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Giuliani’s Fight for All Legal Votes to Count

America’s multi-party system grants the opportunity for all groups to have a chance at governance. However, the Democratic and the Republican parties are the most powerful. Often, they stand divided on complex issues from abortion to war. Thankfully, in the US, citizens have an important say in how the country shall move forward by voting for the party of their choice. Lately, Republicans, especially those who lean conservative, are feeling disillusioned by the current state of our country and how the liberal media and some on the left are trying to force them into submission via unfair tactics such as lying, cheating, bullying, distorting facts, and shutting them down on social media platforms, particularly as it relates to the 2020 presidential election. Should we bury our heads in the sand or is it our civic duty to stand up for what is just?

“What’s going on in this country is horrible!” This quote comes directly from Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York City, and legal defender of the US President. In a dramatic address, as seen on Fox News on November 19, Giuliani sought to go around the “iron curtain of censorship” of the press to deliver evidence of extensive election interference directly to the American people. Speaking from the Republican National Committee in Washington, DC, Giuliani brought forth direct evidence, not circumstantial, of people who claim under oath, personal knowledge of widespread wrongdoing that may affect election outcomes. Despite the cheating observed by some poll watchers and election officials, little news coverage is focusing on the story. Rather, they poke fun at Giuliani’s sweating under the lights and label him a “hot mess.” Or they blow the story off and simply describe the allegations as “baseless.” Disturbing how the left leaning media selects what news YOU hear and ignores facts.

The news conference, also featuring other members of Trump’s legal team, was delivered in the form of an opening statement. Giuliani confirmed that he has hundreds of affidavits asserting election interference. However, he declined to share most identities due to fears of harassment and death threats from the left. To gain broader perspective, look at what is happening with the GOP members of Detroit’s Wayne County Board of Canvassers who want to rescind votes to certify. They became subjects of unconscionable treatment as they were publicly bullied and threatened, and ultimately yielded to pressure from the left. Given the current political environment, it is understandable why Giuliani is protective of these good people who want to share the truth of our elections.

The legal counsel of the president contends that there is tremendous evidence of cheating in Democratic-run cities bearing histories of political corruption, such as Detroit and Philadelphia. Per Giuliani, inspectors assert being denied the ability to carry out their functions. In Detroit, an employee of the city for decades, trained by both the city and state, has come forward with allegations of instructions to adjust mail-in dates of absentee ballots. Pennsylvania’s pushing out of public inspectors, along with the questionable processing of mail-in ballots that are prone to fraud, have shed light on the poor handling of votes within that state. Giuliani’s reference to mass cheating includes failure to thoroughly inspect and accurately count mail in ballots, the double and tripling of votes, ignoring ID requirements, the illegal practice of signing ballots in cases where no one was registered, and other clear evidence of voter and election fraud.

Giuliani also described the poor treatment of inspectors who were being pushed, assaulted, or corralled to areas where they could not observe what was happening. Sidney Powell, former federal prosecutor, and member of President Trump’s legal team, explained that Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic, used by the US, are subjects of concern. Powell recently revealed that a Venezuelan whistleblower, who was close to Hugo Chavez, made legal claims that the Smartmatic software company had the capability of altering votes. The team points out that votes in Michigan are being counted outside of the country by a company owned by affiliates of Chavez and Maduro; a serious matter relating to national security. Social media groups like Facebook who are clearly anti-Trump per evidence of restrictions targeted at conservatives, shut down stories so YOU can’t hear the truth. This is why new social media platforms, like Parler, are drawing a grand audience of people who want to cut through the bull.

Fairness and oversight over US elections are necessary to ensure that every vote is counted, to deter from unethical practices, and increase voter confidence. Americans, from all political sides, must unite to ensure the integrity of our elections and set precedent for other countries. Our voting system needs to be the envy of the world, not something riddled with corruption, shame, or doubt, as evident through the eyewitness claims presented by Giuliani. This means securing our elections by improving voter requirements, supervision, and preventing future challenges to important elections, such as the upcoming run-off in Georgia that will determine which party controls the US Senate.

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2 years ago


2 years ago


Rose Schottman
2 years ago

In California Newsom issued executive order June 3 for ALL ballots to be mailed in! We the people did not have choice. AND I’m disgusted with the media who act like Facebook users – their thoughts/opinions & not covering facts.

2 years ago
Reply to  Rose Schottman

Everyone had the opportunity to vote by mail. No one was forced to. A lot of my friends voted in person. I voted in a drop box.

Don’t lie.

Katherine Perrenoud
2 years ago

The press conference was a resounding score!!! God bless Rudy and Sydney and the entire legal team!! God bless PRESIDENT TRUMP!! 4 more years ! I am loving parler!!

Bill Brown
2 years ago

Constitutionally, in States where “Mail-In Ballots” were allowed by any court’s decree or by a government official, they are invalid!! By our Constitution, only each State’s Legislature can make the rules on how Federal Elections are conducted in their State. State and/or Federal Courts can invalidate for equal treatment and/or send back for revision what a State Legislature has done but they CANNOT implement/decree how the processes may/can be done!!! Election results have been changed in at least 5 States by “Mail-In Ballots”. If the US Supreme Court upholds our Constitution, none of such “Mail-In Ballots” are legal/valid!!! The DemocRats/Communists hope Americans will remain silent!!! Join the Trump Movement – The American Revolution 2.0!!! Become a Counter-Revolutionary!!! Stand-up for Our Republic!!!! Remove Every DemocRat!!!!!

Katherine Perrenoud
2 years ago
Reply to  Bill Brown


Bill Brown
2 years ago

The Communists (DemocRats, Media, Entertainment, Education, etc.) industries have finally met a Nation whose Constitution STANDS-UP against their “dirty tricks”!! Now, if our Supreme Court (thank Our Lord for the newest Supreme Court Judge) and true Americans STAND-UP, the United States of America will not become the United Soviet States of America!!! Join the Trump Movement – The American Revolution 2.0!!! Become a Counter-Revolutionary!!! Stand-up for Our Republic!!!! Remove Every DemocRat!!!!!

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