Is the Liberty of Venezuela the Responsibility of the United States?

United States VenezuelaAs tens of thousands of Venezuelans demonstrated this past weekend in the streets of their country — angry over weeks of power outages, limited access to water, and shortages of food and medicine — Americans should know that the doctrine of socialism has claimed yet another country.

And with that knowledge, it is understandable that many freedom-loving Americans are becoming increasingly open to the idea of a U.S. military intervention, with the idea of ousting from power socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro. American leaders — including President Trump, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Vice President Mike Pence, and National Security Advisor John Bolton — are actually leading the chorus of condemnation, with the possibility of U.S. military intervention becoming more likely.

Yet, before the United States takes that serious step, several things should be considered. First of all, were the United States to send military forces into a sovereign nation, that is clearly an act of war, and as such, would require an actual declaration of war by Congress as stipulated by the U.S. Constitution in Article I, Section 8.

In the 1820s, the culturally Christian nation of Greece was struggling to free itself from the Islamic Ottoman Empire, and looked to the United States — then considered a Christian nation — for help. Secretary of State John Quincy Adams expressed sympathy for the Greek cause, saying, “We are the friends of liberty everywhere,” but, he added, we are “the guardians only of our own.”

“America does not go abroad, in search of monsters to destroy,” Adams explained.

Clearly, the Maduro-led government of Venezuela is one that a freedom-loving American should be glad to see fall from power. It provides a textbook case as to why socialism is destructive both to liberty and to prosperity. At the same time, with Adams’ remarks in mind, is this really something that the United States should do — invade countries and overthrow dictators we don’t like?

To be blunt, the Venezuelan people did this to themselves. They voted into power the late socialist dictator Hugo Chávez, who took a vibrant and prosperous economy in an oil-rich nation, and drove it into the ground. His socialist successor, Maduro, has continued with the same policies with predictable results.

After an election in 2018 that is widely considered fraudulent, Maduro claimed victory over his opponent, Juan Guaidó, the leader of the National Assembly. Guaidó, citing a provision of the Venezuelan Constitution, declared that Maduro is the usurper, and has claimed in January that he is now the interim president. The provision states that if there is an absence of a legitimately-elected president, the president of the National Assembly becomes an interim president.

For his part, Maduro has received the support of the National Constituent Assembly, regarded by most international observers as a puppet of Maduro. He persuaded them to revoke Guaidó of his immunity from arrest.

In short, the elements are ripe for a civil war in the country.

Is this really a boiling cauldron into which America should place its toe?

Some argue that Russia’s decision to land two planes with some 100 soldiers in the capital city of Caracas on March 23 should activate the Monroe Doctrine, which was actually written by the same John Quincy Adams who warned against searching for monsters to destroy. The Monroe Doctrine states that the United States would not look with favor upon any attempt by a foreign power attempting to colonize any portion of the Western Hemisphere.

Russia argues that the soldiers are there to service the Russian-made S-300 air defense systems, damaged by recent energy blackouts.

National Security Advisor Bolton warned Moscow against any attempt to deploy “military assets to Venezuela, or elsewhere in the hemisphere, with the intent of establishing or expanding military operations. We will consider such provocative actions as a direct threat to international peace and security in the region.”

Not surprisingly, globalists are looking to use the crisis in Venezuela. CNBC published a piece by Frederick Kempe, the president and CEO of the Atlantic Council, a globalist think tank, that boldly asserts, “Venezuela may be the right place to catalyze deeper links among the United States, Canada, key European allies and leading democracies in Latin America.”

In other words, a military intervention into socialist Venezuela might be initially satisfying to those Americans that hate socialist dictatorships like that of the Maduro regime, but the end result could be that we surrender some of our sovereignty in order to do so. After all, if an electoral dispute is enough to trigger foreign intervention, we should note that many leading Democrats have declared the election of Donald Trump as fraudulent, as well. While we may think such whining is sour grapes on the part of the Democrats and their socialist allies in the United States, could the day come when an intervention into Venezuela could lay the precedent for foreign intervention in our own country?

As of now, Maduro is quite unpopular in his own country. Perhaps the only thing that could turn that animosity around is an invasion by a foreign enemy. The United States should not make the mistake of providing the dictator Maduro with a foreign enemy.

One senior official for President Trump told reporters, according to the Washington Examiner, that intervention is “a very serious option.” While the official said that invasion is an option that “no one would like to see,” it is under serious consideration.

Hopefully, the matter will be left to the Venezuelan people themselves to resolve, and will not lead to the spilling of American blood and treasure in yet another foreign intervention.

Reprinted with permission from - The New American - by Steve Byas

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Todd Taylor
3 years ago

Not our business.

