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Leftist Politicos Say God Is on Their Side to Defend the Promotion of Abortion

WASHINGTON, DC, Sep 26 — Many of us wake up in the morning from horrific nightmares. Can it be that the “proud” Catholic president of the United States thinks he’s God and brashly offers a new definition of sin? Then, you pick up a newspaper and you came across another story that has you confused about the Governor of California who is actually on the verge of enacting a law that makes murder legal while at the same time, he’s using Scripture to promote the state’s abortion business. Certainly, you say to yourself, “has the world gone mad?”      

Let’s start with America’s Panderer-in-Chief, Joe Biden. Greedy for a following that might ensure his position and that might have the power to guarantee a do-what-he-says progressive Congress, Mr. Biden is publicly denouncing the teachings of his own church. He calls himself a reverent, practicing Catholic yet he uses his position as President of the United States to promote abortion. 

Biden is being widely criticized for his approach. As Bishop Thomas J. Tobin, of Providence, Rhode Island, twittered last week, “President Biden cannot be both a devout Catholic and a pro-abortion zealot. The two are mutually exclusive. He is a poor, lost, and confused soul. Truly, we need to pray for him, every day.”  Though he boasts about his religious beliefs, Biden apparently never read the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which states: “Since the first century the Church has affirmed the moral evil of every procured abortion. This teaching has not changed and remains unchangeable. Direct abortion, that is to say, abortion willed as an end or a means, is gravely contrary to the moral law.”

Question: is he lying or is he suffering from the onset of dementia, as Congressman Greg Murphy, M.D. [R-NC] suggests?

Meanwhile, California Governor Gavin Newsom has a bill sitting on his desk that, if and when he signs it into law, would extend abortion — or murder, as some call it — beyond the actual birth of a child. According to the Epoch Times, “Under the legislation, if a person withholds or omits care from an infant—which a coroner might note as an ‘unattended fetal death’—whether that infant is full-term, premature, or born alive but subsequently dies due to lack of care, the person would be immune to civil or criminal liability or penalty, no matter what the coroner finds.” 

Jordan Sekulow, executive director of the constitutional law firm American Center for Law and Justice,  says the legislation’s language “could effectively legalize infanticide up to twenty-eight days after the baby is born [the perinatal period] ‘for any reason’.” 

Sekulow said the ambiguity of the language of the legislation can mean whatever you might want it to mean because; it is “open to interpretation.” And that could allow “doctors to claim an infant’s death was ‘due’ to something that happened in utero, or before birth; the language would ‘effectively bar’ any investigation. “People would be protected regardless of whether the death of the child was caused by their actions or their omission with regard to their pregnancy and their care of the infant born alive.”

Newsom also appears to have taken a tip from his overlord, Joe Biden; he’s gone public with a multi-state, broad-based billboard campaign that uses religious themes to draw abortion business from other states.  “Need an abortion? California is ready to help,” boasts one such outdoor advertisement that quotes Jesus Christ who said, “Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no greater commandment than these.”

What the footnote means is anybody’s guess but Kathleen Domingo, executive director of the California Catholic Conference, is appalled. She told the Catholic News Agency that “It is unconscionable that these ads distort Scripture to support abortion, specifically in states that have already dramatically limited abortion in favor of supporting life.”

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1 month ago

The leftist goal is total control right down to what we can think. The pillars that hold up our society are our God, our families and our communities. Abortion is one activity that attacks all three. The Roe reversal was mostly symbolic because it may hinder some abortions but it will not stop them. But it is very good that abortion is no longer the law of the land. Perhaps God will have some mercy on us because of that.

Robin W Boyd
1 month ago

This is a lie. Progressives are Socialists (American Communists). The first thing Socialists do is convince citizens the Universe is not of an intelligent design so they can claim government to be the only source of benevolence, not God.

Neal Valenta
1 month ago

Biden and Gavin are both out of Control. They each do not have the best intentions and it’s becoming obvious neither care about the citizens they represent.

1 month ago

I think many of the socialist/communist left actually DO believe they are a god. One day they will actually meet the true God of the universe, and be accountable for their beliefs and actions. Concerning any law that would kill a new born especially after birth, those who did the killing should be hunted down and brought to trial. Murder is murder no matter how you try to glamorize it.

1 month ago

Give the libs credit. Even though SCOTUS struck down Roe, the libs will now go in to a
hyperwarp frenzy to overcome this decision. If we think that the states now have the right
to determine their own abortion law, just wait. The Soros-funded left will find a case in every
state to get to SCOTUS and restore Roe. Yet, we don’t seem to get it. The dims are quicker,
faster. better funded, and more determined than we are. Roe is their blood. If you were dying what
would you do ? That’s what Roe means to the Dims. Its their oxygen. Without Roe, in their mind, they are nothing. We conservatives are weak and unorganized and soon ( <24 months) Roe will be restored. Face it. We’re lazy.

1 month ago

I am totally anti-abortion. Totally
At the same time, if a woman wants to have an abortion at any time ( and I disagree) what
is stopping her ?
If she lives in a no abortion state, she can go to a state where it can be performed.
Why is that a problem ? Oh, she must pay to travel to the pro-abortion state ?
What does that cost ? $500 Is that what this is about ? Educate me please.
As a dirty old white southern redneck ( thank GOD) I wish to be enlightened.
Comment: If all of you quadra-billion spending libs have not “educated” me yet
what are you spending your money for ? If you do not need your billions can I
take it ? Just asking

2 months ago

I believe the 6th commandment in Exodus 20:13 GOD says “You Shall Not Murder”!

