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Democrats: Stop Attacking the Freedom to Work, the Family Home, and the Family

AMAC Exclusive – David P. Deavel


The made-for-television partisan January 6th Committee hearings have failed. Even the New York Times and Washington Post last week opened their opinion pages to columns that admit the hearings were done simply for the purpose of scoring political points. That last point might have been obvious from the beginning when the Democrats hired a television producer to choreograph this political spectacle. But what the columns admit is that they were also “tedious” and “wholly ineffective.” The ratings for the episodes were in the toilets and all the election polling for next month’s election shows the Democrats similarly swirling down the drain.

So, what next for the Democrats? Having screamed about the Orange Man’s danger to the country till they were blue in the face, only to face a yawning nation, will they now finally address the inflation and energy costs—all spiraling but in an upward direction? Will they commit to solving the border crisis that is now spilling over into all parts of the country? Will they repeal their promise to hire 87,000 IRS agents and make plans for more police officers and teachers? Will they assure American parents that they are not trying to destroy parental authority?

Far from it. Instead of taking any of these sane strategies, they are quadrupling down at the national, local, and state levels on their “progressive” policy aims that attack the American people’s ability to work in the way they want to do, live in a family home, and make decisions about their children.

Freedom to Work. At the national level, the Department of Labor has just proposed a new rule to replace a Trump-era rule about how to determine whether a worker is truly an independent contractor/freelancer or an employee who must be guaranteed greater benefits and legal protections. The Trump Labor rule looked at five specific factors but made two of them determinative: how much control workers have over their duties and whether the gig affords for profit or loss based on the person’s personal initiative or investment. The new rule will make the judgment determined on a “totality-of-the-circumstances” of the factors including the two named but also “permanency, the degree of control by the employer over the worker, (and) whether the work is an integral part of the employer’s business.”

The Reuters report on the proposed rule noted, significantly, that one reason this rule, which is being depicted as a return to a more traditional understanding of work, is so controversial is that it “incorporates elements of strict tests in U.S. states including California, which require companies to treat most workers as employees under state wage laws.”

Those strict tests from California are from the controversial AB-5 law, a gift to labor unions in search of new blood that has turned almost all freelancers from writers, salon workers, delivery drivers, and many of those working in entertainment into “employees.” This summer’s decision by the Supreme Court to refuse to take on a case challenging the state’s reclassification of truckers has meant that the 70,000 truckers in the state are in “legal limbo.” Given the supply chain issues bedeviling the country, this is a really bad time to propose making a national version of AB-5. But then again, it’s always a bad time for this decision that affects Americans’ ability to work in the way they want to work to care for their families.

There is no doubt American workers should be treated fairly, but there is also no doubt that many American workers choose freelancing because they don’t want to be tied down to a job. Most statistics show somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 million Americans did some freelancing in the last year. Many of them, like the California truckers, make a living supporting their families. Many of them are women, who like the ability to make money on their own schedule while caring for children or family members. Many are making extra money to help make ends meet or to save or invest. Democrats like to talk about opposition to the abortion license as a “war on women.” It’s not—but limiting women’s ability to control their own work through freelancing certainly is a war on women. And it’s a war on all of us who like the freedom to determine whether we want to work as freelancers or not.

Family Homes. We have written in this space about the Democratic and corporate war on single-family home zoning. Well, it continues on the local level. Like the attacks on the freedom to work, the attack on single-family neighborhoods is always proposed as a solution to problems and good for the people. But even a story in the Washington Post this week threw some cold water on one of the newest plans to get rid of the possibility of living in a family home in a neighborhood of family homes.

I say “one of” because the story itself links to reports of similar plans in both Gainesville, Florida, and Spokane, Washington, but concentrates on a proposal set to go before the County Board in Arlington, Virginia, where a lack of undeveloped land and a trend of tearing down smaller single-family homes to build much larger ones means that housing prices are increasing. Thus the plan is to create “missing middle” housing—multi-family units such as condominiums, duplexes, and even eight-unit apartment buildings that will allow people to affordably settle in Arlington.

Never mind that such units will create parking problems and distinct changes to what makes this northern Virginia town so attractive. They will also put tax pressure to sell on homeowners who will be incentivized to get out of the way of the condos or apartment buildings.

The irony in all this? All the available evidence suggests that getting rid of those single-family homes in Arlington won’t make it any more affordable to live in: “Outside consultants commissioned by the county say that on the lowest end, the plan would create small one-bedrooms going for about $416,000. Based on their calculations, those apartments would only be attainable for someone making about $100,000 a year — just above the median income for a one-person household in the D.C. area, or below it for a couple.”

