Over and over, they will say: “Mr. Biden, are you serious?” They are not eager to see history rewritten, goalposts regularly moved, untruths sold as truth.  They will not soon forget.

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Steven Meisels
2 years ago

I think weekly protests are in order. Need to keep the steal out there.

2 years ago

Joe Biden is as cheap as a street Walker.

Kim Ferrell
2 years ago

Anyone that thinks voting for Biden was the right thing to do is either completely ignorant of the facts about him or just plain stupid. I’m a Delawarean and Biden is as worthless as “tits on a boar hog ” Enjoy socialism you idiots.

2 years ago

Democrats goal is for America (I don’t say United States anymore) to become part of a new Global government. They are tired of talk about our constitution and want to progress towards one big happy government where elections don’t exist. This new global government will be lead by people from around the globe but we will not have a real say in how they are selected. The elites will decide for us. We will have to fight hard to keep America as our founding fathers intended.

monroe gray
2 years ago

i dont believe that american people voted for this corrupt and stupid old man. he is a joke and the dem. party is a joke. the repulican party has no guts and will not stand up what right our elections and our freedom. god please be with us

James Hood
2 years ago

“We choose truth over facts,” Joe Biden said on August 8 2020. So what do you expect? I wonder what kind of truth that could be. A truth not rooted in fact is an imaginary one. All the preposterous things Joe Biden has said, not just recently but during his entire political career, are facts that lead to the inescapable conclusion that Joe Biden lives in an imaginary world in his mind utterly out of touch with the real world.

America First
2 years ago

Mr Biden is a phony and a master of bs. He will never be my President and is definitely not a leader even if he happens to make it into the WH. Neither is nor never will be Commie Harris.

2 years ago

Biden is a slick weak kneed member of the swamp that only serves as the mouth piece of the liberal left. He is incapable of making an intelligent decision or comment on his own. Quite sad actually, but so are those who continue to support him and those like him.

Dee MacMahon
2 years ago

I am not looking forward to the future hearing how everything is Trump’s fault. Also, it has been such a waste of money for all the Democrats in the White House who spent their time hating Trump and focusing on getting Trump out.
The biggest issue for me will be trusting or believing in the voting system, the American way or believing anything coming from the government.

Stan d. Upnow
2 years ago

I knew a guy who did his small part to defund the federal govt. Every year he would file a federal income tax form with four large words written in black marker across it, and nothing else. Those four words were: “NO DOLLARS FOR TYRANNY”

American Believer
2 years ago

Sadly Americans will forget. In the coming election cycle the Democrats will convince us bigger Government is better, and less individual responsibility is even better! The debt will rise, taxes will rise, the economy will plummet and we’ll suffer for it all.
Remember, all during this Pandemic not one government employee missed a paycheck or a meal.

Kathryn Di Piazza
2 years ago

The feast of The Epiphany is January 6, when the Wise Men came to see Jesus. On January 6 wise men and women in America will realize that we are at a crossroad. We must choose President Trump for four more years to save us from the radical left and socialism. I pray it happens.

Roger lemme (DODGE)
2 years ago

I also blame Republicans for not doing enough to prevent or limit fraud in the elections; knowing & for warned that it was coming.

Tommy Molnar
2 years ago

I would say that of those who actually voted for Biden, most were actually voting against President Trump. Nobody in their right mind thinks old “gaff a minute” Joe would actually be able to be the “leader of the free world”. Or any other important position of power. Massive voter fraud aside . . .

2 years ago

The far left liberal progressive whack jobs are basically financially illiterate! What better way to force Socialist-Communist principles on everyone than to BANKRUPT THE COUNTRY.

DEBT is the ticking time bomb. Lock downs are a classic example of totalitarian CONTROL. These people believe that the government is GOD and controls ALL things! They want all of us dependent on it for everything. This is NOT the American way. Individualism, responsibility, duty in FREEDOM, we were conceived. We Constitutional conservatives need to wake up and get involved.

Last edited 2 years ago by Duane
Lincoln Sorensen
2 years ago

Since the conservatives have no leader in the wings, like the left, sending out daily talking points for the left and media to repeat and to organize rallies where needed. we have to avail ourselves of accidental massive gatherings whenever possible, especially when it is in the middle of the swamp. Now there is one fast approaching and we must avail ourselves of it. There is a large conservative rally coming up when the swearing in is taking place. I know, we are not supposed to be forceful in any way. But it has been demonstrated that between the media and the left and soros and many other rich bastards it is time we became very forceful. If we do not take advantage of this organized group protesting for president Trump, NOW, we will forever be too late and never have the chance again. We conservatives need to in a mass march to the house and senate chambers and physically remove them from their lair and then lock the doors forever. There can be a short 6 month campaign in each state without campaign funding and the media will post and air their platforms free, as a public service. there will be 6 debates hosted by the media and the expenses to attend as a participant will be submitted to the IRS for approval and if approved, sent to the treasury to be immediately reimbursed. The Advertisement value of each debate will more than compensate the media for the public service of posting and airing their platforms. When elected, they will remain within their district and will be available bi weekly for townhall meetings with their constituents to hear their concerns and they will be asked to provide progress reports. There will be no lobbyists ever !!!!!!! Our elected employees will provide us with names of all the elected employees who helped formulate a bill for passage and we will get a copy to read and discuss with our employee before a vote is taken. Then the elected employee will provide us with the result and the names of all employees who voted and how they voted. There will be extreme transparency in government, two terms, unless in some rare extreme case an elected employee, IE: someone as constructive and forward thinking as our President Trump. Then with a petition containing the signatures of 2/3 of the registered voters in that district wanting him to have a third term, than he can become one of the candidates for a third time. This is just a start, There is more. BUT!!! it needs to start when we have the only opportunity which will never present itself again. If a massive rally moves across to the chambers, it will either succeed or it will be another Tiananmen Square. How will that go over with the rest of the conservatives. I would bet the bikers who used to make the “run to the wall” and thousands of veterans will be more than a bit upset, it that happens.

aluminum head
2 years ago

I am saying that biden will create another civil war. Be armed, be aware, be prepared. A “line has been drawn in the sand.”

Edward Finley
2 years ago

America has been being sold out to China for years! The whole BLM vs Cliven Bundy was a ruse by then Senator Harry Reid, because his son was a big Real Estate Guy in Nevada and they were making a deal fir China to buy up a bunch of land in order to put in a huge Solar Field, but Bundy used that land to graze his cattle and refused to give it up. This is just one of many instances, where China is buying up businesses and property in the United States and Folks! This ought not be! China has no business purchasing our lands, businesses or property. This crap needs to stop Now! This is why the Deep State wants to get rid of President Trump. It is all about Big Globalist take over and China is in charge!

Gregor Stewart
2 years ago

I think all this proves that the democrats are in bed with the Chinese and Russia.
Over the last four years, they have done everything except pictures up of who they’re really working for….
I dearly miss my father, who was a Lieutenant in the 8th Army Air Corps in England 1943-45, but I’m sure glad he’s not seeing this junk!!
Do these people not have any conscience?! I think it’s time to go and TAR and FEATHER these thieves!

2 years ago

You are in error on one item “ Americans ,in general, are not only stupid but ignorant.”

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