Moment of Truth- Tuesday’s Vote!

Obamacare vote repealNow that Senate leader McConnell has scheduled a vote to repeal Obamacare on Tuesday, we will find out which Republican Senators are true to their voters.

President Trump was elected and the House and the Senate are in control of the Republicans because they promised they would repeal Obamacare. It’s that simple. The people in 2016 decided we wanted to get rid of government’s expanding control of our medical care, our businesses, our money and our choices.

We chose freedom, with all its risks, over allowing the tentacles of Obamacare to control what health coverage we could have, who we could have for our doctors, and how we were going to be taxed to pay for it. Small and large businesses were ordered, under penalty of thousands of dollars per employee to pay for certain policies regardless of their financial situation. So they responded by reducing workers hours, making full time workers into part time workers to avoid that burden.

Obamacare is part of the Progressives assault on our freedom with its redistribution of income and expansion of the role of government. Clearly, the battle has begun. It is a war of Socialism against Free Enterprise. Just this Sunday Senator Schumer, Minority leader in the Senate, said that, “Single Payer Health Care is on the table”.

American’s were victimized by the foisting of the so called Affordable Care Act upon us and we suffered the loss of coverage, huge rate increases, higher deductibles and tax penalties. If you thought that was bad wait until the State Exchanges go under and millions of people will have to scramble to get covered or wind up without any insurance at all.

The media and even the Republicans have ignored to a great extent, the worst part of Obamacare- we were told that everyone would have coverage- and what did we get? 27 million Americans still have absolutely no health Insurance! Further proof of the failure of governmental control over our lives.

By repealing Obamacare on Tuesday we’ll have two years during which time positive changes will be implemented that will result in better health care and reduced medical costs. For example, Health Savings Accounts can be expanded (ask anyone with an HSA if they like their plan), and reduction in the cost of Medicaid can be achieved. Pro bono care for the needy, which gives doctors a tax deduction for treating patients for free will save Medicaid billions of dollars a year. Likewise providing services like Teladoc to those on Medicaid, will save billions more as the patients can call a doctor for advice at a cost of $40 compared to a visit in the ER at a cost of $350 or more. It is estimated that 60% of Emergency Room visits could be eliminated with that service. A new type of medical practice, Direct Primary Care, where you pay a set monthly fee to a local doctor has proven to lower costs, increase incomes for doctors thus encouraging them to continue to practice and provide better medical treatment for the patient.

All of these improvements and the reduction of the cost of our health care can be achieved with the repeal of Obamacare. On Tuesday we’ll learn which of our Senators have the courage and the foresight to put aside their political fears and allow America to continue to have the greatest health care in the world.

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5 years ago

Let’s get back to basics. The US federal government falsely assumes it should be a third party provider of healthcare and health insurance to Americans in need of healthcare.

Where is healthcare established as an enumerated or unenumerated right in the constitution, bill of rights, or amendments? Healthcare is NOT an enumerated or unenumerated right, therefore the federal government does not have the authority to impose its healthcare will on American citizens. Government provided healthcare and health insurance is an example of government overreach. If the federal government does have this authority why isn’t the federal government a third party provider of auto insurance (or home owners insurance, or fire insurance, or pet insurance)?

Robert Buckley II
5 years ago

What stands out most in this article are the unique ideas put forth to help low income citizens with their health care costs. Just an example of how private sector individuals look to free markets to solve problems rather than unelected bureaucrats or corrupt politicians. We have this Obamacare mess because for too long the Federal Govt. has been allowed to far exceed it’s enumerated Constitutional powers. This situation has been allowed to fester by actions of all three branches. The Framers, in their infinite wisdom, provided a safety valve in the Constitution to rein in the scope and power of the feds by inserting Article 5 into the Constitution. We are all aware of the power of the legislative body to submit amendments to the States for ratification, the only process used so far to change or enhance our Constitution. Little known is the second part to Article 5 which allows the States, if 2/3 (34) submit proposals for a convention of States to propose amendments. And, like the first method, it takes 3/4 (38) States to ratify any amendments to become part of the Constitution. For over three years, the Convention of States Project has been attempting to put together a convention of States to propose amendments that would limit the scope and power of the feds, limit spending and taxation and term limit legislators and other Federal employees (such as Supreme Court justices). So far 12 States have submitted their proposals and many more States will debate if they will join in 2017. This movement is true grassroots with over two million volunteers. Learn more at cosaction.com and sign the petition.