There will be plenty of money in this for developers but not necessarily for families. And if enacted, what made this “leafy” and “sleepy” suburb so attractive will be gone. Trees, after all, will have to make way for those eight-unit buildings. Rather than deal with the barriers in the way of development of single-family homes or try to protect these neighborhoods, Democrats on Arlington’s County Board—and that’s the only Board members the Post quote—are all in on this bid for what even the Post seems to indicate will be some unaffordable affordable housing.

The Family. Sure, you may not be able to continue the work you’ve been doing and you may not be able to keep your family house, but there’s always the family, right? Well, in several states Democrats have been working hard to ensure that parents don’t have any say in what happens to their children who suddenly determine that they have been “born in the wrong body” and demand puberty blockers or even surgery to make their bodies “fit” the male or female image they have of themselves.

As with AB-5, California Democrats are leading the way on this path to destruction as well. At the end of September, Governor Gavin Newsom signed SB-107, a bill that is being sold as defending parents’ rights to determine whether their children receive “gender-affirming care,” the euphemism for those dangerous chemical and surgical interventions to change the bodily appearances of those who suffer from gender dysphoria. But, as the Heritage Foundation’s Jay Richards and Alliance Defending Freedom’s Emilie Kao wrote in Newsweek, the law “mandates that doctors conceal a child’s medical information from parents if it is related to ‘gender identity’ drugs and procedures, even if that information is sought under a court-issued subpoena.” 

Further, they write, the law allows doctors in California to treat minors in other states via telehealth, opening up the possibility of prescription of hormones for children across the country. It even gives California courts “the power to strip custody from parents, wherever they live, who doubt the wisdom of these experimental and irreversible procedures—if their child so much as steps foot in California.”

Think this is not coming your way? Margot Cleveland detailed in The Federalist this week that Proposal 3 in Michigan, a Constitutional Amendment crafted by Planned Parenthood and being sold by Democrats as an “abortion” amendment that simply enshrines the license afforded by Roe v. Wade, is actually much more radical: “Prop 3 goes far beyond the controlling Roe-Casey precedent: If passed, the constitutional amendment would create an extreme regime in Michigan of abortion on demand, at any time, for any reason, without informed or parental consent, and paid for by taxpayers.” 

But the lack of parental consent for abortion is not even the worst part. What has been hidden, and which Cleveland shows through citing the language of the amendment verbatim, is that what is created is an absolute right for men, women, boys, and girls to puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and even castration or hysterectomies without any interference or, in the case of minors, any need for parental consent—which is present for all these things in current Michigan law. The Orwellian “reproductive freedom” in the Amendment’s language “entails the right to make and effectuate decisions about all matters relating to pregnancy, including but not limited to … sterilization … or infertility care.” Planned Parenthood, Cleveland notes, just started advertising their own service of providing puberty blockers for children.

And back in Virginia, Democratic Delegate Elizabeth Guzman has proposed a law that will prosecute parents who do not “affirm” their child’s transgender identity. “It could be a felony, it could be a misdemeanor,” Guzman warned, “but we know that CPS [Child Protective Services] charge could harm your employment, could harm their education, because nowadays many people do a CPS database search before offering employment.” How’s that for a threat?

There’s a reason all the polling is showing voters of all races and colors fleeing from the Democratic Party right now. Freedom to work, the stability of your neighborhood, and the ability to make decisions about your children’s mental and physical health: All these are at risk right now from Democratic politicians.

I don’t suggest those politicians go back to their failed get-Trump shenanigans. Rather, they should go back to the drawing board and come up with a new plan altogether, one that gives less weight to union bureaucracies, big developers, and Planned Parenthood and more to the rights of the American workers themselves, the desire of Americans for a home that is a castle not a “unit,” and the rights of American parents to fulfill their God-given duties to raise their children.

David P. Deavel is Associate Professor of Theology at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas, and a Senior Contributor at The Imaginative Conservative.

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Robin W Boyd
3 months ago

Freedoms aren’t what Progressive Democrats want for American citizens. Being free to work undermines their ability to control us. They want to destroy family values and force us to rely on government rather than family. We must resist!

Guillermo Guzman
3 months ago

Democrats are the real threat, to their own democracy, but don’t forget that we are a representative Republic.

Pete from St Pete
3 months ago

As a long time tax preparer I learned that the real reason the government doesn’t like self-employed workers is because it is hard to track their income. That is why the Dems are pushing for digital money. It will be very easy to track every ones income with the addition of 42,000 additional armed IRS workers who can be easily converted into a special police force when the time comes. Hello Communist China.

