Democrats Deny True Threat of China Over Their Obsession With Russia

China President Jinping XiMany Democrat presidential candidates are convinced that Russia is America’s biggest geopolitical threat—but their outdated reading of foreign affairs only proves that they aren’t qualified to be in the White House.

During the Cold War, when the Soviet Union was indisputably America’s most dangerous enemy, leading Democrats such asSenator Ted Kennedy ignored the threat and collaborated with the Soviet government to undermine American elections. While serving as mayor of Burlington, Vermont in 1988, Sen. Bernie Sanders—who is currently running for the Democrat presidential nomination—even traveled to the USSR, where he reportedly praised his totalitarian hosts in effusive terms.

Now, nearly 30 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Democrats are suddenly viewing Russia as America’s most threatening adversary.

Remarkably, when the moderators of the second Democratic primary debate asked the participants to identify what they consider to be America’s greatest foreign threat today, several of the candidates insisted that Russia’s efforts to influence U.S. elections represent a greater danger to our country than China’s rapidly expanding power, wealth, and influence, which Beijing expects will one day allow it to eclipse the United States at the top of the international order.

“[T]he biggest threat to our national security right now is Russia, not China,” said Senator Michael Bennet (D-Colo.), insisting that Moscow poses a bigger foreign policy challenge “because of what they’ve done with our election.”

“Russia is our greatest geopolitical threat, because they have been hacking our democracy successfully and they’ve been laughing their asses off about it for the last couple of years,” agreed entrepreneur Andrew Yang, arguing that “we should focus on that before we start worrying about other threats.”

Representative Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) also weighed in on the issue, stating that his first foreign policy objective will consist of “breaking up with Russia and making up with NATO.”

Economy and Demography

In reality, China has become by far the most menacing threat to American interests, thanks in large part to its rapidly expanding economy, which has allowed the regime to invest heavily in military modernization. This reality is not a classified secret, either — for years, America’s leading foreign policy scholars and experts have publicly warned about China’s rise, arguing that Washington’s calcified Cold War mentality needs to be updated to address modern geopolitical realities.

Former Vice President Joe Biden didn’t address China during the debate, but he has previously scoffed at the notion that China poses a threat to U.S. interests, even claiming that “they’re not competition for us.”

It may come as a surprise to the Democrats, most of whom spent the Cold War as dupes and apologists for the Soviet Union, but Russian Facebook ads aren’t exactly the greatest contemporary threat to America. China, with its hostile efforts to weaponize international trade and undisguised desire to supplant the U.S. as the preeminent power in Asia, is a far more capable and ambitious adversary.

In recent years, China has dramatically escalated its spying activities in the United States, recruiting American intelligence analysts to help it steal not just government secrets, but also intellectual property and academic research. Russia, conversely, can’t even manage to purloin emails from a laughably naive Democrat political operative without being caught red-handed.

The main reason for this imbalance is that China’s economy dwarfs Russia’s.

In 2018, China’s GDP totaled an impressive $13.6 trillion, while Russia’s economic output was less than $1.7 trillion—slightly weaker than the GDP of Texas. The economies of both countries have also been growing at drastically different rates—last year, China’s GDP grew 6.6 percent, while Russia’s economy grew at just 2.3 percent.

China’s growing wealth has enabled it to snap up billions of dollars worth of U.S. farmland, compel American companies to hand over sensitive technology as a condition of doing business in China, and enlist its multinational corporations—such as telecom giant Huawei—to serve as quasi-official agents of the state.

Whereas China aims to eventually surpass the size of the U.S. economy, Russia’s economy keeps falling further and further behind, with South Korea, Australia, and even lowly Spain now nipping at its heels.

Russia is also confronting a monumental depopulation problem. For years, the country has been plagued by low birth rates and high emigration, forcing Moscow to encourage immigration from Central Asia and other parts of the world just to stave off a complete demographic collapse.

