For the Real Collusion Story, Look at Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton collusion storyThe mainstream media has spent two years relentlessly pushing the narrative that Donald Trump’s campaign colluded with shady Russians to dig up dirt on Hillary Clinton and then cheated with the Russian government to steal the election from her.

That’s not what happened.

What actually happened was that the Clinton campaign paid a political opposition research firm, Fusion GPS, to frame Trump and his campaign by creating fake evidence of Russian collusion. To do this, Fusion GPS hired several people, including former MI6 agent Christopher Steele, to compile a dossier full of questionable second- and third-hand stories told by anonymous Russian sources about Trump and some of his campaign personnel.

Then that fake dossier was laundered to make it look like it came from intelligence agencies, not from political operatives paid by Clinton and the Democratic National Committee (DNC). The dossier was then used by the FBI to obtain a surveillance warrant on the entire Trump campaign team through a minor team member named Carter Page.

To get their FISA warrant on Page, top Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) officials deliberately misled the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) judge by hiding the fact that Steele was paid by the Clinton campaign and DNC.

Payments to Fusion GPS were hidden by passing them through the law firm Perkins Coie. Not only is that an FEC violation, it’s an attempt to get Clinton’s and the DNC’s fingerprints off the dossier.

That’s important to note because it’s going to be explored thoroughly in DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s upcoming report. Both the money used to pay for the dossier and the truth of who really created it were deliberately laundered to hide its true origins from the FISA Court.

That’s a major crime, and Horowitz will thoroughly lay out how it happened.

It’s been public information since last October that Clinton’s campaign and the DNC paid for the production of Steele’s dossier. Everything that’s come out in the intervening 10 months has only confirmed what we already know.

However, many journalists have a vested interest in pretending the Steele dossier is authentic. They engage in fantasies that it hasn’t been debunked.

Mainstream media has been playing favorites between two competing narratives.

The first narrative is that the Steele dossier is real; Trump colluded/cheated with the Russians and that’s why he won the election; and Mueller is going to prove it. This is the only narrative the mainstream media wants to cover. They give the vast majority of their air and print time to discussing it.

The other narrative is one that mainstream media journalists resent every second they have to spend covering it. They want to suppress it and pretend that only right-wing conspiracy theorists discuss it.

This is, of course, the narrative where all the evidence keeps surfacing—that the real collusion during the 2016 presidential election was between the Clinton campaign, top officials in the DOJ, and the FBI, the intelligence community, and key members of the mainstream media. And this collusion involved framing the Trump campaign for stealing the election with the help of the Russian government.

And now even more evidence has surfaced that top DOJ and FBI officials were colluding with Democratic operatives to influence the 2016 election.

John Solomon of The Hill, in a recent report, revealed evidence that demonstrated that the former No. 4 official at the DOJ held a meeting with Fusion GPS’s Glenn Simpson, during which the Steele dossier and its sources and allegations were discussed. Solomon reports that this official took detailed notes.

Bruce Ohr, who’s been twice demoted at the FBI since his role in this sordid affair was revealed, has been called to testify to Congress on Aug. 28. During that testimony, he’s certain to be asked about his contacts with both Steele and Simpson, as well as his failure to disclose that his wife, Nellie Ohr, was employed by Fusion GPS where she played a role helping to create the Steele dossier.

So evidence continues to mount that the Trump–Russian collusion narrative is actually a hoax—a massive political dirty trick that was hatched by the Clinton campaign, paid for with DNC cash, and laundered through Perkins Coie, all to create a fake dossier that was used to justify an FBI investigation as well as to spawn a strategic leaking campaign to the media.

And all of this led directly to the Mueller investigation.

Bruce Ohr is just the next domino to fall in this chain reaction of evidence that is exposing this entire sordid plot.

Reprinted with permission from - The Epoch Times - by Brian Cates

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4 years ago

Why doesn’t Hillary get arrested and put in jail for all the wrong and bad stuff she has done and continues to do.