Don Sutton
5 years ago

“There is also no doubt that major market-oriented reforms and overhauls are required immediately to address unsustainable federal health-care entitlements and avoid the devastating economic and societal consequences awaiting younger people and future generations from decades of extravagance, political manipulation, and rampant bureaucratic intervention in the private health-care system.”
― Mark R. Levin, Plunder and Deceit: Big Government’s Exploitation of Young People and the Future

“Nowhere in the Western world has the governmentalization of health care been so incompetently introduced and required protection by such a phalanx of lies. Obamacare is not a left–right issue; it’s a fraud issue.” Read the full story: http://natl.re/1gieeWM

Mark Steyn

Okay, Obamacare demonstrated dramatically the hubris of creating a healthcare for 300 plus million people and administering it in Washington, D.C. Clearly healthcare is better managed at the state level, the incubators of democracy. In order for the States to do this, they must regain their power. How can they do this? The Founders provided the answer in Article V of the Constitution. Would you like to help them and us. Go to conventionofstates.com and volunteer.


Brent Dunklau
5 years ago

There’s a solution that doesn’t involve Congress…


5 years ago
Reply to  Brent Dunklau


Carol Menges
5 years ago

Learn the truth, sign the petition, step up and speak out for the remedy the Founders left us, Article V’s amendment proposal convention. http://www.conventionofstates.com

Jim Bost
5 years ago

If the government is involved you will pay more and enjoy it less. We have the solution for less government at Convention of States. Join us at COSaction.com

Helene Hope Russell
5 years ago

I really enjoyed your simple explanations of Obamacare and it necessity to be repealed. Progressives really do THINK they are so much smarter and wiser than we great, Ordinary American Citizens are!!!!!!! I really think we citizens, over all, know how to manage our income and expenses than the lying , egotistic politicians!

5 years ago

If only the House and Senate would read this article and implement these ideas into their Obama Care replacement. If only certain liberal Republicans from Maine and Alaska, to name just two, and the liberal Democrats, and nearly all are, would search God’s word and realize that abortion except to save the life of the mother is murder and that funding Planned Parenthood is also assisting in murder of the unborn and sometimes the newly born as in the case of neglect for babies who survive abortion. I do not want a replacement bill if funding for Planned is still in there! God will not bless such a bill with success!

5 years ago

What this bill to pass tomorrow on Tuesday, would be for every Con man who votes to pass the bill will get 10% increase in their salary!!!!!

Tom Wilde
5 years ago

I live in Minnesota. My Senators are Communists Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar. No chance of either of them voting for something sensible! Franken wasn’t funny on SNL and he’s even less amusing today.

Despite the fact that people in this once great nation are suffering under the PPACA there is zero chance that Franken/Klobuchar will vote for repeal. Party agenda matters more to them than the welfare of their constituents. (Unless those “constituents” are Somali “refugees”)

Unfortunately, far too many “Conservatives” in the Senate will vote the wishes of their string pullers and go along with the Dhimmicrats. If there was almost anyone else than Mitch the Switch McConnell running the show this repeal would be a slam dunk. I’m certain that, like when PPACA was bought and paid for initially, there will be under the table pay-offs at work here too.

We can hope for repeal but let’s not hold our breath waiting for it.

5 years ago
Reply to  Tom Wilde

Same here in Michigan Tom, with Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters, lockstep with Yuckie Chuckie Schumer (as Mark Levin calls him) – no chance they’ll vote to zap it.

5 years ago

Let’s see how many senators are true republicans and are truly concerned about Americans vs the RINOs (republicans in name only) who just think about themselves. Now is the time to stand up for what the people desire…..

Virginia Beaver
5 years ago

It’s time!!!! Let’s repeal, and – NEWS FLASH!!! – How about EVERY Republican doing what you promised at election and get rid of an already failed healthcare system – NOW!

Frances McNulty
5 years ago

No one ever mentions the people – kids and adults – with pre-existing conditions.
My Granddaughter , who has CF, is on a lifetime of medications to keep her on this side of the grass!
She will soon be considered an adult. There is no way on earth that she can afford her meds – nor can I afford them-
nor can her parents. So why don’t they address that challange and then get on with the rest of the bill!??

Ray Powers
5 years ago

It’s time for our elected officials to deliver on the promises that got them elected

Chuck G
5 years ago

Well, how about this; AMAC and its president have switched from “Replace and Repeal” to “REPLACE” Halleluia! That’s what most of us respondents have been advocating all along. Maybe I will get to renew my AMAC membership after all!!

5 years ago
Reply to  Chuck G

STAY away from AARP they are obama ass kisseres
and failing us poor poeple

Jack Mertz
5 years ago

Another low-cost option many people could avail themselves of is CVS Minute Clinics in many of their locations in most states.

What really has to happen is that consumers be allowed to join groups/associations/unions/cooperatives which could purchase Healthcare on a GROUP basis — not an individual basis. As such — because of the group’s large size — pre-existing condityions wokuld be covered. Also, allow sale of health insurance across state lines which would mean competition between insurance carriers — and ultimately lower prices of premiums.

