Forget the Sham and Tinsel

Jedediah Bila

By Jedediah Bila, Author and Political Commentator

When I first heard the news that twenty-three-year-old MTV reality star Heidi Montag had ten plastic surgery procedures in one day, I nearly choked on my lunch.  My immediate reaction was why would such a pretty girl go to such extremes?  But my mind quickly wandered to the bigger picture:  An obsession with the superficial is precisely what’s eating away at our country.  People have come to love the ornaments and lights, but what about the tree?

Think for a moment about some of the comments you’ve heard as to why individuals have or haven’t voted for a particular candidate.  Here’s a few I made note of in New York City around the time of the 2008 Presidential Election:

He’s so suave and well-dressed. (re: Barack Obama)

He just looks like a Vice President, you know? (re: Joe Biden)

He’s not charismatic enough. (re: John McCain)

She sounds like a hick. (re: Sarah Palin)

He’s handsome and I’d date him in a flash. (re: Barack Obama)

He looks way too old on TV. (re: John McCain)

She’s one hot mom. (re: Sarah Palin)

He has a degree from Harvard, so he must be smart. (re: Barack Obama)

She’s so not cosmopolitan. (re: Sarah Palin)

What our politicians look like, the clothes that they wear, and the tones of their voices have come to resonate more with voters than their records, policies, associations, and experience.  So what if he sat in a church with racist, America-hating Reverend Jeremiah Wright for twenty years while Wright baptized his kids and officiated at his marriage?  I mean, didn’t you hear his charming speech?  Hope, change, and yes we can were more catchy in 2008 than the fact that only one candidate on either presidential ticket had run anything, and it just so happened to be a state.  Why?  Because hope and change were delivered in a fancy sounding package with a complementary Ivy League bow.  And the state?  Well, Alaska’s so…primitive.  I mean, do they even have a Bloomingdale’s?

At a time when candidates’ crow’s feet, snooty degrees, and lofty talk are paid greater attention than whether or not they actually get things done or have a record of quality leadership and sound judgment, why are we surprised when politicians rise to the top who offer nothing but pretty discourse, handsome swagger, and a whole lot of nothing?  We shouldn’t be.

When it comes to candidates, I don’t care if they could easily be Homecoming Queen or King, if their clothes are well-suited for a Barneys window display, or if their teeth shimmer with all the signs of a recent lunch hour at BriteSmile.  And I’m about as impressed with their Ivy League degrees as I am with my own—as in not very.  It’s time for American voters and the media to get their priorities in order.  Be mesmerized by their policies, not their pontification.  Spend your nights researching their voting records, not the trendy restaurant they were last photographed in or the must-have shoes they sported at the latest D.C. rally.

They aren’t starring in your favorite Tuesday night miniseries or taking you out for dinner and a movie.  They are running your country.

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10 years ago

A good Philosophy of War and this border War, it must come with aitocn, and Plans for Total uncompromised Victory, the Will Power to Win, determination to protect our borders from all enemies foreign and domestic.It appears the Israeli-US, et al,leadership is sleeping with araging enemy and has compromised its backbone and Our good commonsense principals! Why wait to fight Islam when Muslims are better prepared to Win…FOR SALE our world, *In pieces, US-Israel* et al.An alien agenda is found in bad judgment of leaders via a searchfor an illusive commonsense in political correct choices to circumvent Victory with open borders and Lenin’s Political Correctness.Our Clear Uncompromising Road Map to Victory would help find theenemy, Islam!! Note:It might even replace this humanitarian act oftreason that is farming alien evil that well continue fighting us and English as National language,until We find our Prayer Rug and capitulate on Islam’s Sword &Road Map to its Victory! Note: Remember we import the enemy and Islam’s Victory with Free Port Services for all New and old Conversions to Islam*! Soon to be available, Muslims & millions to educate excited Academics to politically correct US-Israel et al, no travel restrictions, no borders to worry about!

11 years ago

I am not sure where you’re getting your information, but good topic. I needs to spend some time learning much more or understanding more. Thanks for wonderful information I was looking for this info for my mission.

12 years ago

Go get ’em, Jedediah!
We do need more media like you.
To thunderbryd, I would say, you do not know of what you speak. The Republicans were so very close to winning over the messiah. It was the democrats who never voted prior to this election and were not only bused to the polls, but were paid to vote and ACORN who found dead people’s votes that won for the sorry candidate who now puts his importance over that of the American people!!

