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DIY Spooktacular Halloween Table


In the USA, Halloween is celebrated each year on October 31st. The tradition originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. By the eight century, Pope Gregory III designated November 1 as a time to honor all saints. The eve before became All Hallows Eve which evolved into the light-hearted and somewhat spooky and fun day we know as Halloween. Today’s yearly celebrations involve entertaining activities for kids, such as wearing costumes, participating in parades, trick-or-treating for candy, attending parties, carving pumpkins, and more. To play upon the theme and have fun, make a DIY spooky Halloween table that is bound to delight your Halloween guests.  


Sturdy round table, black tablecloth, three empty wine bottles, some sand or small pebbles, tall, dried twigs, black spray paint, three sets of fake hand bones, fake spiders and webs, fake skull. Flameless candles.


Earlier in the day…spray paint three empty glass wine bottles black. Also spray paint dried twigs black. Let dry. Hot glue gun fake hand bones to the wine bottles to look like they are being grasped.

Just before your gathering…set up the table where Halloween visitors can see it. Cover with a dark tablecloth. Fill the painted bottles with sand or pebbles to anchor them. Add the painted dried twigs to the wine bottles to mimic dead plant arrangements in vases. Place the bottles on the table. Dangle fake spiders from the twigs and scatter spider webs above and around the table. Add flameless candles around the table for effect. Then dim the lights, play scary music, and get ready to creep out your guests.

Today’s Halloween events are all about spooky fun! Get in on the enjoyment by creating your own scary holiday table that visitors will fondly recall for years to come. Remember that imagination has no limits.

Tip: Search Halloween and general stores for inexpensive and reusable themed supplies. Not into spiders? Simply change the haunted theme to black cats, witches, bubbling cauldrons, or whatever suits you!

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