Jorge Ramos Plays Race Games with SB 1070

Jedediah Bila

By Jedediah Bila

A family friend once told me that “You can’t argue logic with the illogical.” I’d like to add that you can’t argue truth with the dishonest.

Enter anchor Jorge Ramos of Noticiero Univision.

Ramos has become one of the Left’s leading critics of Arizona’s new immigration law, SB 1070. There are just a couple of little problems with his assessments. One – they’re wildly inaccurate. And two – they prove that he either hasn’t read the law or is intentionally misrepresenting it.

Ramos was recently a guest on The O’Reilly Factor. Here’s a segment of the conversation:

RAMOS: Let me finish. Just imagine what’s going to happen in Arizona with a law that promotes racial profiling. If I were right now in Phoenix or Tucson, Arizona, I could be detained by the police.

O’REILLY: That’s not true.

RAMOS: Simply because of my accent.

O’REILLY: No, you’d have to be involved in another police matter.

RAMOS: You have to let me finish. Simply because of the color.

O’REILLY: You’re wrong.

RAMOS: Simply because of the color of my skin.

O’REILLY: That’s wrong.

RAMOS: Or simply because . . .


RAMOS: Or simply because of my accent.

O’REILLY: That’s not true.

If Ramos had read the law and/or wished to be honest, he would know and would have disclosed that SB 1070 explicitly prohibits racial profiling by including the following statement, among others: “A law enforcement official or agency of this state or a county, city, town or other political subdivision of this state may not consider race, color or national origin in the enforcement of this section except to the extent permitted by the United States or Arizona constitution.”

Maybe Ramos knows exactly what SB 1070 says and chooses to paint it as he’d like to anyway.

Perhaps he took a page out of Holder or Napolitano’s book and didn’t bother to read the law before critiquing it.

Or maybe he chose to take a shortcut and listen to our President’s gross mischaracterization of the law in April: “ . . . but you can imagine if you are a Hispanic American in Arizona, your great, great grandparents may have been there before Arizona was even a state. But now suddenly if you don’t have your papers and you took your kid out to get ice cream, you’re going to be harassed . . . ” Not quite. The only way the Hispanic-American in Obama’s ice cream scenario would be asked to show identification is if he or she was first stopped for a legal infraction.

Our President’s ill-informed public statement with respect to SB 1070 was unacceptable. Ramos’s repeated misreporting of it for political purposes is equally detestable.

Ramos stated in April that SB 1070 “amounts to legalized racism in Arizona” and “reveals American society’s deeply rooted racism.” In June, he wrote that “Arizona’s new immigration policy, signed into law in April, only serves to foster the kind of racial prejudice that the South Africans rejected nearly a generation ago” and that “The answer to the U.S.’s immense immigration problem is not to . . . create the equivalent of an apartheid system in Arizona.”

Ramos has become the poster boy for race games on the Left, as he repeatedly labels opposition to lawlessness in Arizona as racist. It’s pathetic, it’s empty, and it’s painfully transparent.

According to a recent Rasmussen poll, “Voters by a two-to-one margin oppose the U.S. Justice Department’s decision to challenge the legality of Arizona’s new immigration law in federal court. Sixty-one percent (61%), in fact, favor passage of a law like Arizona’s in their own state, up six points from two months ago.” Ramos – like Obama – is as out of touch with reality as he is with the majority of Americans.

Although it’s not surprising, it is a disgrace that any member of the media would either speak without doing adequate research or unabashedly misrepresent legislation for political purposes. It’s even more of a disgrace that the current administration has hopped on board.

Kudos to Governor Brewer for standing strong in the face of so many absurd distortions.

Shame on Jorge Ramos, President Obama, and the rest of the political opportunists for turning fact into fiction for political gain.

Support Governor Brewer in prioritizing the safety and well-being of Arizonians by donating to keepazsafe.com.