12 years ago

The empty headed 18 year olds got him elected even if they regret ther vote, it will be too late to get there freedom back

10 years ago
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12 years ago

The emty headed 18 year olds got him elected. hope they don’t mind lossing ther fredomm, I will

12 years ago

I am amazed at how MANY people are in agreement that Obama is/was not the correct choice for the presidency, due to inexperience and his little to zero level of loyalty to America. But Obama didn’t promote “that” message. What Obama promoted and promised, was change, in WDC; how things would be handled with those lobbyists; and the silver lining of health care. I don’t recall Obama providing info on how/what changes would occur or how his health care plan would be paid for, but it doesn’t seem to have mattered, because people/the voters bought it: hook, line & sinker! Now, approx going into his 13th month in office it seems the changes effected are minimal, and health care is in a standoff – and who exactly is going to pay for it? An earlier post by someone claimed that Obama was, “…shallowly voted for, because he was still married to his first wife, what kind of message does that send? In recent news stories, info has come out re John Edwards re his affair AND having a child with said woman. I think as human beings, we are all subject to temptation and we need to guard against it. I am sure in the hustle of campaigning, the individual needs to be aware that things can get out of hand and its 1AM and all of a sudden, you’re forgetting your spouse, because this young vibrant person is filling your ego with nonsense and splat – mistake made. I think we need to get back to the basics, loyalty, integrity, and is the candidate QUALIFIED to do the job that he/she is running for. Take away the fluff, designer shoes, etc and analyze what the person has done prior to running for office and how does that QUALIFY him/her for the position they are trying to get voted into. Thank you for listening and may God Bless America!!!

12 years ago

Jimmy the horse has a little “horse sense”, but has it all wrong when he says “leave charity and taking care of the poor up to the Churches.” Just where do you think we “church people” get OUR money from??? Hard ass labor just like everbody else! To “donate”, we have to give up OUR pleasures!
Charity is “Everyones” responsibility!

Robert Woods
12 years ago

Talk about healthcare for the peaple that can`t afford it. Healthcare for them has been affect for the pass 50 years. Sure we need to do something about the cost of health care. Stop all the lies and cheats out there. They are the ones that is hurting everyone of us. Submiting care that was never performed or needed. I have seen and heard this one person say that I will go to the emergency room this weekend and I said that cost alot of money and he stated that he didn`t have to pay for it. By the way he waited to long. The infection had set in too long [staff infection] and he passed away approx. 5 months later.What I am trying to say, there is too much waste in medical care already and it will only get worst if this bill is passed. We need the federal gov. to get these crooks and there will be enough money to pay for healthcare. Hay there are more honest crooks out there than the real ones. Don`t forget to put them in the same basket and in jail where they belong.

Robert Woods
12 years ago

Lets face it, all the commets avove are correct and I agree with the. We do need a Tea Party. Have you heard much about the tea party? Hell, if it wasen`t for [FOX] news I never would have known. They are the only one that have the balls to tell it like it is. Maybe I`am wrong but I`am speaking for myself.The peaple that voted for change did not what the change was and now that they do there will be change in that stupid party and soon. Get out and vote don`t let it happen again. We are American and we must stick togather. I am a motor cyclalist in an orgn. that rides for St Jude and animal shelders in Long county and Liberty. We also support children that have medical problems. We are the Southern Crusers motor cycle club.

Gary G
12 years ago

This is not a perfect solution but if OBAMA will SCAPE the present Healthcare bill and instruct the RABID Democrats to put this on the table in it’s entirity and be bi-partisan and work WITH the Republicans this could be something that could be smoothed out and give the states the power over it , maybe we might be able to drink some of the cool aid.

Lance Staub
12 years ago

As a culture, we are too focused on “American Idol” to really take a close look at our political candidates. If we do look at them much, it is too often from the perspective of what they can do for us (as individuals) and not what they can do best for the country. If the socialist activists are able to convince enough minorities and poor they are incapable of taking care of themselves, and that becomes a strong enough a voting block, they will be in a positon to legally vote the money out of one persons pocket and put it in another’s. This would be legalized theft. At the same time, this would do nothing about making our country better!