3 years ago

On this same point, then why are we fighting wars all over the middle East sacrificing the blood of our soldiers and costing us untold trillions of dollars ? The Taliban was wiped out in Afghanistan years ago. None of the rest of the countries have done a single thing to us. Why are we in the business of preemptive war ? Oh yeah, I forgot about the money generated by the war machine for the large corporations that actually own our government….. So, I guess I’ve answered my own question.

rick coy
3 years ago

They need to change their own government.

el Dorko
3 years ago

Socialism has deep-sixed yet another country. That pretty much says it all. I guess imbeciles like Sanders, Warren, and OC don’t read?

Deanna Scholz
3 years ago

Each person and nation is responsible for its own safety and its own freedom. John Quincy Adams had it exactly correct. First we protect our own while offering to guide all those who ask to achieve the same. If the people of Venezuela or any other country including the United States are responsible for what or who you vote into office.
To be a responsible informed citizen of the nation you live and work in, is what separates those that live freely and those that are living under an unjust government.
Our own nation and our own freedoms are under attack by Godless, immorally bankrupt groups of people looking to destroy our way of life; from restricting our religious freedom to destroying our Constitution and families.
It is up to the people to protect its inalienable rights granted us not by men but by God.

steven jacobs
3 years ago

Let Venezuela fix its problems WITHOUT the USA.

3 years ago

ABSOLUTELY NOT! just as the ILLEGAL ALIEN crisis is not our problem!

3 years ago

Remember the MONROE DOCTRINE???? The leftists probably haven’t heard of that bit of wisdom…. But it is still good international law and Russia as well as China had better take heed!

Doug Olson
3 years ago

Good afternoon,

The Venezuelan people chose Maduro so it should be their choice, if necessary, through blood and death to remove him from power!! Through this very, very, very painful lesson they will learn and remember NEVER to ever chose another socialist to be in their government. Hopefully, the United States will never ever have to learn this lesson the “hard way” but with people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, the media, etc. the United States may, also, have to learn the same lesson Venezuela is “learning” the “hard way!”

Fred Easton
3 years ago

Of course the USA is not directly responsible for the problems in Venezuela…however when Russia puts military troops there, then it becomes our problem. How long do we think it will be before the Russian moves further north into Central America and the Caribbean where the Chinese are marshaling all kinds of commercial ventures to support the Russians and themselves….and that’s why we need to take control Venezuela before they are in Washington D.C. Do we really think all these mostly illegal men are crossing our boarded….connect the dots….remember that the Democrats, that are actually communists and who are supporting the illegals….think about it.

3 years ago

No we need to get America cleaned up and the illegals out security on our boarders strengthens of our Military and better internet security against any hackers, we need our government cleaned out and make impossible for socialist communist muslums atheists satanist Lawyers masons to run for any government office they all have proven to be an enemy of OUR CONSTITUTION as WRITTEN anyone trying to distort change or destroy any part of Our Constitution as Written need to be held accountable to a form of Treason and they need to be removed automatically immediately then prosecuted with the full force of our Law no plea deals no fancy prison and all benefits revoked immediately

D. Robb
3 years ago

I agree with Sarita, Diane, and Big Al. We should be protecting our own before we rush off to protect another. If the people of Venezuela start to fight for themselves, then and only then, should the United States of America consider helping. We need the American people to wake up and oust, throw out and Destroy ALL of the left that supports in any way the destruction of this country and what it has, does and always will stand for. FREEDOM.

Luciano Sacasas
3 years ago

What about the security of our people why should we allow the Russians to setup misel base in our hemisphere and helicopter base and factory in Venezuela while the people. starve why are the Chinese also in Venezuela why let these Communist take over the URANIUM AND OIL. the gallon of gas is already reaching almost $5.00 in some states and how can we depend on Congress who want the same type of government that Maduro has given his people the Russians and Chinese dont care they just take.this I believe to be a real NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT to our Country.

Brenda phillips
3 years ago

No Venezuela not our problem,I want my tax money used on us

Joe Kaufman
3 years ago

The U.S. should not intervene in Venezuela. That formerly stable and prosperous nation’s rapid descent into poverty and chaos is a direct consequence of its embrace of socialism/Marxism.

All Americans should learn from Venezuela’s tragedy. We must overwhelmingly and forever reject U.S. politicians and others advocating socialialism/Marxism! This includes all the “Democrats”’aspiring to the 2020 presidential nomination and all others working to subvert our Constitution and the rule of law.

Michael Rae
3 years ago

There is an old Polish saying that goes like this: “Not my circus. Not my monkies.” The people of Venezuela slowly bought in to this fiasco, they can find a way out of it (without our interferring). Let them solve it. That way it will mean more to them when they do.

Rojas David
3 years ago

Stay the heck out of Venezuela!!

Rojas David
3 years ago

Stay the heck out of Venezuela!!!

3 years ago

We can’t even take care of our own country!!!!

Ralph Ormsbee
3 years ago

Arm the people and let them take back their country

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