United States Capitals Quiz 2

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Maggie Wakefield
5 years ago

I use to know all of these… (sigh).

5 years ago

President should go after the media. Expose them at every turn. Hit them hard on each lie …

5 years ago

I used to know all of them…I am getting rusty…

Lee Glidewell
5 years ago

7 out of 15? Really thought I knew this stuff better! Oh well, it’s still fun…

5 years ago

I love these trivia quizzes they keep the mind sharp…

5 years ago

Only missed one. Not too bad.

Stan Pelcher
5 years ago

I wouldn’t mind a weekly test challenge, but not daily, I get to many emails already!

5 years ago

10 right. Better than I expected.

5 years ago

Oh, the humiliation! I missed six. I shall place a paper bag on my head and walk about in shame. Woe is me.

5 years ago
Reply to  Wayne

Can I borrow your bag when you are finished?

John Goforth
5 years ago

Aced It

Diana Erbio
5 years ago

11 out of 15… not bad.

Donald Mccormick
5 years ago

I have forgotten a LOT of what I knew because of my age
I got 8 of those 15 questions RIGHT.

5 years ago

All correct on both quizzes. Guess it is a plus I used to teach elementry and jr. high social studies. Knowing capitals was on of my classes’ requirements.

Nell Williams
5 years ago

Thanks for fun stuff. I missed two on both quizes.

5 years ago

Enjoy the quizzes esp. geography ones. Thx!

Judy Thompson
5 years ago
Reply to  Carol

Me too! I used to study maps (and still do). I love it. I take map quizzes on my cell phone.

Steve and MaryLou Hicks
5 years ago

My husband is in the nursing home we try to do one or some other mind challenging game every visit. We both enjoy them. Please continue them.

5 years ago

Yikes! 9 of 15. I need to go back to grammar school where to good sisters would surely give me detention.

Gilbert Doan
5 years ago

I think you should put the arm and finger on someone who can get current highschool and college graduates to address these questions.

Judy Thompson
5 years ago
Reply to  Gilbert Doan

They would check their cell phones.

5 years ago

Surprised even myself, got them all right. A quiz such as this is good to refresh oneself on a number of subjects.

5 years ago

Thank you for US Capital quiz 2, completed them in less than 2 minutes with perfect score.
Now I know my brain still in one place. : )

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