12 years ago

Patrick was making anti-McCain points (and by comparison, pro-Obama points) in a sarcastically humorous manner. Those who took him seriously might re-read his comments from that point of view….one of humor.

12 years ago

Dan says: When the rights of the people are at risk of being oppressed by big business and big government; FOLLOW THE MONEY to get at the truth. Maybe all this tax money is going for projects about which the average person is allowed to know little or nothing at all. So, try to make every day a Valentine’s Day and love each other while you can,

12 years ago

some of our fierce leaders and president think god is out of business here in this country. which was founded with god as the leader. obabma may think he is so smart now
but according to the bible god will save his own people from what obabma and his leaders are doing to this great country of the united states.
our fierce leaders will one day have to answer for what they are doing . lets all let our goverrnment know what we really think of them. lets remember that united we stand divided we fall.
so the democrats and republicans should have to keep there promises that they gave the people when they weere elected in to office. by the way
i thought we the people were our own government we just elected people to help us not be our boss and try to make us think we would be lost without
them. we could vote them all out and start all over if it gets much worse. but i would rather they put our country first. lets put the bible and god fearing people in our government.

Terry Summer
12 years ago

I’m happy to realize Americans woke up, Do not accept this healthcare plan, it is hazardous to every one. Next time do not vote for the “change” some fool promises us, without explaning what he’s talking about. We need to get rid of Obama, Pelosi and their gang. Remember to vote sensible next time,FOr A TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT. Not for someone who speaks with forked tongue.

Gary Van Antwerp
12 years ago

I agree with most of the comments. First, per 2nd Chron. 7:14, we need to turn to GOD, Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Pray often for this country. Pray for the “liberal”, ant-God, anti-American leaders to turn to God and for continual pressure for them to be removed. (turn or burn). Send copies of applicable parts of the Constitution, Dec. of Independence and the last para. of Patrick Henry’s, Mar., 1775 speech to reps. in Congress, newpapers, etc. Support the Tea parties and March on DC. Need a Constitutional convention? Life not death-Legal abortion (death) to die. May God have His way and to bless the RIGHTeous. US, nation under GOD, turn to RIGHTeousness.

12 years ago

Finally it sounds like America has woken up, at least I hope so. This man should have never been elected let alone been on the ballet. I do not understand how some would have voted for him, He has done nothing,,I MEAN NOTHING but HURT America since he has come to office. I have told all I know,, It’s time to vote these people out and take Amercia back,The state of the Union address was a joke, HOW long can you continue to blame the last guy, I don’t know but in most jobs he would have been FIRED. It is a ASHAME we can’t do that ,but there are things we can do, Vote out all those people and then HIM when his time comes up,, America stand up and be counted

Patricia S Keegan
12 years ago

Racism is not the issue in current society but religious bias is quite alive and an abomination to our freedom. Mr. Romney fits the bill for a President and anyone judging him due to his religion, should be personally scrutinized and run out of the country. Look at John Edwards, our Republicans that left office also for marriage problems, the NY AG, and then the “far right” Christians (I am one, so I know) sit in judgment because of his religion. Shame on you, self-righteous, conservatives. Can the Mormons hurt anyone, especially when you see the teenagers I teach in Middle and HSchool. Nixon was a Quaker and it had nothing, literally nothing to do with his governing. Better that he was a Mormon than a Marxist, or what we have now. I feel much better because I would love to think Americans could rise to the professional level of Mitt Romney, but sadly, they are not taking applications from the best qualified to “LEAD” this nation of believers! There is no Perfect candidate. Please folks, consider quality and history next time!

Christy Mitchell
12 years ago

So very well educated (book smart), But when it came to the Republicans asking Obama the simple questionsyesterday, he couldn’t deliver an answer on his own,(one that wasn’t condescending.) He had no common sense answers. But he still looked good. I’d rather have the President of the United States of America be able to give me a forthright, common sense answer that I and other Americans can grab onto and believe in.

George Scott
12 years ago

I have an aching heart and mind…substace had been replaced by STYLE!
Ideas, language, our own opersonal realities have been stolen by the marketing industry’s hucksters!

Do we not own our air-waves?

Why is such demeaning morass allowed by our governments?
What about our responsibility to our predecessors, to our children, … To honesty, to reality…to God???

When will the trapeze swing the other way?


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