Phyllis Poole
4 years ago

These people remind me of 6th graders. They are not grown up! They try to do things that are not well thought out and have evidence of their fingers having been in the cookie jar!
One thing they do have is the ability to “snow” the non thinkers into voting for them.
More and more people are waking up to realize they must vote and for the people that are on their side to keep their money from going to what is not best for them!!

4 years ago

The Epoch Times is a great website for complete coverage and info.

comment image

Deserves our support along with the Dailycaller News Foundation.

And strongly related:


Senior FBI, DOJ Officials Knowingly Withheld Conflicts From Secret Court, Lawmakers Say

By Ivan Pentchoukov

August 29, 2018 Updated: August 29, 2018

4 years ago

If you tell someone lies long enough, they will eventually believe them. That’s what the management office in the building where I work believes. They have CNN tuned in at the café downstairs ALL THE TIME, spinning out lies and deceit! I politely asked them one time to put on a politically neutral channel but they refused. The second time I spoke with them, I said that I would never convert to such bovine excrement, but I was genuinely concerned for those who still believe that what they hear on the news is good journalism. They got very upset and asked me to leave. I have my lunches elsewhere now, but why should I cower and let them rule? I feel just as un-American as they are for not standing up for my country and what is right. This is satin, hard at work.

Why are hillery, obama, and all the others not being tried, even with overwhelming evidence? What the heck is wrong with politicians these days? I’m sick of this crap being stretched out like this. If Republicans take the majority this mid-term, and this crap continues the way it’s been going the last 2 years, I’ll be convinced that there is a group of powerful non-elected people that are running this country, and that our fate was already decided decades ago.

4 years ago

Anyone who cares about this country please watch Death of a Nation movie by D’inesh DeSouza. The only comment I have about this movie Mr. DeSouza did not mention the Vietnam war, and the American Leftists who gave aid and comfort collaborating with the Communist enemy. This movie informs about what happened in the past and what is happening now.

4 years ago

If something isn’t done to bring some lawful justice to the obvious criminals on the Democrat side, we have already lost this country.

Rolly Rayman
4 years ago

We all know this. What I don’t understand is why no politician does anything about it. They all talk the talk but they don’t seem to walk the walk.

this is
4 years ago

Now is the time for the REAL News media to show their muscle and take the FAKE NEWS FOLKS down on their knees and turn all the fake news around and come out with the REAL thing and tell it like it is !!! We have had more than enough of the fake news crap over the years and it’s time to knock them down and get the real winners out there to tell the people and the world exactly what is and has been going on in our country with our politicians and our government, and leave nothing out. Name names and tell the world what they have done to try and undermine our president,, our govt., and name the people who have been their Puppeteers and how much these politicians are being paid by them. Bring shame to all of them and then have the DOJ knock on their doors and haul them off in hand cuffs. Enough is enough already!!!! People should start boycotting the fake news stations and the talk show hosts who are spreading all the propaganda, as well as the newspapers who are also guilty of spreading fake news. Should we ask the Bikers for Trump to stop those people with their massive power?
Sadly, as long as there are suckers out there who “subscribe” to the fake news, newspapers and listen to the talk show hosts, they will never feel like they’re being let down by the public, as they have a habit of making their propaganda sound so interesting and the real thing. Wake up ,America. Know the truth from the lies and deception.

John J. & Linda L. Butler
4 years ago

God told us that he would expose the truth and the truth would set us free I only hope that this will show the American people the true plan of the Liberals and the Democratic party and what they are trying to do to destroy America that God has blessed us so much and we have turned our backs on the truth we need to return to our founding fathers principles and take our country back. God Bless America

Ron F
4 years ago

“Crooked Hillary”. Love it, Donald! Tweet on!

Fred Roach
4 years ago

This same scenario was reported by Mark Levin on his radio program several days ago. A mind as sharp as Levin’s and his undisputed patriotism makes his report something that should not be ignored.

