Feinstein on Kavanaugh Accusation: ‘I Can’t Say Everything is Truthful’

Dianne Feinstein Chinese interests rich KavanaughSenator Dianne Feinstein of California conceded Tuesday that she can’t attest to the veracity of Christine Blasey Ford’s allegation that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were in high school.

“[Ford] is a woman that has been, I think, profoundly impacted. On this . . . I can’t say that everything is truthful. I don’t know,” Feinstein told reporters on Capitol Hill when asked if she believed the allegation.

Feinstein, the ranking Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, has been maligned by her Republican colleagues for failing to disclose the sexual-harassment accusation after initially being made aware of it via a letter from Ford in July.

Asked why she did not make her Judiciary Committee colleagues aware of the allegation at the beginning of Kavanaugh’s vetting process, Feinstein hesitated before citing Ford’s desire to remain anonymous.

“I don’t know; I’ll have to look back and see,” Feinstein told reporters before entering the Senate chamber, according to the New York Times. “The answer is that she asked that it be confidential,” she said upon exiting the chamber.

Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley has scheduled a public hearing for Monday and invited Kavanaugh and his accuser to testify. Kavanaugh has accepted the invitation while Ford has been unresponsive, despite her attorney’s previous statement that she would be willing to defend her allegation under oath.

Grassley indicated Thursday morning that he would cancel the hearing if Ford were to refuse to testify and a number of fellow Republicans, including Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona, have said they would support Kavanaugh’s confirmation if his accuser won’t testify.

Democratic leadership, meanwhile, has called for Grassley to delay the hearing pending an FBI investigation, despite the FBI’s insistence that the allegation doesn’t fall within its jurisdiction.

Reprinted with permission from - National Review - by Jack Crowe

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Robert Black
4 years ago

It looks like democrats are getting what they want by delaying and making up lies to destroy a conservative. The dems have always done that even when they are not the majority. It seem like the Republicans have always preferred being the minority.

Bruce Stanton
4 years ago

And Senator ‘Pontius’ Feinstein washed her hands and told the crowd, “His blood is on your hands.”

4 years ago

Democratic leadership doesn’t even know the jurisdiction of the FBI ….. it’s a shame….. how are these elected officials? There are way to many holes her story…. Feinstein holding on to pertinent information….
It’s a sham

Neil DeWitt
4 years ago

Two things come to mind, first what was a 15 year old girl doing at a dorm party? Second her doctor buisness is falling and she thought this would give it a boost or she wants out of the doctor buisness and this will provide her with money from the Democrats and she won’t have to work anymore.

Shirley Martin
4 years ago

I think it’s time we take a stand and get some of these people out of office. I think some of these senators need investigations into their actions for the past 36 years. They need term limits and not all the things that we have to pay for. They are supposed to be working for us, not against us. They make all these big salaries and look down on us like we don’t know anything.

4 years ago

Guilty until proven innocent! The end of due process. Let’s get the gallows built, the burning at the stake ready and trial by torture. Me too!

4 years ago

Feinstein is nothing but a Demo political hack, and I will never trust her words again. This is dividing Americans. The Democrats use people, groups to do that. Judge Kavanaugh has my respect, and will be a great SC Justice. TheJudge has already gone through FBI investigations for the highest positions.
Oh, this is not the way taxpayers’ money should be used. Wake up snow flakes.

4 years ago

They should vote very soon. There is no reason to delay the confirmation because of an allegation.

Just Steve
4 years ago

Allegations. No record of any charges or filed complaint to the police. Something that supposedly happened between minors many years ago. Even if charges were brought, as part of a juvenile record they would be sealed to the public. Even if real, who didn’t make errors in judgement in their teens that they wouldn’t make as adults? This is all a political ploy to delay confirmation of a conservative judge at least until after the elections, if not to get him denied all together. As if the Dem. camp is free of sexual scandal!

4 years ago

Dems played dirty trick again! Tell your Republican Senators to get their act together and confirm Judge Bret Kavanaugh. This is more evidence that the only way to save the USA is to vote out Democrats.

4 years ago

By the way, CONFIRM JUDGE KAVANAUGH!! Stop playing the democrats games!!

4 years ago

I am a female and could not be more distrusting of the allegations that are coming to the forefront about Kavanaugh. It is crystal clear that the Democrats are reaching for whatever they can bring, no matter how untrue, unfair and in most cases, unrealistic. They clearly sat down and said, “What can we say about this great man that is very hard to prove but will put a doubt in the mind of many”? Bingo, they use the old stand by!!
If it is or if it is not true—to quote Hillary “What difference does it make anyway!” Who did not make mistakes when they were in high school and college too for that matter! Judge Kavanaugh has lived a life to be proud of and one that has a proven track record of good, honest decisions! It is a true shame that the Dems are so scared since Donald Trump became president that they no longer represent the interest of their constituents because they are so busy trying to find fault with anything and everything the RIGHT are doing. Let’s keep working to Make America Great in spite of their efforts to destroy this amazing country in which we live!!

J. E. Obrien
4 years ago

Diane Feinstein and the other Dems have openly displayed their contempt for an honest man just because he follows the Constitution to the letter. They have showed how low they will go to destroy a man’s life, career, and marriage to meet their ends. What a disgusting display of partisanship on their part, even to use Dr Ford to their ends. Shame on them.

Fred Lamb
4 years ago

I believe that Feinstein should be charged with withholding evidence.

Joan Anderson
4 years ago

What happened to the American premise of INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY and the ACCUSED’S RIGHT TO FACE THIER ACCUSER.? Since when does an accuser WHO CANT REMEMBER WHERE OR WHEN HER ALLGATIONS TOOK PLACE, have the right to determine who can be present when they “testify” and who can ask the questions . Is this the newest type of “KANGARRO COURT” or “lynch mob”? As Jesus said ‘LET HE WHO IS WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE”. Guess how many finger-pointers will be left standing. Ms Feinstein should resign or be removed from office immediately and let the governor appoint someone to fill her term.

4 years ago

Feinstein MUST be removed from all senate committees. She is unworthy of the seat and cannot he trusted to do what is right. She is 100% at fault for Judge Kavanaugh’s character assault. No more delays!

4 years ago

If we don’t stand up to this communist party say goodbye to liberty at every level. Rebulican party, you cannot be complacent you’re liberty is at stake as well.

Ruth Makowski
4 years ago

Diane Feinstein should be ashamed of herself and should, at minimum, be censured by the Senate for obstruction.

4 years ago

I used to be a democrat until they took a turn for evil somewhere back there. I will never claim to be one ever again, and I will never vote for one either. I pray they get voted out of existence, and that those who have lied, deceived, and broken laws are prosecuted – including hillery and obama. This will not be an honorable country until the evil is purged.

4 years ago

When is America going to put a stop to this liberal B.S.? And we all know it has but one purpose, to interfere with Trump at everything he does. I’m sick of every bit of it, and hope at the mid-term when the dems lose ground for the third time, this will all go away and we can be a country again. But I already know they won’t loosen their bite. Their primary purpose is to put smoke in the air to protect hillary and obama from prosecution. Both of whom ought to be tried and convicted of crimes and treason. Is anyone watching them now? I’ll bet they are the ones that have been calling all the shots for the last two years. Why are we letting them get away with all this? This is the stuff civil wars are made of, and that’s right out of obama’s playbook.

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