Analysts at Stratfor, a foreign affairs and intelligence publisher, however, warn that Russia’s strategy of mitigating its population decline by encouraging immigrants is highly problematic, predicting that it will cause Moscow to face “greater difficulties associated with managing domestic ethnic tensions and political instability” in the future.

While China is also facing significant demographic challengesas a result of its ill-conceived “one-child” policy, Beijing has plenty of time to develop meaningful policies that would stabilize long-term population growth. Moscow, on the other hand, does not have this luxury.

Military Modernization

In short, a declining population and an unstable economy mean that Russia will be unable to keep up its current rate of military modernization in the coming years. While Moscow has undoubtedly made progress in updating its strategic offensive capabilities, including its nuclear arsenal, Russia’s pace of military innovation will be naturally limited by its feeble socio-economic outlook.

Competing with the U.S. military in terms of both size and technological advancement is a lot easier for China, however, which has used its rapid economic growth in recent decades to fund an ambitious military build-up, take advantage of its trading partners, and bind smaller countries to its orbit with infrastructure investments that have strategic strings attached.

China’s bellicose behavior on the world stage is also far more impactful and consequential than Russia’s. For decades, Beijing has controlled North Korea as a geopolitical puppet, providing economic aid and diplomatic cover for Pyongyang’s pursuit of nuclear weapons. The Chinese military has also become increasingly aggressive in the disputed waters of the South China Sea, building artificial islands and military bases in areas claimed by U.S. allies such as Japan and the Philippines.

In just the past few years, in fact, the Chinese Navy has grown to become the world’s biggest fleet, as measured by the total number of combat vessels, and experts say it is now able to outmatch the U.S. Navy in the three seas adjacent to the Chinese mainland. With China expanding its navy at a faster rate than any other country, the U.S. security situation will continue to deteriorate unless American leaders assertively respond to the threat.

While Russia’s territorial ambitions in Eastern Europe—especially its illegal annexation of Crimea—should rightfully concern the United States and its allies, NATO exists specifically to counter that very threat. The global security tensions created by China in East Asia, on the other hand, are truly unprecedented, and there is no established institution to coordinate the free world’s response.

President Trump’s policy of expanding the U.S. Navy to 355 ships is expressly designed to contain the Chinese threat, yet the Democrats running for president apparently aren’t interested in tackling this challenge, because none of them even mentioned China’s military build-up during the presidential debates. While a few candidates at the first debate did identify China as America’s greatest geopolitical threat, they focused exclusively on the economic side of the issue, and didn’t explain how their approach to China would differ from President Trump’s.

American policy makers can’t afford to ignore Russia entirely, of course. But Donald Trump has been far more aggressive toward Moscow than his predecessor, imposing strategic sanctions in response to Russian expansionism and cyberattacks while simultaneously cajoling our NATO allies into meeting their defense spending commitments so that the Western alliance remains prepared to deal with any future bellicosity from Russia. The President is also actively trying to prevent NATO allies from signing agreements to purchasenatural gas from Russia as the United States becomes the world’s largest source of this strategically critical resource.

Many Democrats seem to think that Russia is America’s most formidable geopolitical foe, but that’s just another naive, outdated, and dangerous foreign policy vision from the Party that has made mishandling foreign affairs its trademark. China is the real threat to U.S. interests today, and any presidential candidate who fails to grasp this basic fact should not be running for the highest office in the land.

Reprinted with permission from - The Epoch Times - by Steven Rogers

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3 years ago

The democrats can’t be trusted.

Reid Saunders
3 years ago

I just wish some of the supposed intellengensia of our diplomatic community would pay attention to commentaries like this.that

cecil welch
3 years ago

AMAC, when I post my comments and push the “POST COMMENTS button, it disappears? Can you explain please? CW.

cecil welch
3 years ago

Great comment Todd. NONE of this contenders are qualified to manage this country. CW

Keith H
3 years ago

China is their buddy, they like the fact that they kill Christians, and they are helping the little alien Zuckerturd create a social credit score and bring it to America to use against us. Plus helping Google to sensor the American people. Their already doing it in their country. China kills all its gays and Democrats are teaming up with the Muslims to do the same thing here.. Russia protects Christians, And the Democrats can’t have that. Democrats hate America. They hate our flag. They are the party of the KKK. All they want is power. And they will kill anyone who gets in their way !! Look at all the babies they kill !! Pathetic bunch of Demons !!!

