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GOP Establishment Blaming Bilge Pumps on the Titanic

AMAC Exclusive – By Seamus Brennan


After an unexpectedly disappointing night for Republicans on Tuesday, we are now witnessing the inevitable period of finger-pointing, fault-finding, and “soul-searching” within the GOP. From condemning Donald Trump to implicating the Dobbs decision and criticizing Republican congressional leadership, the blame game is well underway.

But conservatives are, yet again, likely missing the forest for the trees. While abortion, Mitch McConnell, “candidate quality,” and countless other proximate causes almost certainly played a significant role in the disappointing results, these pale in comparison to the factors few are willing to face. The GOP is now operating in an environment in which it has a growing set of gargantuan structural disadvantages—now seen for two elections in a row.

Between a national press that’s more rigidly partisan than state-run media in some authoritarian countries, widespread censorship by Big Tech, persecution and harassment by the Deep State, mass mail-in voting systems that only the Democrats exploit, shady practices surrounding large-scale ballot harvesting, and every social and cultural institution aligned against conservatives, it’s a miracle that Republicans can win any election

It is now clear that until Republicans get serious about finding a way to compete in a political environment that is militantly arrayed against them, they will continue to lose every single national election—no matter how imminent a red wave might seem.

It is not yet quite true, but at times almost seems so, that conservatives are not really allowed to win.

Given the circumstances, it is almost comical to talk about whether Republicans lost because Dr. Oz was a “flawed candidate.” That’s like saying the Titanic sunk because it didn’t have good enough bilge pumps.

Despite what the Washington consulting class likes to tell itself (and its donors), conservatives are simply not fighting on a level playing field. They aren’t even fighting on anything close to a level playing field—and in many cases, they are playing a game entirely of their own.

The news media successfully buries stories that are in any way damaging to progressives or beneficial to conservatives. Federal departments like the DOJ and FBI now openly target Republicans and persecute the Biden administration’s political enemies. Every major Silicon Valley tech giant actively censors conservative content.

And what happens if by chance a conservative does win? Well, look what happened to Donald Trump. The entire system spent four straight years trying to evict him from office through hoaxes, propaganda, and lies.

Meanwhile, in 2022, the entire media conspired successfully to conceal John Fetterman’s disqualifying health challenges. The full extent of Fetterman’s disability did not become clear until the sole debate, which took place after a majority of ballots in Pennsylvania had already been cast. When a reporter from NBC tried to reveal the secret, the entire media didn’t attack Fetterman for lying about his health—they attacked the reporter for telling the truth.

The sunshiny naivete of GOP consultants who fail to grapple with the full implications of these facts remains a massive obstacle to the party’s future electoral prospects.

The Republican establishment’s response to the disappointments of 2022 mirror almost exactly their response to 2020: blame Donald Trump, and learn nothing. One might think that the 2020 election—in which several swing states illegally changed their election laws to favor Democrats (including Pennsylvania, which violated its own state constitution), Big Tech colluded with the FBI to censor the Hunter Biden laptop story, and the media did everything in its power to ensure a Trump defeat—would have served as a wakeup call for establishment Republicans to change course in future elections. They probably assured themselves that the new rules were only deployed against Trump. Last week, they learned differently.

Two full years after Republicans received a rude awakening about the dangers of permitting widespread mail-in ballots, drop boxes, and ballot harvesting, the national party and many state parties were once again unprepared.

By every historic precedent, Republicans should have won Tuesday’s midterms in a seismic landslide. Every condition for a red wave was in place. The American economy is teetering on the edge of ruin, with lingering threats of recession and inflation at its highest point in four decades. The southern border is in a shambles, and virtually every border security measure has been thrown by the wayside. Democrats are openly campaigning on providing sex change surgery and hormone blockers to healthy minor children, indoctrinating them with perverse racial and sexual inanities, and killing fully formed babies in the womb up until the moment of birth. The incumbent president is facing historically low approval ratings and is incapable of making a public appearance without making gaffes that, in a different age, would have been utterly disqualifying. Two years ago, Democrats incentivized months of rioting and burning of cities to promote a false narrative of systemic racism and police brutality.

All of this raises an interesting question: was Tuesday’s performance not the worst Republicans can do in this lopsided environment—but instead, closer to the best the GOP can hope for, if it is not willing or able to address the larger structural issues?

The fact that Republicans didn’t defeat Democrats in an electoral bloodbath on Tuesday is yet another sign that the Republican establishment must finally come to terms with the landscape they face. Instead of squabbling over minor factors, all their energy should be directed toward confronting what might be called the Big Rig: the media, the tech giants, the Deep State, and state election authorities all colluding to ensure Republicans never win another election again.

