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How Strong Is Your Vocabulary?

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5 years ago

I think your answers to 19 and 20 are incorrect. I chose the correct definitions and even looked them up after your quiz said they were wrong. Please recheck your definitions. Temporal does NOT mean intelligence. Acumen DOES mean sharpness, skills or intelligence- the correct answer.

6 years ago

I failed English when I was in public school. I believe I can honestly say that I got my skills outside of school. Well, some when I went to college.
Is there a histogram of how everyone scored?

Lewis Gibbs
6 years ago

Well had 17 out of twenty correct. I do enjoy testing my knowledge and memory. Helps keep my brain active and slows down the losing of my recall ability.

6 years ago

Did better than I thought I would 19 out of 20. :)

Craig f.
6 years ago

Got 18 out of 20 but feel like I only really knew 13 for sure.

6 years ago

Keep up the good work

Vince Clews
6 years ago

Thoroughly enjoyable. Love these things in Readers Digest. Do more of them.

Janet Roth
6 years ago

I was doing “How Strong is Your Vocabulary” when a Long John Silver ad popped up and interrupted. Lost what I had already answered.

6 years ago

What a great idea! fun and educational.
Consider making this a regular feature, please.

6 years ago

I remain your ineffable factotum!

Roger Jockisch
6 years ago

I must really be dumb. I only got 10 correct, but I have an excuse. I went to a public school.

Johnnie McHan
6 years ago

Missed two, love crosswords. so maybe they help! Mrs. Canterbury would be proud of me! Lol

6 years ago

Missed #1, got the rest correct.

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