3 years ago

Liberalism is an i curable disease. It’s like stupid even duck tape cannot fix it. But it can muffle The noise from it.

3 years ago

Has anyone read the book, The Late Great Planet Earth, by Hal Linsey. It has been said by Profits, Beware of the Dragons, which is China.

3 years ago

Democrats/Socialists-Their light are on, but their not home. Anything they say is a lie. They can’t be trusted.

Greg Russell
3 years ago

Look, demon-crats are domestic terrorists. Period. The U.S. House of Representatives is a carnival side-show, full of socialists, mooslims, sexual perverts, and other assorted fruits and nuts. They refuse to do their jobs, that being the work of We the People. They are completely obsessed with stalking, harassing, threatening, intimidating, and obstructing this President. I`ve never seen such a wide assortment of anti-America, criminals and goons in U.S. government.

Levon Baxley
3 years ago

The worse enemy of the United States is the DEMOCRATS !!

3 years ago

I’m sorry to completely change the subject, but I have a question. What hoops did O’Bama jump through to remove the citizenship question from the census? It seems if he can remove it, Trump should be able to put it back. Did Obama have to go to court, etc.?

3 years ago
Reply to  Juniper

Obama is a democrat. All democrats “obey”, all Republicans are afraid to oppose, and media outlets either design strategies to promote the democrat position, or completely avoid reporting on the topic. So the people are never really informed … it’s the way they want it. This very scenario played out in “Fast & Furious” gun-running, IRS harassment scandal, and is still going on with Hillary and the Dem’s “plan” to get rid of Trump. Think back to Majority Leader Harry Reid and how he used the Senate’s “Nuclear Option” to confirm hundreds of well placed Obama Federal Judges. That move is now paying off … big time. Every move Trump makes is stopped by these “Obama judges” who stand-by just waiting for their signal to obstruct President Trump’s governing. On the Republican side, they manage some feeble opposition. Pathetic. P.S. Remember Speaker Boehner saying – our hands are tied, we only control one half of one third of the government? Well Speaker Pelosi is in the same position …. but compare the results. Pelosi is running the Government, Boehner couldn’t wait to go home each day.

Jack Thomas
3 years ago

The article re: China as our greatest geopolitical threat is dead on target. And if the voting American public doesn’t wake up and smell the roses by 2020 and allows the Democrats to retake the White House, our constitutional republic will be dead on arrival (D.O.A.)

3 years ago

Seems like Kennedy and Russia (see article) mirror Biden and China. This article is on the money. It has caused me to pray a little longer today.

Big Al
3 years ago

Just a diversion from the fact that Democrats are the real threat.

John Hickman
3 years ago

China also has more people in it than any other country an alot more people in there army so they are a country to paid attention to

Ed LaPinskas
3 years ago
Reply to  John Hickman

John, the next ‘war’ will be of the push button type. Don’t worry about the ‘manned army.’

3 years ago

China is clearly the #1 threat. Russia lacks the economic or military strength to be a threat in those categories. Yes they can disrupt foreign affairs (e.g., Syria, Iran, Venezuela). But they have only single weapon category, cybersecurity. We know that and we can take steps to mitigate that threat (though not totally eliminate the effects).

The Chinese financial threat is overstated. They actually represent a small portion of the potential financial impact. BUT, they are a military threat as they build their navy and usurp space in Southeast Asian seas; a threat to trade and our position as the world leader; tacitly support North Korea; provide oil markets to Iran; place spies in the US through college education avenues; and, of course cyber raids wantonly against the US government and businesses.

They run a capitalist micro economic system within a Marxist system and a totalitarian government.

