Marco Rubio’s CPAC Home Run

Jedediah Bila

By Jedediah Bila, Author and Political Commentator

So many frustrated conservatives have been awaiting the arrival of a Republican candidate who simply gets it.  Someone who isn’t a fancy token of the establishment, but a regular guy or gal who is smart, authentic, and in touch with America’s founding principles.  If you haven’t done so already, shift your focus over to Florida.  Marco Rubio merits your immediate attention.

Rubio’s CPAC speech on Thursday, February 19 at the 2010 Conservative Political Action Committee conference proves that he is one-hundred percent the real deal.  Here’s why he has snatched my support:

1.  He strongly believes in American exceptionalism.  He understands the gift of being born American.  He has a profound love of country and isn’t afraid to show it.  Some of my favorite lines from his speech include “I am privileged to be a citizen of the single greatest society in all of human history,” “ . . . this is the only place in the world where a company that started as an idea drawn out on the back of a cocktail napkin can one day be publicly traded on Wall Street,” and “ . . . when was the last time that you heard news accounts about a boatload of American refugees arriving on the shores of another country?”  HE GETS IT.

2.  He treasures our Constitution.  He values the beauty of its message and comprehends that our exceptionalism stems from its tenets:  “ . . . principles that recognize that our rights come from God, not from our government — principles that recognize that because all of us are equal in the eyes of our creator, all life is sacred at every stage of life.”  He links conservative ideals to those of our founding documents.  HE GETS IT.

3.  He sees what they’re trying to do and isn’t going to have it:  “ . . . they are using this downturn as cover not to fix America, but to try to change America to fundamentally redefine the role of government in our lives and the role of America in the world.”  He’s not about to sugarcoat the Obama agenda, declaring that “They’re asking us to abandon the things that separate us from the rest of the world” and “2010 is a referendum on the very identity of our nation.”  He understands the immediate need to turn things around and wants to help save America for future generations.  HE GETS IT.

4.  He is proud of who he is.  That includes his mom’s years of hard work as a cashier, a stock clerk at K-Mart, and a maid.  It includes his father’s sixteen-hour shifts as a bartender.  It includes the stories his Cuban grandfather shared of the limitations he endured in Cuba—restrictions on his success and potential—that Marco would never have to face.  Sometimes it takes someone who has seen the other side, who knows what things can turn into if we don’t protect what we have, to really grasp what’s at stake.  And to be the most vigorous defender of our liberty.  HE GETS IT.

5.  He hears your frustration and doesn’t blame you one bit:  “ . . . thing that people want are leaders that will come here to Washington, D.C. and stand up to this big government agenda, not be co-opted by it.”  He echoes your sentiments that America “doesn’t need two Democrat parties” and “already has one Arlen Specter too many.”  I know that it’s no small task to trust politicians these days.  And I can’t look into a crystal ball and tell you what he’ll do if he wins.  But I can tell you that I believe he is speaking from the heart.  In this day and age, that’s a darn good start.  HE GETS IT.

6.  He is a true conservative.  His vision embraces tax rate reductions for everyone, abolishing death and capital gains taxes, opposing cap-and-trade, and putting “ . . . the consumer in charge of health-care spending in America.”  He is pro-Israel and very tough on Islamic terrorism.  He supports military tribunals, not civilian courts, for those who seek to destroy us.  HE GETS IT.

Rubio’s speech is hands down one of my favorites thus far this year.  He was earnest, down-to-earth, and committed.  At times, he was quite funny:  “. . . that Marco cheer always worries me because I’m always afraid that someone is going to start screaming ‘polo,’ and it would ruin the speech.”  Most importantly, he is the antithesis of the elitist discourse and crafty slogans Americans are ready to pack up and ship out.

Simply put, HE GETS IT.

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12 years ago

I have been hearing a lot about Rubio and it sounds ood.Hopehe will be the one we need.