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Retired Vet
12 years ago

Okay I can understand a lot of the issues presented here and Mr. Ramos definitely has go get his act together. But let’s be for real. The original migrant workers were brought here by greedy people that wanted cheap labor to work for them. They knew that people from here were not going to work for peanuts. And what was their solution. Why bring on the migrant workers, of course. But they never thought, that of you bring in Pancho. He in turn us going to bring in all his family and friends. We are dealing with people that have very different family values then most of do here in the states. No one really thought of the repercussions that this would bring in the future. Now look at the mess it has created. And the ironic part of it is, suppose that we were able to deport all of these people in mass one day. Who would fill there jobs? U.S. citizens, I doubt that very much. Not at the rate that their paying the migrants. So that’s the part that no one is truly looking at. Are you willing to build, clean,and landscape someone’s house or work in the fields from dawn to dusk for the miserable pay that these people get. There’s always two sides to the coin. And that’s the Catch 22 of this issue. Besides as a Native American I feel the whole lot of you is trespassing. And you should all be evicted from the property. As you see there are always two sides of the coin. Jesus said it, He who is without sin,cast the first stone. Poetic justice usually will turn around and bite you in the rear. Peace be with you all.

12 years ago

When did Jorge Ramos actually become a US Citizen, he was born in Mexico & came to the US in 1983….
We do not owe anyone an opportunity to live in the US. The immigration reform we need is to stop H1B Visas and decrease ALL GREENCARDS / WORKVISAS, until unemployment is under 2%! Our presentimmigration process has allowed too many people into the US and they get into management position and hire their own countrymen and displace US WORKERS! We know that there are approximately 30 million Illegal Aliens in the United States, because the United States has not protected any of our BORDERS.
These people come here and deplete our Social Services, cause our cost of schooling to skyrocket, birthrate by unwed mothers has jumped dramatically, our drug, underage prostitution, and other crime rates are off the charts!
These people have over populated the countries where they come from and now are doing it to the United States and we are constantly having to raise the taxes that US Citizens pay in order to accommodate these people.
No they are not an asset to the United States!!!!!!!!!!
In fact “ALL IMMIGRATION” needs to be put on hold for at least the next ten years!
It is time to take care of US Citizens! No one has the right to come to this country unless we invite them!
The jobs of US Citizens have been given to other countries. English only, No Amnesty, No Work Visas of any kind, ENFORCE EXISTING IMMIGRATION LAWS, close the Border, E-Verify, No Social Services or Educational Funds for Non US Citizens, Penalize anyone hiring Illegal Aliens, Fast Deportation, Penalize Companies sending our jobs out of the country, Stop Banks and Companies from sending our Bank and Credit Information out of the United States!
US Government Officials need to GROW the HELL UP!

Robert Gonzalez
12 years ago

The problem with Ramos is he doesn’t know how to read English, or pretends not too.

We need this law in Florida!!!

Ron Norteno
12 years ago

Lea la ley, Imbecil.

James LeBlanc
12 years ago

We have to continue insisting that the borders be close before any new reform be allowed, We must take back the House and Senate

Anne J.
12 years ago

It seems to me that the police in every single state, not just AZ, should have been asking people for ID no matter what their accent, their skin tone or other physical features show all along. I don’t see anything wrong with that. What do those who are all up in the air over this have to hide? This nation needs to enforce, unilaterally, the immigration laws that have been on our books for decades. And if someone can’t prove who they are or why they are here, they should be deported to wherever we think they came from. I’d suggest that these people start cooperating instead of playing dumb if they don’t want to wind up in Nigeria or Bolivia or somewhere else that they have no ties. Immigrants already here have the option to apply for citizenship and if they can’t be bothered, too bad for them. Either get legal or get out!
The fact that the federal gov’t ignored the laws and let it get out of hand is not our fault. The job of fixing the problem is the government’s and if the federal gov’t can’t be bothered, every single state needs to get on board with a program similar to AZ’s. Governor Brewer should be touted as a hero– a pioneer– a savior, not as a pariah and I don’t see why people don’t realize that other than they don’t realize that their lives are also touched by the sheer umber of illegals in this country today.

After all, now that the federal gov’t has bailed out of all the give-away programs that supported these people for decades, the states are going to have to pick up the pieces or face the probability that they will quadruple the amount of theft-related crime in short order. And picking up the tab will raise state taxes to shameful levels. The only answer is to deport the illegals caught doing petty crimes and execute the ones caught doing major crimes and be done with it.