The Chinese do not make plans and decisions based upon results for this year or next year as we do in the US (and generally the Western democracies. They consider issues in terms of generations and even centuries. Long term for the West is an election cycle. That is the real danger.

Mark Jebe
3 years ago

While everything the author says is true, I think the piece misses the point: Why do the Democrats emphasize Russia and de-emphasize China?

Because they’ve carefully constructed a Russia-collusion narrative aimed at Trump, while the country that actually hacked Hillary’s server was China, (Shortly after which the Chinese rolled up the CIA’s entire network in China, executing over 30 of our agents.) and the perpetrators of the DNC server “hack” (which was an inside job, since the data transfer rates were too high for an internet connection) weren’t Russian, they were fake IT experts (one of whom actually worked as a counter person at McDonalds) whom Debbie Wasserman Schultz gave access to private Congressional communications, whom she paid millions of dollars before they were found out, and who escaped to Pakistan with the stolen data before they could be questioned by the FBI, (And shortly after Wasserman Schultz destroyed the hard drive from her DNC laptop.)

This all has nothing to do with the Democrats’ worldview. It has to do with obstructing Trump’s efforts and regaining political power in the next election cycle. The Mueller investigation gave them back the House, and the Supreme Court is still a leftist mechanism for defeating the Constitution. McConnell’s Senate is next to worthless. If they can just take back the Presidency they’ll have what they need to shove us back under the rocks from whence they think we came.

Desert Dude
3 years ago
Reply to  Mark Jebe

Mark, you have a keen insight into that which is going on behind the curtain.

Paul W
3 years ago

Excellent article. They are both problems, but China is unquestionably is the bigger threat. From the article, “Former Vice President Joe Biden didn’t address China during the debate, but he has previously scoffed at the notion that China poses a threat to U.S. interests, even claiming that “they’re not competition for us.”–of course he feels that way. he and his spawn are in cahoots with China. Feinstein employed a Chinese spy. I put the initial blame squarely on the clintons. They gave away the store years ago.

Paul W
3 years ago
Reply to  Paul W

Oops–one too many “is” in the second sentence.

3 years ago
Reply to  Paul W

Exactly. Clinton sold them missile guidance systems… for campaign cash for Billary to run for the Senate.

Paul W
3 years ago
Reply to  RC100

Traitors, the both of them. I’m not vindictive, but they should’ve been treated like the Rosenbergs. They’ve dealt this country a lot of harm.

3 years ago

First of all, a democrat should never be asked such a complex question, They like the simple stuff that allow handouts to their constituents … Tuition, Healthcare, home purchase, reparations, and above all their new money-maker “CLIMATE CHANGE”. Any question where an answer requires some knowledge of an adversary’s historical behavior and analysis of their foreign policies, would be like speaking in a different language. Foreign policy to a democrat is dictated from on high … individual opinions are not allowed. P.S. Russia, China. China, Russia … both equal-opportunity threats and should be watched closely.

3 years ago

Let’s make all senators and Congress take same medical crap that isn’t worth it as we have too!!!

3 years ago
Reply to  Barb

Legislators makes the laws, President will sign or veto. Let the laws that they pass also apply to them, such as social security, medicare, etc.
What is good enough for the rest of American citizens should be the same for them with no special privileges. Term limits should also be a part of their service.
Now they should get to work and quit this bickering. Enough is enough!

Mark Jebe
3 years ago
Reply to  elaine

Imagine graduating from high school, going to work at 18 and retiring with a pension at 23. Too good to be true? Well, that’s almost the same as the deal Congress gave itself.

Senators and Congressmen qualify for their pensions after spending 5 years in office. So, all a Senator has to do is win 1 election and avoid being recalled or impeached for 5 years and his or her financial future is secure. Congressmen must win 3 elections and avoid being recalled or impeached for 5 years.

So, long before she says we’ll have destroyed the Earth (January 2031), AOC will have served long enough to qualify for a tax-supported pension for the rest of her life. Maybe she’ll retire early and move to Mars.

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