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Did Donald Trump Hurt His Presidential Chances With His ‘War Hero’ Comment About McCain?

Did Donald Trump Hurt his presidential chances with his ‘war hero’ comment about McCain?

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7 years ago

Come on, let’s get the record straight … John McCain graduated 284th out of 288 from the naval academy and I’ve read conflicting reports on his p.o.w internment that seem to cast some doubts on his “hero” status. … One thing is for sure, he certainly hasn’t done much on behalf of his fellow veterans to improve the V.A. hospitals.

7 years ago

Trump said what I would have loved to have said and I’m retired military. McCain has been so overrated for so long it’s sickening. I went to one of his presidential rallies in K.C. Area when he was running for president. What a disappointment, when I left there I told my wife he has no intention of winning its all smoke and mirrors. Sure enough, couple that with how they treated Sarah Palin and you know it was all a farce!

7 years ago

The newest Washington Post/ABC news poll has 24% of registered Republican voters supporting Trump. That’s nearly a double lead to the second place in that poll Scott Walker at 13%.

Evidently those indefensible comments Trump directed at McCain didn’t hurt The Donald any.

Limbaugh and the “crazies” (?) still have his back.

7 years ago
Reply to  PaulO

Hey BuckO, and you still are a fan of this country’s Biggest Liar Obama and Mrs. (Hide the truth) Clinton and you want to call Conservatives crazy? … Pass the Buck (truth) and keep drinking the Kool-Aide, Comrade.

7 years ago
Reply to  Rik

Hey BuckO, I forgot to ask you how come you didn’t give us any of your communist comments about the other article on sanctuary cities? … Can’t defend it huh? … People, don’t take anything this Progressive troll has to say with a grain of salt. … He’s a brainwashed liberal loon!

7 years ago

Listen to the whole video…it makes a difference.

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