2 months ago

Biden and Newsom are both diabolical, evil people. There is no place in the American government for these types. Biden should be excommunicated from the Catholic Church and both men should be charged with accessory to murder.

1 month ago
Reply to  American

It would be great if this type of thinking was not in our culture. Unfortunately when we can’t even acknowledge there is God of creation that we will be accountable to, anything goes. Confusion and deceit is a weapon of the enemy. The hypocrisy is sickening when a politician will cry about someone getting killed by a weapon and praise the abortion industry.

Neal Valenta
2 months ago

Killing Babies is never talked about when discussing abortion.We talk about women’s right due to they want control of their bodies. Who says one has to get pregnant, we talk about it like it forced on women. Yes I understand rape and incence, but the number of babies killed and then their body parts sold must stop. All women can try to just say no and think about a baby’s life taken due to her not having birth control discussed.

Barbara Charis
2 months ago

Did those who promote abortions, ever come read the Ten Commandments given Moses (raised as an Egyptian prince)? One of the ten: Thou Shalt Not Kill. It is unfortunate that moneyed interests have tried to twist the words in a Commandment to suit their purposes.
Abortion would not be necessary, if people were aware of the One who made them. Children are gifts. No child should be unwanted. There are rules to live by in any civilization. As a teenager, I thought about my future children. I read how babies were created; and about venereal diseases. I also was aware that I did not want to be with the wrong person.
I also knew as a teenager, It took money to raise children…and I wanted a family. Having been born during the Depression, I wanted my children to be fed and have a roof over their heads. When I grew up marriage was important, because of the children. We knew children had to have two parents. We did not take making love lightly. I was in a very highly rated public school with 3,000 students…and I never heard of one girl getting pregnant. Young people took responsibility for their actions. We did not want to chance pregnancy…so we abstained. Taking a life is saying our Creator does not exist. The Creator is the one who creates life…not humans.

2 months ago
Reply to  Barbara Charis

Barbara, I agree. I recall when a girl became PG it was very much looked down on. They were no longer allowed in school. Now girls who are PG are looked at with envy.

Neal Valenta
2 months ago
Reply to  Barbara Charis

So we’ll said thank you for your thoughts. I pray our country will remember who our creator really is.

1 month ago
Reply to  Neal Valenta

Barbara, back then most people had respect and took responsibility for their actions which is quite different than now. Many don’t realize that there are waiting lists of 1 to 1 1/2 years to adopt a baby. The process is very long and expensive. If our government would only finance adoption rather than abortion, things would change. God cannot bless a nation that continues to kill it’s unborn.

2 months ago

These people are sinister. They will have to answer for their deeds one day soon. I wonder if the Lord will allow us to witness this

2 months ago

Thou shalt love thy neighbor is one of the ten commandments. And what the demoncrats are doing is taking it out of context and using it to say something to their benefit. It won’t work, first of all of the millions of babies that have been murdered, God knows their names, everyone. What the result is going to be is that those like Biden, and Newsome will stand before the Judgment of God, they will beg God to not send them to an eternity of pain and anguish; but this will be to no avail. Because it will be too late.

don't tread on me
2 months ago

Get out and vote! Vote then all out! We need to have a turnout even greater that the 2012 mid terms when the Dems got hit with the Red Wave!
This time were going to produce a Red Tsunami, TO GET THIS COUNTRY TURNED AROUND, and our Christian values restored. It won’t be easy, But If God Is With Us Who Can Stand Against Us!

2 months ago

The bible says a few times that Satan is running the world. There simply aren’t enough Christians. From what the bible says we are in end times. God is allowing it because more people want to live anyway they desire rather than obey God. God loves and wants to save everyone, but they have to want to be saved. If we want to be saved, it will be by “grace alone lest anyone should boast”. We must ask Christ Jesus to be our Savior and forgive our sins. Life here is short, but eternity is for ever. God alone is good, and He’s the one with whom I want to spend eternity. He’s no doubt with us on this, but look at all the other sin out there.

2 months ago

If ever the Lord’s name was used in vane, promoting murder of the unborn has to be high on the list of blasphemy! With demons so prevalent in government and industry, are we approaching end of days?

2 months ago

Biden and Newsom are completely controlled by Satan. No one who believes in God could support the murder of innocent babies. This is disgusting. Both these men are wicked and evil. They will pay for their transgressions. God will not smile favorably on them.

2 months ago

Evidently the leftists have never read the commandments in the Bible. Especially the ‘THOU SHALL NOT KILL’…

2 months ago
Reply to  Granny25

They may have read them but just don’t care.

2 months ago
Reply to  Granny25

I beg to differ madam.The 6th commandment states “Thou shall not commit murder”.But I see your point.

Stephen Russell
2 months ago

NO & wrong

David Millikan
2 months ago

Pretty ignorant, arrogant and stupid.
The FASCIST liberals will use and say anything for votes.
Wish I could see the look on their faces when they stand before GOD.
Glad I’m NOT a FASCIST liberal.

Stephen Greenwell
2 months ago

The only god on the side of abortion on demand is Moloch.

2 months ago

HeII awaits their arrivaI. FYI, Eternity is F – 0 – R – E – V – E – R !

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