3 months ago

When will the labor unions realize the democratic party no longer represents the working class of America. The Republican Party has stepped in and filled the shoes of what the democrats at one time did. It would be interesting to let union members decide which party they think most represents them. That would bring government employees across the nation to the republican side where family rights, christian beliefs, a working persons beliefs could be represented. Labor Unions do not represent main stream America, but they could and should.

3 months ago

Jan 6. Stale news. Trump-Russia Collusion. More stale news. Roger Stone. Staler news.
Steve Bannon. hardly a pulse as a news story Mara-Lago Raid. Stale, stale, probably dead
Trumps taxes. who cares. NY attorney geneal charges against Trump. Have heard nothing for
2 weeks. How can the thousands to DC Trump haters be so inept ? Even a blind hog finds an
acorn once in a while . Not these hogs. I’ve concluded that Trump is a saint. He is untouchable.
Have we ever had a president who is so clean ?

Laurie Bee
3 months ago
Reply to  GTPatriot

We have certainly never had a President so thoroughly investigated. He reminds me of Road Runner! Beep-beep!

Craig Driver
3 months ago

Why are we still calling that Party Democratic? The name no longer represents their socialist/communist agenda. The real Democratic Party of old no longer exists. Call them the Progressive Party, the American Socialist Party, or call them who they really are The Communist Party USA.

Sean Richman
3 months ago

The democRATS accuse the Republicans of being radical when the Republicans,at least most of them are pretty much the way they have always been,pro life,pro family,pro AMERICA,pro GOD.The democRATS have turned their party into something that my father,my grandfather,my great grand father would NOT recognize,all for wealth and power,for themselves ONLY.They have turned into an evil power hungry entity that if not confronted will continue their destroy AMERICA agenda.

3 months ago

How is it that pro choice is a reproductive right when it is the exact opposite of reproduction?

Jorge L Rios
3 months ago
Reply to  nate

The big problem with the “choice” thing is that women do have a choice no matter how you look at it, they make the choice to have unprotected sex (with the exception of rape). So they made their choice and now they don’t want to take responsability so they want a 2nd choice. Many things in life are only a one choice thing, so we have to think and ponder the results and consequences of our choice before we make it.

3 months ago

I know people won’t wake up to the fact that Satan is being allowed to control the world until Christ takes over after the tribulation. The bible said, two thousand plus years ago, that he rules the world. The only one we can choose who can help us is God. He loves everyone, but will only save the ones who want His Son as their Savior. You have to make that decision during this life, because you don’t get a second chance. We can elect the best person for president, but there are too many Godless working on the other side for that to help. Don’t get me wrong, I will vote hopefully for number forty five. But the human race because of sin is in a battle with powers and principalities.

Stephen Russell
3 months ago

Help Dems LOSE for Nov OK
Everyone VOTE or nothing changes

3 months ago

I agree. But the big drawback is do you have confidence in the vote. I do not believe for one minute JB got 81M votes, the most of any President. Really!! This voting thing is a scam. I am convinced D. Trump won the election. Nonetheless, I will vote but not for any Communist Dem. They are all corrupt. Anyone caught tampering with our vote should be immediately executed.

3 months ago

The dems are very good at making moves they dislike akin to poking a hornets nest. Its so much easier to go along to get along, as the rinos know. Butt heads with the possessed and youd better be ready for bedlam. No one fought them better than trump. For his trouble he not only had to deal with dems, but the turncoat rinos…from the day he announced. To all those conservatives who wouldn’t support him owing to mean tweets or harsh talk: We’ve been through kinder/gentler. The dems roll those folks easily. Can there be such a thing as a nice guy or gal who is also effective against the demon party?

3 months ago

Joe Biden, Worst President ever does NOT care about America’s families; he cares about himself. He was and is a terrible father to his son and daughter. He loves Money and Power. He has made us the laughing stock of the World. Shame on Mr. Biden……………and who elected this guy!

Philip Hammersley
3 months ago
Reply to  BAE

Computer programmers and dead voters!

3 months ago

So, to be clear, putting in 8-person units (are these 1-bedroom, so they won’t accommodate families?!) will require the harvesting of lots of trees??? Trees are the NATURAL
way of cleaning the polluted air.
When will we be hearing the cries of the outraged climate-changers and rabid environmentalists about that?? Isn’t it enough that, due to a lack of energy resources in France, citizens are said to be “harvesting “ ancient forests in order to have wood to burn to heat their homes? Will that, too, happen in America?

The world is absolutely INSANE!

3 months ago
Reply to  VoterAnn

Anyone thought about the pollution levels in Europe with all the wood burning?

3 months ago

The DEMOCRATs are NOT stopping attacking freedom to work , etc. They’re just laying low for the next couple of weeks until the Election passes . When the election passes, the DEMOCRATs will be right back at undermining America whether they win or lose . I do not trust the DEMOCRAT party .