12 years ago

Sounds like Marco Rubio may make a good conservative senator. I would like to know where he stands on eliminating the IRS and passing a ‘FAIR Tax” ,line item veto,putting everyone including senators and congressmen on social security instead of an exclusive retirement,and term limits.

12 years ago

SHOW ME….just one speech and suddenly he’s another “messiah”. My votes are going to be WELL RESEARCHED and MANDITORY BACKGROUND SEARCHES DEMANDED! BOY HAVE I BEEN BLIND!!!!!

Mike Stilfield
12 years ago

Unfortunately most conservatives, including Republican conservatives don’t get it either. Huckabee and Romney are both Progressives in the same vein as George W. Bush. Oh, they won’t destroy the country as quickly as the liberal progressive democrats but destroy it they will eventually. Our federal government can’t “spend” its way out of depression any more than a middle class American family can “spend” its way out of debt. We need a minimum of 51 Ronald Reagans in the senate and a minimum of 219 in the house. The bonus would be one in the White House again as well. Reagan truly got it when he tried to eliminate big government by abolishing the department of education (progressive indoctrination). Unfortunately, progressive liberals stopped it. Let’s hope Mark Rubio is a Reagan conservative. This country sure needs as many as possible to keep from being destoyed from within.

Adam van Drimmelen
12 years ago

I am curious to hear more from and about Marco Rubio and how conservative he actually is.

Adam van Drimmelen
12 years ago

I would like to hear more about how conservative
Marco Rubio really is. Time will tell.

Frank Spangler
12 years ago

Thank GOD for a wise lady like you. Rubio and Hukabee, may GOD bless a brave LADY that you are. Keep standing up for the people and GOD will stand up for you.

12 years ago

Integrity is greatly questioned when you read about the personal charges Marco made on his AMER Repub House credit card…hope he can explain why he did that. Loved his CPAC speech—hope it wasn’t just a speech.

Niel Young
12 years ago

I am extremely impressed with Marco Rubio. Principled conservatives will always get my vote.
That does not include Mike Huckabee. He was a taxer and supporter of “illegal immigration”. This from a N.H. native, home of the first in the nation presidential primary.

12 years ago

Mitt Romney? Who single-handedly brought $50 co-pay taxpayer-funded abortions through state healthcare and gay marriage to Massachusetts? What’s “conservative” about that?

12 years ago

A true Conservative would speak against amnesty for illegal immigrants and would announce that all illegals including their unAmerican anchor babies to be deported to cut a massive burden on the tax payers and national debt, and to free up millions of jobs for American workers. This was missing from Rubio’s speech and much of CPAC. To save America we need a Conservative with guts, we need Patton not paten leather.

12 years ago

Tommy says:

Jedediah, I have been reading your blog ever since I saw it. I can only ” Thank God ” for a woman that is brave enough to help spread the facts about the good and the bad.
ObamaWashington being the bad! Where is the ” Governnment for the People, By the People.
Maybe Calvert has the solution. Huckabee /Rubio

12 years ago

I need to start spell checking before I send!!!! LOL Tony

12 years ago

I used to watch the Daily show, but jon stewart has become so liberal that I can no lomger stand it. Last night he spent the entire hr bashing the capac convention.For yeras I was a moderate dem. but can no longer support them. If left alone they would destroy America as we know it.Thank God we are rising to the occasion and will start breaking all this down next fall, Tony

Robert Schneider II
12 years ago

You Go Girl!!!!! It is time to cut this story out of my screen and mail it to all of my friends… After I get the permission from the author, Ms. Bila… My friends will go buy computers just to have a screen like mine to read “Simply Jedediah” and reread the stories again and again just to taste the flavor of this precious woman writers words… THEY WILL GET IT!!!!!

R B Calvert
12 years ago

I wonder if he and Huckabee can team up?

Oh Gee
12 years ago

Thanks Jedediah for letting us know about Marco Rubio and for informing us why he would be a decent Senator.

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