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Leftist Educators Exposed by No Left Turn in Education | Better for America

No Left Turn in Education is a group that is speaking out against leftist education exposing racist curriculum with the intention to further divide our students. Concerned parent Dr. Elana Fishbein fearlessly spoke out to her schoolboard after discovering that her children were required to read racists materials that directly go against Martin Luther King’s ideology. After making the decision to homeschool and take control back from leftist educators, Dr. Fishbein founded No Left Turn in Education. She faced extreme backlash even going as far as being labeled a domestic terrorist by the DOJ, but she reminds listeners to persevere through the name-calling. Tune in to find out what ‘No Left Turn in Education’ is doing, ways you can get involved, and how you can get back in the drivers seat of your child’s education.

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Murf Appling
3 months ago

There is a group N the Memphis/Germantown TN area – “Moms for Liberty” that is asking the same
questions to the local school board. The current train of thought is the “Emotional Social Learning”
curriculum is “CRT” N disguise. “Whole Child” curriculum is also subject of investigation. Lack of communication tools & weakness N the local school board to answer parents concerns. As Lincoln stated, the control of a Nation is only one generation away & the place to start is N the classroom.

3 months ago

Communist Indoctrination . . . Plain & Simple! . . . America the Beautiful has become America of Bernie Sanders’ dreams! I could never understand why he was ever tolerated and now it’s We the People who can’t be tolerated!

Robert Zuccaro
3 months ago

Nothing new here: I had an English reading class in California 1978 where the books were all written by Berkeley SDS radicals. Instead of education, it’s indoctrination. As far as “don’t say gay” BS: Somebody should ask these people why it’s so important to them they need to talk about their sex lives with a 5-year old. Not too creepy, huh?

3 months ago

If I noticed years ago Democrat politicians acting like communists then I am certain others did too. Today those Democrat politicians and their younger newbys no longer hide their communism. They can call it Democracy all they want but it definitely is not. Republicans In Name Only aren’t any better. Their go along to get along attitude and fake anger at Democrats (communists) make me want to vomit. The Republican Establishment needs to be replaced with America First Republicans led by President Trump. The Department of Education needs to be abolished. The National Education Association needs to be abolished. Leftists (communists) need to be pushed out of our country.

David Millikan
3 months ago

Critical Race Theory was created by Nazis and now the FASCIST liberals are brainwashing our children with it.
Are YOU going to let your children be brainwashed by NAZISM?

3 months ago

Bless the No Left Turners!!! The Numb Dumb DemocRats will jump on them like a cat on a June Bug, but I hope and pray they can stand it. The DemocRats will attack anything that interferes with their Commie Party RULING the Nation!!!

3 months ago

Here ,here save my grandkids!

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