What would actually grappling with these problems look like? Well, to start with, conservative donors and media figures could begin devising a way to quietly create or take over media empires that—unlike entities like Fox News or Newsmax—do not openly brand themselves as conservative propaganda. Rather than paying lip service to election integrity, Republicans need to end ballot harvesting where they can and figure out how to legally match it where they can’t. And most importantly, when GOP leaders do win control of Congress or the White House, they should under no circumstances hesitate to wield the levers of power in the same ways Democrats do.

These are just a handful of steps the Republican Party needs to take—and the conservative movement must now take time to think seriously about other ways to reverse its deep-rooted disadvantages.

If we do not, and we simply give into the lazy establishment excuse of blaming Donald Trump, it is all but certain this will happen again.

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Larry N Lyons
2 months ago

This article was excellent. Too bad those that could really make changes have been passed over already. Voter fraud or illegal activities were again present in 2022, the scope of which we most likely will never know. There is still burnout from the 2020 election fiasco and a few very good cases still in the courts. With little to no help from select Law Enforcement agencies and then prosecutors that don’t want to prosecute, getting to honest elections that can be trusted is a long way off. Don’t give up!!

I saw a demographic breakdown of how voters (all states) voted, I believe the data is based on individual voter registration (affiliation) and then documented to have voted. Exit polls also can produce this type of data. The Republicans won almost every age group by a slim margin. Where the elections were lost, was the 18–28-year-old voter. Most of them coming out of some form of “higher” education. These are the young freshly molded Liberal Democrats that have no idea what this country stands for and how it got to be the best place on earth to live and work. The liberal teachers & professors worked their magic and there was no stopping this rainbow/BLM mindset from voting Democrat. The % of this demographic voting Democrat was so overwhelming it blew the Red Wave back out to sea.

I have not seen, (but I am not looking for any more data on the election,) any other data that would corroborate or refute the above. The Administration is the Democrat Party and it baited these young voters very well – Student Loan relief, Abortion on demand, a secure Southern Border, reduced gas prices and the big bad Donald Trump. With the help of the US press core, Big Tech and millions & millions of dollars given by far-left wing organizations to pay for attack adds (Truth was not a requirement) to fill the air waves and TV with non-stop attach adds. If you say it loud enough and often enough, people will begin to believe it. They did it, they blew the red wave into a ripple.

It’s always the same, name calling and attacks on personal character when someone says or does something “They” don’t like. The same players keep that opinion or evidence from getting into the public arena is paramount. It covers everything from Global Warming (Climate Change) to Medical & Pharmaceutical professions. No one allowed to say Global Warming is a lie based on incomplete and faulty forecast models. You are in big trouble if you doubt Dr. Fauci and anything he said. The virus came from a “wet” market – right? A real Dr. gave the best analogy regarding wearing masks – “Trying to stop a virus with a mask is like trying to stop mosquitos with chicken wire.”

2 months ago

Until the voting system is cleaned up to the extent that the DemocRats cannot rig elections, the DemocRats are still going to RULE as they did in the 1930’s, and the Nation will suffer.

2 months ago

Inflation and gas prices are off the charts high, the Southern border is a mess, progressive social issues have run amok – it should have been a “Red Wave.” Instead, the Democrats held their own during the midterms better than any controlling party has in decades. There’s really only one reason why: Trump. He’s polarizing and there’s more people that dispise him than follow him. The Republican Party’s foreseeable survival is predicated on moving on from him.

A Voter
2 months ago

Will some one stuff The Turtle in a bilge pump please?

2 months ago

I didn’t read the above article because the fact that Pelosi is not the Speaker of the House is a big victory! The fact that school boards across various states flipped to the parents control is a big victory! The fact that New York has more republicans in office is a victory!

2 months ago

Good article! I don’t know what to say anymore. I’m at a loss. As long as we have the same idiots in power, nothing is going to change. Nothing is going to get done. The 87,000 IRS new jobs is the only thing they got done. Unfortunately, in my opinion, they are hired to go after conservatives like police, or they wouldn’t have weapons and are being trained to kill. If anyone goes against this administration, this is what they’re for. Tax fraud? That’s been going on forever, especially the rich. This is the exact thing that goes on in communist countries. They rid of ppl who go against them. The Repub’s should have stood up to all of this way before now. If they would’ve come down on these corrupt leaders as soon as things started, we wouldn’t be in this situation as bad as it is. Now Dems are more powerful. They intimate their constituents because they have gained so much power. Being paid to be Rino’s is another thought how they got their control. Money means everything, even American lives. So what we are left now, is the continuation to take America down as we know it. Eventually, it’ll be a one-party country. They will keep their luxuries and what we lost. We will be left with a poor quality of life. Poor with no money. All taken. Poor grandkids. New generations that won’t know the difference. This is my opinion. Thanks for reading.

James H
2 months ago

Everyone needs tk vote! We need to vote for those who care about those they represent, not just themselves. We must never forget we have a government that is “of the people, by the people and for the people.” We have relegated our responsibility to narcissistic politicians!