4 years ago

MAYBE THEY’RE ALL AFRAID OF KILLERY + KILL CLITON !?! Don’t want to be found suicided , hangin’ from a hotel bathroom doorknob ?!? And So, they just keep quiet to protect themselves and hope someone else will have the b*llls to stop them ?!!?!

Jim Monson
4 years ago

I expect that some in the DNC and the left leaning individuals running for, or in office, to do whatever they feel necessary to either gain office or accomplish their cause, but I’m dismayed to find that some employed by our government, as well as, some in the media will join in and do underhanded fake news, cover up real news or do anything that misleads we the people. We know that most reporters, as well as, government employees are on the up and up, but we need to find ways to fire or expose those who intentionally distort the facts in any event. It is very hard to gain good responsible people into office when they have to compete with the opposing parties and with the news media at the same time. We need to find a way to expose any and all false or fake news for what it is. Too many people believe the correctness of these news reports. That old saying, “If you tell a lie often enough most people tend to start believing it as fact.” Our Nation is about to be lost by all the wrongs and extremes that are being done in the name of their party. Let’s start being real Americans again. And, let’s start demanding that we look for people of integrity and statesmanship in those that we elect to run the good ship America. God bless the USA.

4 years ago

I’ve noticed how democrats can commit a crime and immediately point their finger at someone else. Then, an investigation ensues and the democrat is allowed to waltz. It’s always nice to have the other half of the democrat party – the “fake news media” help to shift blame. The investigation then devotes itself to prosecuting the innocent. Sound familiar? Consequently, it’s hard to look at Hillary Clinton without being pissed at Jeff Sessions. He’s worthless! I advise the president to give Sessions his walking papers. For all practical purposes, Sessions is part of the witch hunt!

James Shedd
4 years ago

I sincerely hope all this corruption will be rooted out and the Clintons and cronies as well as those inside the government who contributed to this real collusion will be held accountable, not with slaps on the wrist and pardons but real jail sentences and loss of assets.

John Buerer
4 years ago

This article was a good synopsis, as far as it goes. It doesn’t adequately pursue direct and indirect contacts of the Clintons and their nonprofit(s) with Russians or Russian entities.

4 years ago

Thank God , the truth will set us free! Mueller in place may be the key to the complete ongoing conspiracy’s final unravelling and condemnation, and, hopefully, charges filed to appropriately punish the perpetrators. Nice article, thanks for the clear story !

Les Jones
4 years ago

Why has Trump hesitated to create a Special Prosecutor to look into the Clintons? He needs to fight fire with fire!

4 years ago
Reply to  Les Jones

President Trump does NOT appoint a Special Counsel. Not in his constitutional authority to do so, but he has repeated asked DOJ to do so over the last 18 months. The AG in the DOJ does any Special Counsel appointments, should one be needed, and Jeff Sessions has recused himself. Spineless / gutless coward hiding under his desk. Rod Rosenstein, who appointed his good friend Robert Mueller as soon as President Trump legally fired James Comey, gave Mueller open-ended power to do pretty much whatever he wanted. All part of the “insurance policy” plan within the DOJ and FBI leadership to get Trump out of office ASAP, Rosenstein has no plans or interest to appoint a second Special Counsel to investigate Hillary. Why would he? After all, the only purpose of the Mueller appointment in the first place was to find a way to remove Trump from office, because he lawfully won the 2016 Presidential election and denied Hillary Clinton her life long dream of ruler of the United States. Note I did NOT say President, because what she wants is to rule like some third-world banana republic dictator whose word is law. Standard socialist / communist methodology. Total, unoposed authority to carry out her will on the country as she sees fit.

4 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

Sessions needs to be replaced by someone who will appoint a special council to investigate the real consipracy.

Coralee Fenner
4 years ago

Sent link to friends. Thanks

Dave G.
4 years ago

IT is Sad to think that the “ Deep State “ exists and then realize how Deep it is ! It has to be Stopped and eliminated – Whatever it takes and We the Citizens of this Great Country need to start removing these Villians Today ! We need a Strong and Honest DOJ and FBI.

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