12 years ago

Thank you for addressing this issue. I live in Tucson, AZ. and even though we are battling illegal immigration, it should be said that there is no malice or racist intentions at all for any group or nationality. The people I talk to are for assisting immigrants in becoming legalized citizens, not racially discriminating against them.

It seems the one word everyone skips over is the “Illegal” part when discussing these undocumented aliens. That is all this law is about…protecting our borders like every other nation in the world does.

I appreciate your willingness to write about such a controversial topic, J and expose those who would distort the truth.

Thank You

12 years ago

I am so tired and angry at being lied to by everyone on the left. I don’t think that these people know how to tell the truth anymore. Thank God for Fox News and bloggers like Jedediah, without them obama might already have his private ( civilian ) police force in place. Can anyone say gestapo, and please does anyone really think these parasites care about anything more than their own power and getting re-elected

12 years ago

We have to take on these Mexifornicating Jihadists one traitor at a time! Every lyin’ SOB on the LEFT knows precisely whats in the AZ legislation – to claim otherwise is pure mendacity. But they think they can con the ignoramuses into believing that the AZ law says what it does not say simply by repeating the Big Lie over & over – and doing so angrily and with indignation! Well, their acting skills might get a c+ in high school, but they haven’t fooled any of us – and we’re sticking to our guns (now literally as well as figuratively!) and not backing down one inch from this Obamanation!! What truly does sadden me, however, is that fact that now we are officially at war with our own treasonous federal government. They can no longer be trusted – particularly the Dept of INjustice and the chief lawLESS enforcement officer of the USA! This is definitely Alice-in-Wonderland time and we can only pray that beginning in November, it will be the beginning of the end of this oppressive regime – PLEASE GOD!!

Navyman Norm
12 years ago

Evidently Senor Ramos “No habla english”.

12 years ago

Continuing onslaught upon AMERICAN culture is neither accidental, nor mistaken. Look for November elections to have voters bought off, intimidated and disenfranchised… as was done to seat Franken.
As czars increasingly marginalize Congress, look for more restriction to and demonizing of dissent at every level. Ignorance is not bliss.
Keep up the good work Bila

will petty
12 years ago

Dear J/ I/m not writing to kust because you’re-let’s get that out of the way right. -But I’m very witty and good-;ooking and this is probably why I talk to Myself. At any rateThank God for the Barbarian hordes which attempt to bring us down as they did in Rome. Now we wake up. Now we defend . Now we see the apoplexy and apathy and collusion our government has with the Mexican Gov,m’t which cannot govern itsel Whata a violent wake up call. Anymore I don’t like Muslims and I don’t like Mexicans. Skin has nothing to do with it Behavior and ideology have Everything to do with it. I don’t Like ’em and I know in my heart this is I’m right.People are just fed up, we aew being assiled on every front and many of us are just too tough to be pushed around. And as far as the endless drivel..This is according to the Vedas the Age of Quarrel The Age of Kali. I just make it a point to not go to a sanitarium and try to reason with morons. .

12 years ago

Years ago while walking the streets back home; two of us all of a sudden had police surrounding us. We fit the description of two men who just robbed a local business. We were held, frisked, and had to provide licenses Is that racial profiling or were the police just doing their jobs? I know my friend and I thanked the officers for doing their job! All Arizona is doing is protecting their citizens! Oops! Isn’t that what our federal government is required to do? If they won’t protect us who will? Keep up the fight Arizona!

12 years ago

Thank you for addressing this issue. I live in Tucson, AZ. and even though we are battling illegal immigration, it should be said that there is no malice or racist intentions at all for any group or nationality. The people I talk to are for assisting immigrants in becoming legalized citizens, not racially discriminating against them.

It seems the one word everyone skips over is the “Illegal” part when discussing these undocumented aliens. That is all this law is about…protecting our borders like every other nation in the world does.

I appreciate your willingness to write about such a controversial topic, J and expose those who would distort the truth.

Thank You

Paul Tomlin
12 years ago

I think Arizonia is right on !

12 years ago

President Obama wrong type of change, Arizonia new law right type of change all States need to follow Arizonia’s lead.

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