2 months ago

Talk,Talk,Talk!!!Soros and his the people like him have sat down and planned their moves and what republicans will do. The past is over. What are Americans going to do to protect our country?? A Russian leader and war veteran told the world”We will defeat America from within not by force without. Sound familiar??? Action, if we must set the law aside to defeat the lawless and become our republic again so be it!!!America first foremost and always. God willing!

Pastor Ron
2 months ago

Until we learn how to defeat evil in both so called parties it is over for The Republic of the United States of America.

2 months ago
Reply to  Pastor Ron

Yes, your right.

2 months ago

I absolutely agree with everything said in this well written article. Until Republicans understand the playing field

2 months ago

The only blame goes to the left for all the lies that they have propagated about Trump. Too many people are listening to the media and not looking at the truth. Sad!

2 months ago

Instead of playing the blame game, we need to look inward. The problem is us. We have not trained up our children with a Judeo-Christian world view. We have not raised them to know absolutes, right from wrong, good from evil. We have not trained them in our Constitution and the responsibilities of citizenship. We have given them a free ride an iPad and a credit card. We have given them over to schools run by government bureaucrats, sent them to colleges which indoctrinate them in all kinds of liberal nonsense, and now they’re allowed to go to the polls and vote according to their convictions. The problem began with with us. We have sown to the wind and we are reaping the whirlwind. When your God becomes the government and “science”, then chaos will reign. The only hope for our country is a return to the God who used to make His home here.

2 months ago

Absolutely agree!! Not sure the current roster of Republican leaders are up to or understand the challenge, however. Unfortunately, keeping Trump as the face if the Republican
Party only energizes all the forces you mentioned.

2 months ago
Reply to  Alexander

I disagree w/ your assessment, it’s the establishment that doesn’t or refuses to understand what they’re deal with, or they are simply in cahoots with the entrenched democrats. No, Mr. Trump is the only individual capable of plowing through this political mess because he understands if the establishment and democrats aren’t defeated there isn’t going to be a return to what made the US the best place to live on earth. In closing, if Mr. Trump is the face of something it’s the New Republican Party.

2 months ago

The Republicans are a”Day late and a Dollar short”. They should have had Republican controlled states clean up election laws or flaws! They did not and now they are seeing what is going on. Are you kidding me! Most of These Washington folks are either “Swamp creatures” or unfortunately just plain stupid.
The election flaws of 2020 have been spelled out and discussed. They had time to help the electorate by fixing the flaws. Since most of them went along with the game being played they are complicit
Mitch McConnell and his cronies have sold us down the river They are the ruling class and allow these games to be played as long as they are safe

Once again are they just oblivious and stupid, or are they part of the problem?

2 months ago
Reply to  Ira

You’ve stated things perfectly! To answer your last question, they are neither oblivious nor stupid. They know exactly what their inactions will result in, which is ensuring that the status quo essentially remains the same.

2 months ago
Reply to  Ira

Agree with your comments. And indeed they are part of the problem.

2 months ago

What do you expect when the Democrats cheat the system. It’s the only way they can win. Arizona is a perfect example.

2 months ago

Thank you for this article, Seamus Brennan. Also, the posts on this page have been equally enlightening. We are a republic “a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch.” So, let’s start acting like it. It’s one thing to voice our opinions on this (well written piece) in a safe space online; and another for us to actually go out “in person” and voice our opinions face to face. It’s become increasingly important for me to be involved & participate at a local level with the party that adheres to the conservative ideals I espouse. My participation has just “one upped” to doing just that. Thanks again, to all of you.

2 months ago

What our senators and representatives need to do is to perform better at their jobs! Become the leaders that our country needs. What we the citizens need to do is help our leaders by stopping the criticism and becoming more involved on the local levels. It isn’t enough just to vote.

Larry W.
2 months ago

In past elections, people asked themselves “am I better off now than I was when we had the last President. Since the answer this election time is “definitely not better off” how can you blame President Trump? Folks had a chance to put the brakes on Biden and the dems disastrous leadership, but they didn’t. The blame goes to the voters who are satisfied with the status quo and those who couldn’t be bothered to take the time to vote but had time to complain.

2 months ago

The media runs the election. Who’s running the media?

2 months ago
Reply to  Mike

Most of the MSM is owned and operated by progressive democrats ,, and that sure helped them win the midterms ,, the sheep buy everything they say as fact ..

2 months ago
Reply to  Mike


D Drennan
2 months ago

‘It is now clear that until Republicans get serious about finding a way to compete in a political environment that is militantly arrayed against them,”

Already the media is beginning to pump up Trump. They are scared to death of Trump 2.0. Time to dump Trump.

2 months ago
Reply to  D Drennan

I will support him!

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