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Florida Law Is Pro-Freedom, Not Anti-LGBTQ


The distorted rhetoric — should I say lies? — labeling Florida’s legislation about parental rights in public schools as, “Don’t say gay” demonstrates the hypocrisy of LGBTQ activism.

I say hypocrisy because this movement has always showcased itself as being about freedom, rights, and social justice.

But the reality is that LGBTQ activism is not at all about freedom and rights. It is about advancing their particular agenda at the expense of alternative ways of viewing the world.

The Florida legislation, which defines itself at the outset as about parental rights, has 163 lines, out of which a total of five address sex education.

Those few lines simply say that “instruction” in “sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through grade 3 or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.”

That’s it. Anyone who wants to publicize this as, “Don’t say gay” should also publicize it as saying, “Don’t say straight.”

Because that’s what it’s about. Removing discussion about sexual orientation from classrooms of toddlers.

But for LGBTQ activists, anything not actively promoting their agenda is taken as opposition. Therefore, for them, freedom, and the tolerance and neutrality that it requires, is by definition anti-LGBTQ.

As a Christian, my view is that denial of the reality of man and woman, sexual activity outside the framework of traditional marriage, is sinful and destructive behavior.

But I recognize, as do most Christian parents with children in public schools, that our biblical point of view is not going to show up in public schools.

America is a diverse country with many points of view.

I recognize that keeping public schools neutral regarding sex education is the only possible approach in a heterogeneous diverse country.

When the state of Florida enacts legislation to keep the discussion about sexual orientation out of toddlers’ classrooms, I don’t see this as anti-LGBTQ or anti-Christian, but pro-freedom.

The headline of an opinion piece in USA Today reads “Young people in Florida are being told their sexuality or gender identity is so wrong it can’t even be mentioned.”

No. Young people in Florida are being told that they live in a free, diverse country. So, matters of sexuality should be handled by parents at home, and public schools should teach kids how to read and do the math.

It helps these young people to become responsible adults, respectful of others with different opinions.

A number of years ago, I mentioned in a TV interview that I had stayed in a hotel that, along with other flags, was flying an LGBTQ rainbow flag. I said that the rainbow flag offended me as a Christian woman as the Confederate flag offends me as a Black woman.

My office in Washington was shut down by the tsunami of threatening calls that this comment evoked. And I had to move out of my home because of threats.

I didn’t say these folks should not be allowed to live as they choose. I said, essentially, that just as hotels have removed the Bibles that we used to find in hotel rooms, this shouldn’t be replaced by flying the rainbow flag.

I think this is a big factor on why school choice is only promoted on the right.

Those on the left are opposed because they know that school choice takes away their platform for promoting their social agenda in public schools.

Look at the websites of the two big teachers’ unions — the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers. Both promote actively the LGBTQ agenda.

The new Florida law was passed to deal with this problem. Public schools should provide a platform to educate children with knowledge and skills to succeed in a free country. Other agendas should be left to parents at home.

Star Parker is president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education and host of the weekly television show “Cure America with Star Parker.”


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8 months ago

The homosexual community has always lied about its intentions, it’s never been about love, although most women fell for it hook line and sinker and are paying for it today with the trannies, it’s been about getting rid of what is Godly and normal.

8 months ago

give this a break.

michael smith
8 months ago

I knew from the start that these kinds of movements are never satisfied with equal. They want to eventually eliminate anything different from them because they see it as a threat

8 months ago

I know from what the Bible says about end times we are close to the rapture. The evil we accept as normal is totally of the devil!

Judy K.
8 months ago

As a moral society we allowed the Left to much latitude. When they were beginning their protests for wanting to be recognized for equal status, we should have never given in to their demands. Now we see the result of doing just that. They will NEVER be satisfied with anything, ever. Because of the extreme moral decay in our country we have these deviants holding high office positions. Our country is very sick and diseased. We are cursed as a nation in this world.
But we know God will fix it all in the end. We are very close. May the Lord find us watching.

Philip Hammersley
8 months ago

If one of these kids were 5′ tall and weighed 70 pounds and “thought” they were skinny, would the NEA nuts “counsel” them to buy ExLax? Why are “teachers” giving psychological (and false) advice to youngsters, anyway?

Judy K.
8 months ago

Because they are the scum of the earth, and most probably Sociopaths without a conscience.

8 months ago
Reply to  Judy K.

Most of the Left are perverts and pedophiles so naturally they want children to participate in their ideology hence all the sex training they are pushing on schools. Many people who follow the Left think they are Christians yet promote abortion, gay marriage, and other ideas against God’s teachings.

Judy K.
8 months ago
Reply to  Burmgal

Exactly right. The judges who are chosen by Commiecrats and Leftists pat criminals on the head with light sentences. I always figured the judge was more likely a criminal himself.
Most of those cases involved rape and sodomy, so like you said, most of them on the bench supporting the Left are perverts and criminals themselves.

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