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Moderate Democrats and the 2022 Election: How are Moderates Handling the Far Left’s Agenda?


While Americans have become accustomed to leftist-driven political discourse in today’s click-bait-driven mainstream media, moderates in Washington have sustained the headwinds and now find themselves in possibly the most powerful position in recent memory. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) holds a three-vote majority in her chamber, much smaller than the 19-member House Democrat Blue Dog Coalition of moderates. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Speaker Pelosi’s left flank is already clashing with moderate House Democrats over issues like spending, environmental legislation, taxes, immigration, and more. Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has zero margins of error in his tied 50-50 chamber. With this much power now residing in the center and 2022 on the horizon, how are moderates handling the far left’s agenda?

Everyone knew going into the 117th Congress that Sens. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-NM) yielded enormous power. Less than two months into Joe Biden’s Presidency, Sen. Manchin first exercised that power. In March, Manchin delayed the COVID-19 relief bill, keeping a key procedural vote open for nearly twelve hours, over the continued extension of unemployment benefits. At that point, emergency and unemployment benefits had kept flowing out of the U.S. treasury for nearly a year and were set to expire. Naturally, progressive Democrats had wanted to extend those benefits in the COVID relief bill. However, Sen. Manchin helped to push for a negotiated earlier cutoff and more pay-for in the spending plan.

A clear display of the center’s power came in the middle of summer after months-long Senate bipartisan infrastructure negotiations. When a framework deal was announced, President Biden announced that the infrastructure spending package would be tied to the FY2021 budget reconciliation bill. Republicans and moderates revolted, talks were scuttled, and the deal hung in the balance. Biden and Schumer ended up walking back those comments, and negotiations continued. However, as the August recess approached, Sen. Schumer threatened to scrap the entire break and keep the chamber in session until the infrastructure bill was done on his terms. That didn’t sit well with Sen. Sinema, who reportedly told Schumer that she had no intention of missing her summer vacation, so the ball was in his court. The Senate passed the infrastructure vote bill on August 10.

In the House, news broke this week when nine House Democrats wrote to Speaker Pelosi saying, “We will not consider voting for a budget resolution until the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act passes the House and is signed into law,” when the House reconvenes in two weeks for a rare August session. House liberals, led by Progressive Caucus Chair Rep. Pramilla Jayapal (D-WA), see things differently and are urging the Speaker to tie the two measures in order to ensure moderates support both. The stakes have been raised for the House Speaker in a test she hasn’t yet faced.

Now, Sen. Manchin is throwing cold water on White House’s proposed $3.5 trillion budget plan as he recently expressed “serious concerns” over the price tag. The incredible power the West Virginia Democrat now holds has allowed him the political room and acceptance on both sides of the aisle to navigate the halls of Washington while keeping the cries of the far left in line. While these moderate Democrats often flip flop between holding the line and supporting their party’s agenda, Republicans should be glad they hold enough seats, too, but the brakes on the far left’s full steam ahead approach to governing. Even still, the party base’s extreme positions on a number of policy positions are likely to give moderate Democrats heartburn leading up to the 2022 midterms.

Internal jockeying within Democratic factions in the House have so far been somewhat tempered by Speaker Pelosi, but deep fissures in the party remain and are likely to become harder for the mainstream media to hide as the fall legislative season approaches. With 2022 on the horizon, Democrat leaders will want to showcase their ability to govern, and moderate Democrats know that hiking taxes and continuing the out-of-control spending will cost them at the ballot box as much as it will at the grocery store. Add a messy situation in Afghanistan to the mix of domestic issues facing Democrats, and you have the recipe for a huge swing in Congress after the 2022 elections.

Bob Carlstrom is President of AMAC Action

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4 months ago

There is no such thing as a moderate democrat.

5 months ago

Very fedup.

5 months ago

Only if they get reliable voting equipment will anyone’s vote matter in 2022

5 months ago

Vote for Larry Elder, California! He is the best and will do what is right for California. Stop voting for democrats and vote for someone that can win. Vote Larry Elder. A wonderful, conservative and very intelligent man.

