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ICE Releasing 124 Aliens who Committed Murders

This videotorial has been excerpted from an editorial by Mark Krikorian and published in National Review.

Instead of pandering to the illegal aliens who broke the law entering the United States and paying out billions in taxpayer money to house them, why don’t we try something far more beneficial instead?

Let’s redirect some of that money to helping our oldest LEGAL citizens: U.S. Senior Citizens! That’s the opinion of Dan Weber, founder of AMAC, the Association of Mature American Citizens, who has made this video as a public service.

The federal government should share responsibility when any illegal alien commits murder. Why? Because it failed to keep the murderer out in the first place. And when a sanctuary city releases a deportable criminal, Washington shares the blame for any subsequent crimes because it’s not cracking down on such rogue jurisdictions nullifying federal law.

But federal responsibility is greatest when ICE actually has the criminal aliens in its custody, and then releases them to go and murder some more. Needless to say, the Obama administration doesn’t advertise when that happens. But make no mistake about it: It happens. Since 2010 ICE released 124 Aliens who Committed Murders!

To their credit, the Senate Judiciary Committee demanded information on this catch and release to commit murder issue, from ICE, which my colleague Jessica Vaughan has summarized in a clickable article in the description area of this video. The most outrageous find: Since 2010, 124 criminal aliens who were in ICEs custody and then released went on to be charged with not one, not two, but 135 new homicides!

The Judiciary Committee also asked about criminal aliens released by ICE more than once. Since 2013, there have been 156 such criminal aliens, who racked up between them a total of 243 additional convictions AFTER being let go.

None of these statistics include criminal aliens released by sanctuary cities or those whom ICE simply refused to pick up from local jails in the first place. These are only those who were in ICE’s hands, and then let go.

Many of these non-citizen criminals were released with ICE’s affirmative consent. A significant number were ordered released by the Justice Department, pursuant to a Supreme Court decision, because their home countries wouldn’t take them back. But even here, the administration is culpable. The Secretary of State is required by law to suspend the issuance of visas in any country that won’t take back its own citizens. The Obama administration has never — not once — complied with this legal requirement.

Here’s the list of countries ICE has identified as refusing to take back their deportable citizens, and each one of these countries is allowed to keep sending more of their citizens to U.S. shores committing criminal acts with impunity:

Afghanistan, Algeria, Burundi, Cape Verde, China, Cuba, Eritrea, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, India, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Sudan, and Zimbabwe.

AFGHANISTAN AND IRAQ? Did we hear that right? We let nations we were at war with deport their citizens, so they can stay here and commit more crimes? Who, then, is the colonizer and who the colonized? And how about Cuba? The administration has made clear that the issue of deportees wasn’t — and still isn’t — even on the table in discussion of normalizing relations. And the idea that tiny nations like Gambia or Cape Verde can freely defy us suggests that dropping the name “superpower” and a couple of dollars in front of a barista won’t even buy you a cup of coffee these days.

Our conclusion on the matter is this: Politicians have no business even suggesting things like amnesty or increased immigration or guest workers until outrages like this are banished.

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6 years ago

Give me an LST and I will drop them off on any of their shores at random spots. End of story.

6 years ago

We need to return to the Chain Gangs era when prisoners were made to work on railroads, pick up trash & other manual labor. Amtrac needs rails fixed. States have roads to fix. Why let go prisoners free? They can be put to work. Make them slaves to work instead of slaves to crime.

6 years ago

Blame the media, they will never tell the public the names of the politicians who do nothing to stop it. But they tell the ones who try to stop it, and make they out to be heartless.

6 years ago


Hal Campbell
6 years ago

Why do we continue to incarcerate small drug users when Obama is letting stone cold murderer’s go free!
The States could give them reporting requirements and jobs doing state, county and local government projects instead of serving time and driving up our tax bills as it costs approximately $32K per year to house and feed them? This is just insame!

mary maupin
6 years ago

Elect Donald Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dorothy Ayer
6 years ago

I’m reading The Zookeepers Wife by Diane Ackerman. It is by far the best book I’ve read on the Holocaust, and my bookcase is full of these stories. It concerns the bombing of Warsaw by the Nazis. I was struck by the fact that Poland was invaded because they could not protect themselves. As our country becomes even more soft on murders and terrorists, it opens us to the possibility of attack. I have a feeling the Muslim invaders would be even more cruel than the Nazis. It is a frightening thought.