3 months ago

The views expressed in this commentary are an eye opener and need to be addressed by people who choose freedom instead of being told how to live.

David Millikan
3 months ago

Attacking AMERICANS and anything AMERICAN started with Clinton’s (Ruby Ridge, 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS, Colluding with both Russia and Communist China) then Hussein Obama bowing down to Communist China and Releasing TERRORIST while ATTACKING AMERICANS and LYING about Economy for 8 years and now DICTATOR Beijing biden (Bows down to Communist China and HATES AMERICA by DESTROYING US) with Clinton’s, Obama, and SWAMP QUEEN pelosi cheering).
Only one word describes the Weaselcrats…COMMUNIST.
They have used Stalin and Hitler tactics for past 30 years and implemented full force when DICTATOR Beijing biden’s Election Fraud put him in ILLEGALLY and UNCONSTITUTIONALLY and he DESTROYED our Economy, Attacks our Freedoms and U.S. Constitution, SPIES on AMERICANS, Creates IRS STASI, Control Media, ENERGY INDEPENDENCE, OPEN BORDERS for ILLEGAL ALIEN TERRORIST INVASION, CRIME OUT of CONTROL, Shipping ILLEGAL ALIEN TERRORIST across the USA in middle of night giving them cellphones soon as they cross Border ILLEGALLY with Government Benefits at TAX PAYER EXPENSE and NONE DEPORTED while letting in TERRORIST, Defunding Police, Military, Educational Institution’s, Families, Religion, and our Allies relationship for starters and lets Not forget continuous INFLATION and HIGH FUEL PRICES with UTILITY PRICES still climbing.
IT WILL BE WORSE next year since DICTATOR Beijing biden has KILLED ALL ENERGY PRODUCTION through 2024 if not 2025. FACT.
Thanks to DICTATOR Beijing biden and Weaselcrats we will PAY 29% MORE for Natural Gas and 28% MORE in Heating Oil to Heat your home this winter from last year which was High the year before. Not to mention gasoline and diesel will continue in HIGH prices with FOOD MORE EXPENSIVE since the Weaselcrats are KILLING our Agriculture and Food Industry right along with the rest of OUR country. And Heaven help us if Railroad Industry goes on STRIKE because of DICTATOR Beijing biden.
DICTATOR Beijing biden claimed yesterday that the Economy is Great, the same LIE Hussein Obama used for 8 years.
We are in a DEPRESSION. We past Recession over 10 months ago and dumb CEO’s now saying they are getting ready for a Recession. Where have they been? Guess living in FANTASY WORLD with rest of Weaselcrats.
Then add the Geoengineering that is keeping the weather from normal patterns keeping it from Raining every time Jets SPRAY. Just look up.
To top it off…There will be NO UNITED STATES of AMERICA if Weaselcrats retain both Senate and Congress after midterms and NOBODY will be able to afford anything or have a country including NO U.S. CONSTITUTION. NO BS.
Forgot, DICTATOR Beijing biden let
Communist China put a Police Force in NYC on USA soil (ILLEGAL). Add that to the list of TREASONOUS ACTS of ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL Executive Orders (At least 685 and counting) against the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.
This doesn’t even scratch the surface.
The Democrats motto is: DESTROY the UNITED STATES of AMERICA and live in FANTASY WORLD. You know…everybody flies on unicorns and take the train to Hawaii since that’s how Solar and Wind Power works.
That, is Democrats.

Bill on the Hill
3 months ago
Reply to  David Millikan

David, thank you for the long winded comment, I fall into this habit on occasion too btw, lol! Most of it was spot on the money…
Bill… :~)

3 months ago
Reply to  David Millikan

You are absolutely correct, David. The democrats are following Satan. Satan wants to destroy the Constitution and traditional families. Satan wants everyone to be dependent on the Government and bow down and worship them. He does not want anyone to have any freedom at all. Satan hates anyone who has the ability to choose to act for themselves. I hope and pray that this election is not stolen from us AGAIN!

3 months ago

Well written article that demonstrates progressiveness is not what it seems and is bought and paid for special interests who don’t necessarily believe in the ideals of this country.

Sherri Padilla
3 months ago

My opinion, abortion is last on people’s agenda. The first 3 and utmost 3 is borders, economics and energy independence. Get these back where we can just survive. Then tackle all this “wokeness”, removing parental rights over their minor children and on demand abortions. If we don’t take back control of our borders, economics and energy independence we can’t do anything more.

Tracy Ozbun
3 months ago

Well said.

3 months ago

Don’t fall for the sanctimonious destroyers of a our country. Once the elections are over, either way, they will resume business as usual. Vote RED and MAGA.

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