Nebular Novice
5 months ago

Yuck! Proofread your messages before publishing them. The errors are really annoying.

5 months ago

If anyone thinks the dem-o-rats will allow a free and fair election in 2022,
I have a bridge I would like to sell you. Hope I’m wrong, but I can’t see them
giving up power.

Peter K
5 months ago

Senator Krysten Sinema is from ARIZONA, NOT New Mexico. And the only area she has remained moderate is the use of the filibuster. IF she holds fast two things can happen for her. Fist, she will be somewhat of a heroine to the American people and secondly, and much more important to her, she will have a much better chance for re-election in 2024. Write her and remind her how important “advise and consent” are along with a Senate that needs to vote country first, NOT political party.

Geraldine McGann
5 months ago
Reply to  Peter K

Yes. Glaring error : “Kyrsten Sinema (D-NM)”
Sinema is D-AZ
Yes she needs to hold fast on filibuster and give up support of Federal voter legislation.

Virginia Peschke
5 months ago

I believe you meant to say Manchin “wielded” power, rather than “yielded,”which has an opposite meaning.

Philip Hammersley
5 months ago

When the House DIMMs vote in lockstep to push taxpayer-funded INFANTICIDE, they are NOT moderates
There well may be some “moderates” in the general public but they either believe the LIE that Democrats are for the “people” or vote DIMM because Mom and Dad did. Like a well-known minister once said about people who attend apostate churches because Mom and Dad are buried in their cemetery, “They’d get up and move if they could!”

5 months ago

“Moderate Democrats” that’s like “the moderate Taliban” they are radical global socialists, they have embraced the National Socialist crony capitalist system of NAZI Germany on a global level by hugging and embracing multi-national corporations like Microsoft, Google, facebook,… they are way past national socialism with their centralization, they are GLOZIs, those among them wo aren’t are Universal Marxists who want one world government under the auspices of the CCP, not one among them any longer wants a representative constitutional republic, or to uphold and defend the Constitution, least of all the Bill of Rights.

5 months ago

The ‘democrat’ party turned Communist in 1960. In 1980, that party turned aggressive. Their only goal was to destroy America so they could institute Global Communism.
Even the blind, deaf, and dumb can see them now for what they really are: murderers of everything good.
That party must lose everything. Or America is gone. There can be no halfway measures.

Harold Altman, Ph.D.
5 months ago
Reply to  Becky

I agree, but to get voters to become educated is imperative…let’s work together toward that goal…

5 months ago

Difficult to do when the corporate media is an extension of the democratic (socialist) party. Objectivity from these people has gone out the window and replaced by misinformation and outright lies, delivered by some with a good amount of venom.

5 months ago

If this nation is to survive it must stop voting for democrats at local state and federal levels they are destroying our country and our children’s future.

5 months ago
Reply to  D . OSHEA

Amen ????

5 months ago
Reply to  D . OSHEA

Old Joe and HO belong at GITMO!!Throw away the keys!!!!!!!!!!

5 months ago
Reply to  D . OSHEA

Get 2020 fixed or you will never have another fair election in this country

5 months ago

I hope this recipe rises properly and makes a tasty cake. I pray that the recall in California, my home state, goes through and that we replace Grusome Newsom with Larry Elder. It should send a message that Republicans are mad and have banned together, and we aren’t going to just sit by and eat their gruel anymore!! We have expectations and our elected officials better tow the line or they are OUT!!

Lauren R MacArthur
5 months ago
Reply to  Mimi

We need to vote out every, single RINO.

Linda Huss
5 months ago

Absolutely correct!! The democrats AND RINOS have to go. Only those who fully support the construction should be allowed to serve in our local, state, and federal government. That includes ALL employees of each. I am VERY disappointed in the SCOTUS. President Trump believed he was appointing constitutionalists. From their recent actions I have serious doubts about Barrett and Kavanaugh.

5 months ago
Reply to  Mimi

Elected employees, not official’s.

5 months ago

“Moderate democrat” . . . I see comedy is not dead !

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