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Five Fab Ways to Turn Summer Wardrobe Into Fall Apparel


If you’re a practical person with good taste who likes to get mileage out of your wardrobe, these tips are for you. Rather than box up summer clothing, turn them into spectacular fall items using some of these easy ideas:

  1. Layer summer tanks with a blouse – Have a favorite summer tank you love to wear? Don’t tuck it away. Put it on and layer a long-sleeve top over it, leaving the top few buttons open. Slimming tip: For added wow, don’t tuck the shirt into your pants or skirt. Instead tie the bottom of the blouse in the front at the waist to give the appearance of a waistline.
  2. Wear leggings under summer shorts and skirts – Don’t’ put away your favorite summer shorts and skirts. Instead, wear leggings underneath. Not only are they warm, but they also look attractive and give the tummy area extra support.
  3. Wear long thigh-high boots with summer dresses – A classic pair of long black boots can look amazing with a shorter summer dress. Not only is it flattering, but as a bonus, it can make leg length appear longer.
  4. Throw a sweater or blazer over the top – Cover no-sleeve and short sleeve dresses with a sweater or blazer to take you from summer into fall. For added excitement, layer necklaces of varying lengths to tie in the look. Or, add a leather belt underneath an open blazer for interest, to define the waistline, and to complete the style.
  5. Wear a scarf –Scarves are attractive accessories to a wardrobe. During cooler periods of time, they keep necks warm. As a plus, they add color and introduce patterns to change and elevate wardrobes from dull to exciting. A solid white summer outfit can be easily transformed with the use of a scarf. Autumnal shades of gold, orange, and brown bring fall colors to your wardrobe and can make an older summer outfit look brand new.

Contrary to popular thought, you don’t need to own a million outfits to be stylish. Don’t be afraid to play around with your wardrobe, mix and match things, and experiment. Above all, understand that you can still wear summer clothes into fall – and even winter – by being clever, layering clothes, adding accessories, and by taking hints from nature to bring fall colors into your wardrobe.

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