Cil\', Paul Ryan
6 years ago

YES; as a retired U.S.A.F.COL’, I agree with much of this, except the parts that suggest that we send more money to the
people who want more hand outs. My GOD we are in debt to the tune of 19trillion, that we may not be able to repay. Lets
get rid of the politicians, of both parties, who vote for more subsidies and entitlements, particularly if they already have more than two, coming in, while they do nothing. This once great country is rapidly turning into a socialist republic. [email protected]. P.S, if you are bull headed to comment, that you will not vote for a candidate I don’t approve of. THIS IS A POSITIVE VOTE FOR THE OPPOSITION, [ H.R.C.]. so THIN TWICE, and use your head , instead of your mouth.

Robert Augeri
6 years ago

This is just one reason I would support Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton, Barrack H. Obama should be put in jail for not enforcing our immigration laws and taking terrorist our of Guantanamo and releasing them to kill more. Anyone who thinks this is a good policy should wake up to what is happening in America under this illegal, Muslim, liar. I truly hope that no member of those who support Obama that no family member is killed by his policies that allowed this.

Cil\', Paul Ryan
6 years ago
Reply to  Robert Augeri

Bless you Robert. All too many, don’t realize how this Muslim invasion is ,to the survival of this once delightful republic.

Janet B
6 years ago

Maybe we can put them in life rafts off the coast of their country, drop them from the air as we fly over (with or without a parachute), or find some other way to return them; however, preventing them from coming across the border in the first place would be the best. Obama has prevented our border guards from doing their jobs in the first place or they would not be coming across. ICE has had its hands tied as well and Sanctuary Cities should be abolished.

6 years ago
Reply to  Janet B

Isn’t it interesting that Sanctuary Cities get a pass from the feds when they break the law on such a wide scale but when some ranchers in NV and OR stand up for the rule of law and the Constitution, they get thrown in jail or murdered. That stand-off in Oregon was about the sale of public lands (BLM) to foreign entities (Uranium One from the Ukraine) for the personal enrichment of corrupt politicians (Harry Reid and sons, the governor of Oregon). Now, even the corrupt judge hearing the case of those in jail has a monetary interest in ruling in favor of the BLM to go along with her 95% track record of ruling in favor of the BLM. That way they can have a fair trial followed by a fair hangin’. Wake up America!

Annemarie Maynard
6 years ago

Let’s bring this up on the campaign trail.

6 years ago

Yeah, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. This was reported a few years back and the administration continues to treat this as a complete non-issue. We have to be “compassionate” after all and accept every low-life criminal or terrorist that wants to reside here or we aren’t “living up to our American values” as the President likes to keep repeating endlessly. Can’t seem to find the clause in either the Constitution or the Bill of Rights that calls for committing national suicide by not only allowing this action to continue, but actively encouraging it. Maybe it’s part of the imaginary “Constitution as a living document” Progressives are endless harping about.

We are rapidly becoming a dumping ground for the most undesirable elements of other countries. Yet those same countries have some of the most rigid immigration and border enforcement policies to protect themselves from anyone doing to them what they are doing to us. Go figure huh? Just another facet of the “transformation of the United States” that a lot of idiots and morons voted for in 2008 and 2012. Just keep those pictures of San Bernardino, Paris and Brussels fresh in your minds, because that’s what will be become common place here at the rate we’re going.

6 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

Right on PaulE. Can’t find the one addressing “American values” or political correctness either!

Steve Hearne
6 years ago
Reply to  Ralph

I know of a place in Cuba called Guantanamo that has enough vacancy to accept them.

Ivan Berry
6 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

So much for “security.” Funny how all those “police state” departments and policies that are supposed to protect America just seem to increase the dangers. How can anyone still maintain that this is accidental on unintended?

6 years ago
Reply to  Ivan Berry

Well when the average Democrat voter still believes Obama and his polices have been good for America, what do you expect? At least half the country doesn’t care about any of this stuff. They are just focused on waiting for more free stuff to be showered upon them from the federal government. This kind of policy designed to increase crime and instill fear across the nation in order to promote more federal government involvement in more local police departments isn’t even on their radar. To the end of more free stuff, I see the Democrat-controlled FCC just decided to extend the free cell phones giveaway to now include free broadband Internet access (high speed Internet access) to the same reliable block of Democrat voters leading up to the election. That’s another one billion dollars more in taxpayer-funded giveaways in the name of “It’s a right”.

6 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

Here are the valid immigration laws Title 8, US Code-Part II: ADMISSION QUALIFICATIONS FOR ALIENS; TRAVEL CONTROL OF CITIZENS AND ALIENS This is an extension of LBJ: “I’ll have those n—-rs voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”—Lyndon B. Johnson to two governors on Air Force One –
If America is to survive, ALL immigration must be put on hold for at least 10 years, the Hart-Celler Act must be repealed
and we return to 1924 immigration laws
Ike got rid of many illegal aliens in Operation Wetback
English must be made the official language in ALL States and territories May God Bless America.

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