Thanksgiving Quiz

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5 years ago

FYI. All of the answers were not visible in order to be able to answer some questions correctly.

David Smith
5 years ago

(P.S. THEIR correct answer was 46 million).

David Smith
5 years ago

Loved question # 10 – “Americans eat how many turkeys on Thanksgiving?”
Got it right (pure, dumb luck)!
I my 65 years of experience, Americans, on Thanksgiving, eat only ONE turkey (with leftovers).

James Gaston
5 years ago

President Jefferson Davis issued a Thanksgiving proclamation for Friday, November 15, 1861. This was two years before Lincoln did his proclamation.

Maria Rose
5 years ago

The ones I got wrong was because I was debating the facts, like in the fact Roosevelt had changed date of celebration to increase shopping days for Xmas and it wasn’t until 1961 when Congress passed bill to make holiday the third Thursday of November. The number of turkeys just for Thanksgiving in the US is closer to 22 million in the world is 46 million. Honest miss on the Indian leader and I don’t follow or watch football on TV.

5 years ago
Reply to  Maria Rose

I didn’t WANT to answer the football question. Pro football is dead to me, if it were not already low on my list.

5 years ago

I believe question #8 is incorrect: the annual practice of “pardoning” a turkey dates back earlier than President George H.W. Bush. I can, actually, remember President Reagan joking about pardoning the turkey, on the White House lawn in front of TV cameras during the early (or mid) 1980s. Reagan, also, talked about pardoning the turkey in his autobiography which was published around 1990. And, even, back at the time that Reagan famously “pardoned” the bird–I was thinking other Presidents had done the same thing beforehand….

5 years ago

AMAC missed a golden opportunity by not including info/questions about the fact that the Plymouth Colony began as a socialist/communist endeavor, and for 2 years things were bad, people died. After Bradford changed it to a capitalist society, and people were able to profit personally as a result of their efforts, then they prospered. Squanto’s help notwithstanding. We don’t need to continue trying to make socialism work, as we have so many other countries that have tried and failed. We should be able to learn from their mistakes, without having to learn from our own, again.

5 years ago

The first question is wrong. Thanksgiving is not held on the final Thursday of November. It is held on the FOURTH Thursday of November. Don’t believe me? Check your calendar.This coming Thursday is the 30th of the month. Also, I knew in my bones my home state Minnesota produces the most turkeys but for some odd reason I guessed Virginia. Shame on me.

James Gerace
5 years ago
Reply to  Wayne

Go back and read questions 1 and 2. The answers are correct.

5 years ago

For the author of the Thanksgiving quiz:
Question 2 mentions an amendment “that LEAD (my caps) to a fixed date for the holiday”. If someone follows you and takes direction from you, then you can be said to LEAD. However, if you were a leader in the past and are no longer, you can be said to have “LED” in the past. The past tense of “to lead” is “led”. The word LEAD, when pronounced as LED, is a HEAVY METAL.

This is a 5th grade grammatical error.

Walt Bowden LHS class of 59
5 years ago

Sorry to say I only got 10 out of 13

Glenn Lego
5 years ago

The first thanksgiving was in what is now Florida by some Spaniards who landed there decades before the Pilgrims landed at PlymouthRock.

5 years ago
Reply to  Glenn Lego

Yes; in 1565. But the Pilgrims always get the credit.

Bill Roth
5 years ago

8 out of 13. My average of igorance stays the same. I was surprised by the ones I got right !

Mike Shea
5 years ago

The third question, about the first Thanksgiving, may be misleading. The Pilgrims shared a Harvest Feast with their Indian neighbors in 1621, but that was NOT Thanksgiving. Governor William Bradford issued the first Thanksgiving Proclamation in 1623, three years after the Pilgrims landed, and it called for a day of prayer and worship. The two proclamations issued by the Continental Congress, and the first issued by President George Washington called for the same thing. There was not a mention or hint of eating a big meal in any of those Thanksgiving Proclamations. The next national proclamation was by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863, and again it called for a day of prayer, confession and petitions to Almighty God. But most people claim 1621 as the date, and as the reporter said in the movie The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, “When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.” And we have for a long, long time.

Also, I am ashamed of myself, marking Iowa as the biggest producer of turkeys. I live in Iowa, though I grew up in Chicago, and in my bones I knew it was Minnesota, but I couldn’t let them outdo us.

Bonnie Mann
5 years ago
Reply to  Mike Shea

Also, the real first Thanksgiving was in Virginia at Berkeley Plantation in 1619. The Pilgrims get all the publicity though.

forrest Melton
5 years ago

The first Thanksgiving was not in Massachusetts, but over a year earlier at what is now Berkley Plantation on the James River in Virginia 1619. You can see a video documentary of this at

Diana Erbio
5 years ago

10 out of 13! Now let’s talk turkey ?

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