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Hypocrisy Embedded in Whitmer Veto

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has vetoed 20 million dollars in adoption funding proposed by Michigan’s Republican-controlled state legislature. Her reasoning for this decision, according to her spokesman Bobby Leddy, was that the Governor believes “women and qualified medical providers should be making health care decisions – not politicians.” He revealed Whitmer considers pro-life centers “fake health centers” and that they “use deceptive advertising that target young women and women with low incomes.”

The hypocrisy in Whitmer’s stance is impossible to miss. If Whitmer feels so strongly about women being able to make health care decisions, wouldn’t that include decisions such as choosing not to terminate a pregnancy, or putting a child up for adoption? The legislature proposed funding to expand resources for its’ expecting mothers. No politician is forcing anything in this instance. Actually, it is quite the opposite. Providing more resources for pregnant women would support the belief Whitmer claims to hold. Of course, she does not hold this belief. Instead, she has showed that she only supports a women’s choice if the choice is to have an abortion. She very clearly opposes women choosing to continue with a pregnancy despite the obstacles it might bring into their lives, as well as putting a child up for adoption post birth.

Additionally, the claim that pro-life and adoption centers target (interesting choice of words) young and lower-income women is exactly what centers such as planned parenthood have done for decades to promote abortions. So is it acceptable for abortion centers to extend what they view as a helping hand to women in those demographics, but unacceptable when centers that hold a different belief system do the same? Women in their twenties account for sixty percent of abortions, while forty-nine percent of women who get abortions live below the federal poverty level.

So to summarize:

When abortion advocates target young and lower income women to terminate pregnancies (which is statistically proven), it is morally righteous, a win for women’s reproductive rights, none of the governments business, and a victory for mankind.

When pro-life advocates allegedly MIGHT “target” these same demographics to simply provide them with more options it is inherently evil, women not having a say over their bodies, government overreach and a huge step backwards for human civilization.

Is it that the left is afraid of the pro-life crowd dipping into their client base? Perhaps it comes down to money, as a bump in funding for pro-life centers could potentially lead to funding being cut to pro-abortion centers under the same budget umbrella. Is it possibly pure evil on her part? Does Whitmer enjoy the thought of defenseless human beings never being given the same chance at life as we all were at one point? We may never get the answer, but what is indisputable is how glaring Whitmer’s hypocrisy is in her reasoning to cut adoption resource funding, because that would infringe on women’s right to choose by…giving them more choices?

It is a real conundrum, and it appears the only answer is to pray unceasingly.

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Paul Brown
10 months ago

This shows the criminal lying left to be the Evil Satanists that comprise the majority of the DemonRat Party.

10 months ago

This is why she and the left are constantly caught in THE LIE. They are not pro choice. They are pro abortion!!!!!

10 months ago

After 40-years, why did Supreme Court overturn Roe V Wade ???? And look at the turmoil over this. This is case where SCOTUS did not agree with ruling of another group of justices. Hope they do not keep overturning rulings of the past 200-years.

10 months ago

It is so easy to find the bent and twisted politicians………..follow the money. Despicable politicians will always be at the end. Middle and front of the line with their hands out.

Philip Seth Hammersley
10 months ago

Do you suppose she could mention even ONE falsehood told by pro-life centers? Babies in the womb ARE living human beings. Women don’t have to kill their babies to have a ‘good” life. Pro-life people WILL provide psychological, spiritual, and financial support to pregnant women and their babies.
Where’s the falsehood?

10 months ago

Satan is alive and well in the democrat party.

Candace M
10 months ago

How about just choosing to use birth control.

10 months ago
Reply to  Candace M

I have been saying the same thing for years!! I’m glad someone else thinks the same way.

10 months ago

You gotta remember 2 things.
1) The primary reason planned parenthood was founded and supported by Democrats was to control the black population. This is a core reason planned parenthood clinics are primarily located in poor black neighborhoods today. Population control of this minority is something the Dems not only still believe in, but something they are currently fighting tooth and nail for.
2) Truth and morals are not something the Democrats value. They will say anything and do anything to remain in power and control.
Anything that might illuminate additional options for the people in the poor black voting demographic will, of course, be fought.

10 months ago

Thats because you are not looking at the 2030 goals which the Democrats are heralding. A 50 % reduction in the population by 2030.You can’t continue to populate to reach that goal.The other incentive for them is all the money being made by the parts and organs of the aborted fetuses.Their agenda would be disrupted and they can’t have that.Keep in mind though that God is in charge. Pray and put this in Gods hands and he will take care of it,Our biggest problem is the lack of God in most peoples lives.Things will not get better until the people of this country go back to church and pray. God has to be first in our lives Satan time is coming to and end and he is doing everything he can do to get souls. This is where all the evil is coming from. Wake up people.