If associations could provide healthcare insurance for its members, then perhaps AMAC could offer policies. It’s worth a thought. Besides healthcare, maybe group life insurance cokuld be offered by AMAC.

5 years ago

Health care bill has nothing to do with the health and welfare of the American people, it has to do with how much money the businesses will make because of it.

F Wag
5 years ago
Reply to  Cookiepress

YOU ARE SO CORRECT!!! HEALTH CARE should NOT be tied to or made to by synonymous with insurance!!! Sean Hannity has an MD, who for the last 7 years tells of a doctor health care exchange. $50 bucks per month for services.

Elena Tellez
5 years ago

So many measures can be implemented to lower medical costs — getting rid of big-government intervention and simplifying insurance company bureaucracy are two of them. If physicians, pharmacists, diagnostic laboratories, dentists, ear and eye care providers, etc. would voluntarily publish lists of their available services, credentials, and price ranges, people could shop around and choose what care they want and are willing to pay for. Hospital bills are mysteries — patients generally have no idea what things cost as long as their insurance pays. This is a seller-driven market — which is ridiculous. Healthcare and drug cooperatives, as suggested by Daniel, and tele-medicine are all great. Limit Emergency Rooms to TRUE emergencies — not sniffles or a sprained middle finger! Expanded use of excellent nurse practitioners and physician assistants for all but the most difficult medical conditions would save a lot without compromising patient care. Also, banning the pharma lobby would be great — Americans pay MUCH more for their Rx drugs than other countries around the world. Sure, someone has to help fund medical research — but it doesn’t have to be the American taxpayer. This can be stopped.

5 years ago
Reply to  Elena Tellez

Hospitals charge outrageous prices for everything. I recently ended up in the hospital and they always ask you what meds you take. I don’t take any prescription meds, only vitamins so I told them each vitamin I take. Of course they brought me 1 pill for every vitamin I take. When I got the bill I saw they charged me $2.55 for EACH pill they brought me. I pay anywhere from $8 to $14 (sometimes it is buy one get one free or half price) for a bottle containing anywhere from 90 to 240 pills so they are making money on just the meds. You know they buy in bulk so they don’t pay anything close to what they charge for those vitamins. You can’t even bring your own with you. This to me is a HUGE ripoff of the people who end up being hospitalized. How hospitals are allowed to do this is beyond me. The next time, if there is a next time, I won’t be telling them what I take unless it is a prescription med.

5 years ago
Reply to  Sandy

Hi Sandy and Elena–
I feel your pain! Last year, I was billed $1500.00 (!!!) for two inexpensive generics, a couple of supplements (fish oil, D3), and one blood pressure injection. Before I was admitted for the two days, I asked if I could bring these medications (less than $2.00 worth) with me to save the expense, but was denied. I thought the same thing: if it happens again, I would not tell them what I’m taking. (I hear them shrieking with horror about now.) Even though insurance paid for it, it [email protected]#*s me off that they can get away with ripping off 1. the insurance company, 2. me (deductible), and 3. the taxpayers, because we ultimately will pay the bill if the insurers don’t make enough money. ‘Round and ’round we go. Doctors, hospitals, and pharma are safe because they’re paid primarily by the insurers; insurers are safe because they’re paid by employers, individuals or subsidies; and those who don’t pay their own bills are covered by subsidies…..No problem, because the rotating smorgasbord that this system gorges on is continuously replenished with our hard-earned tax dollars.
I wonder how prices would be affected if insurance covered only catastrophic events and not every little boo-boo or sniffle…

David Stockett
5 years ago

Honestly, they are true to their re-election chances. The only thing Obamacare is good for is that it got a necessary conversation started. Never was, never will be the answer.

5 years ago

Health cooperatives, tele-medicine, drug cooperatives and other cost saving measures can help immensely. But one of the biggest cost savers, beyond getting Washington, D.C out of regulating health care, is to allow interstate insurance sales and cooperatives. There are many of these as well as doctor cooperatives performing great service at a very low cost and they are not only successful and economical for the patient, they are also guaranteed income for the doctors and staff making budgeting and life available.

If everyone that has been around since the 60s would stop and think about when the costs started rising you will realize, the way I did, that the cost increases were directly attributable to Washington regulations and rulings.

Torte Reform, Insurance sales across state lines and cooperatives are a beginning AFTER the COMPLETE REPEAL OF THE ACA (OBAMACARE)

Sara Eads
5 years ago
Reply to  Daniel

All great ideas!

5 years ago
Reply to  Daniel

this is the best deal that we can have is the freedom to purchace insurance cross state and across the country so that we can get the best deal
not stuck instate to a monopoly insurer to a couple of companies
that way everybody wins

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