Obama’s Health Care Propaganda Campaign of 2010

Jedediah Bila

By Jedediah Bila

You can tell a lot about an administration by looking at its agenda. You can tell more by how it tries to implement that agenda.

The White House is busy working on a $125 million campaign to help garner support for Obama’s new health care law (or, in my words, to help brainwash Americans into getting behind unpopular, destructive legislation.)

According to POLITICO, “The estimated budget is $25 million a year for five years” and the money is being raised “from unions, foundations and corporations.” What can you expect to see?: “Democrats and the White House will hold more than 100 simultaneous events nationwide as the president plunges back into the issue, selling the historic plan all over again as its provisions kick in.”

In other words, welcome to Obama’s health care propaganda campaign of 2010 (not to be confused with his hope and change brainwashing brigade of 2008.)

This administration blatantly ignores the will of the people. Rasmussen revealed on June 28 that a “ . . . national telephone survey finds that 52% of voters favor repeal of the health care bill, while 40% are opposed.” And yet, Obama persists. You can bet that his new campaign will distort and deceive in an effort to win over some of that 52%, rather than accept the fact that the majority of Americans reject his big-government, cost-inefficient, liberty-bashing law.

In the midst of so many Americans trying to make ends meet, our President – loyal servant of the regular Joes – will be embarking upon a $125 million movement to sell something to people who don’t want it. Could that money be put to better use? I’d say so.

Gary Bauer has reported that “ . . . 1.5 million Americans may lose their health coverage this year due to Obamacare regulations. Now we’re learning that new regulations may force tens of millions to lose their employer-provided healthcare plans.”

CBO Director Doug Elmendorf has revealed that “The rising costs of health care will put tremendous pressure on the federal budget during the next few decades and beyond. In CBO’s judgment, the health legislation enacted earlier this year does not substantially diminish that pressure. In fact, CBO estimated that the health legislation will increase the federal budgetary commitment to health care (which CBO defines as the sum of net federal outlays for health programs and tax preferences for health care) by nearly $400 billion during the 2010-2019 period.” Economist Keith Hennessey offered additional commentary: “Never before have I seen a CBO Director so bluntly refute the policy claims of a President and his Budget Director.”

President Obama has done what he does best: use catchy selling phrases while trying to depict the opposition as anti-reform. He even took to misrepresenting The Heritage Foundation’s research, to which Heritage President Ed Feulner responded with this: “We take great exception to this misuse of our work and abuse of our name. This is but the latest act in a campaign to sell this big-government program as a moderate law that incorporates conservative ideas. Americans should not be fooled.” For a reminder of alternative health care solutions proposed by the GOP, please visit here.

If there’s one thing I must caution you against, it is complacency. The Rasmussen poll cited above revealed that “Most voters still favor repeal of the national health care bill, but support for repeal has fallen to its lowest level since the bill passed in March.”

Don’t write health care off as a battle lost. It’s just too important. Senator Orrin Hatch stated during a June 21 blogger call that “We have to fight this terrible law that’s a threat to liberty itself.” He’s right. And this is no time to sit back and feel helpless. If the government can have unprecedented say in matters of our health, do you even want to ponder what’s next?

Bottom line: President Obama wouldn’t be launching this $125 million campaign if he didn’t see the “repeal and replace” movement as a threat. In March, he arrogantly invited candidates planning to run on a “repeal” platform to “ . . . go for it . . . If they want to have that fight, we can have it.”

Join me in supporting those candidates.

Repeal, replace, and on to November!

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T B Moore
12 years ago

That was evolving, not evloving

T B Moore
12 years ago

America evloving is something the found fathers planned for when they wrote the constitution, But this evloving doesn’t include bankrupting our country and stripping our citizens of individual rights and choices.

12 years ago

Louis, Louis,

What would you have us do? Please…show us the way…we await your words of liberal, Progressive wisdom….the wisdom of the ages….


Louis Lemieux
12 years ago

The world is evolving and so is America. If your mind isn’t evolving enough, it sees the America of yesterday and not of today.

Fed-Up Middle Aged, Middle Class American
12 years ago

Health Care Tort Reform – Not Worth It?????????

In 2009-2010, a debate raged on concerning the Health Care Bill. It was suggested that a provision be included to limit malpractice claims (tort reform). The administration responded that the projected savings would be around $5 Billion dollars per year. It was not considered a significant amount (only a couple of percentage points), so it wasn’t worth serious consideration. ONLY $5 BILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR. Our country will never solve its problems with an attitude that $5 Billion dollars per year is not worth saving. If you are part of the one Million households that could keep $5000 more per year, you probably feel it’s worth saving.
This idea that saving Billions of dollars is insignificant should scare us all.

12 years ago

Great work, as always. 2010 will be a big year!

Lyle R.
12 years ago

$5 million per year for five years? If he is in office for five years, we can kiss the country and everything good in it, good bye. I’m hoping we get enough new people in office in November to shut off his spending on health and othe things until we get a new pres and enough anti his past mistakes to rectify them by repealing what we can, cutting spending, firing all of his czars and a few other things so we can become the USA that right now we are losing.

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