10 months ago

she’s got a serious bug crawling around in her.

anna hubert
10 months ago

Much is being said about abortion but somehow very little about the quality of life those babies would have had they been allowed to be born Who exactly are those potential mothers what are they , I very much doubt the baby would be functioning normally, I also am sure that responsible women use the service but they are few and far in between the great majority are not suitable to be producing a baby lets not forget the sires of those babies they must be a piece of work as well

Mark E Brendahl
10 months ago

A tore just now figuring out that Gretl is a blivit?

10 months ago

Isaiah 5:20 Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes,And prudent in their own sight! God bless America.

10 months ago

Please pray for Whitmer, We see with all these politicians that they have an agenda to kill God‘s creation. I pray for the Lord‘s intervention in this matter. I pray for the protection of all pro life centers,And I pray that God closes all abortion facilities. I pray over the young men and women that are growing up in the society today that they get educated regarding what abortion really is. Satan knows his time is short, but we know who’s gonna win in the end. God bless America.

Bill T
10 months ago

She’s a leftist liberal socialist commie, and an elitist socialist enemy of the people of our country. She a total hypocrite and really doesn’t belong in the powerful position of governor of that state. She is guaranteed a part of that highly questionable 2020 rigged election and is a narcissistic human being. I don’t trust or believe anything that spews out of her lying and disgusting mouth. She’s a progressive democrat and along with all the other leftist liberals should go to a communist country where they belong. This great country wasn’t built or founded by any of these leftist liberals, alls there good for is stealing from our taxpayers and handing out our hard earned tax dollars to everything else that is only in there destructive agenda. A extremely bad and evil politician. The great state of Michigan must fully understand that with such a hater of our constitution and our country she’s a huge and dangerous problem for all of them.

legally present
10 months ago
Reply to  Bill T

Tell that to the liberals in Detroit, they’re the ones that put her in. They’re also the ones that voted for Biden. She’s the one along with the SOS, and the Atty. General changed Michigan’s voting to mail in ballots to everyone that ever applied for a DL or a work permit. In other words they sent ballots to people that we don’t know for sure filled in the ballots, and don’t forget those ballot boxes.

James Jensen
10 months ago
Reply to  Bill T

Bill, you started off listing her good points. No doubt that she is a horrible person, and a member by proxy of the Taliban. If America is such a horrible country, why is it that those that hate America, still refuse to leave? There are other countries that will accept them.

10 months ago

Thru all this fuss about abortion and abortion rights, why can’t the politicians read the will of the majority and come up with abortion laws that limit abortion rights to certain conditions that have to do with the true verifiable health hazard to the pregnant woman and/or the laws related to rape, incest, and underage(18?) women. Texas had some pretty good abortion laws until SCOTUS trounced them several years back. There are valid reasons that a woman can apply to justify/qualify the right to have an abortion, but that does not include, for example, it would be a nuisance for the prospective woman to go thru a pregnancy. Besides, there are ways women wrangle an abortion if she has enough money and a greedy physician (encuretma??).

10 months ago

The whole biden administration should be arrested for treason and murder!!

10 months ago

As a citizen of Michigan, we have the worst communist governor ever!

Kevin S
10 months ago

As another, when will she be held accountable for the nursing home catastrophe?
Won’t happen at least out of office, but she should get Very Old behind bars.

Philip Seth Hammersley
10 months ago

Well, I think CA, IL, and NY are giving you a run for the money!

David Millikan
10 months ago

The 2-Faced little dictator pushed ILLEGAL UNCONSTITUTIONAL Lockdown’s, Mask and Vaccine Mandates but now says it should be between patients and doctors to decide medical treatment for them.
Medical decision’s ARE ALWAYS between patient and doctor. OUR HEALTH DECISIONS ARE OURS TO MAKE. NOT FASCIST liberal politicians and DICTATOR Beijing biden to FORCE people ILLEGALLY and UNCONSTITUTIONALLY to take EXPERIMENTAL Vaccines REGARDLESS if FDA approved or not.
Best part is he is the murderer (remember Christmas statement) who got supposedly fully vaccinated now has CHINA VIRUS and then extends health emergency on ZERO evidence so he and his COMMUNIST Party can keep CONTROL over everybody. FASCISM.
Take COMMUNIST harris who doesn’t even abide by CDC rules and runs around with close contact to DICTATOR Beijing biden who got CHINA VIRUS from her close contact and FAKE News LIES about it.
Just like little dictator Whitmer.

Laura Germani
10 months ago

Women need to be informed of ALL their options to make a good decision about what to do about an unplanned pregnancy. There are so many women who would love to adopt any one of these babies. This is pure evil! The left would rather kill babies than have them adopted? Anything to make a buck for the abortion clinics. We have to get the Democrats out in November!

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