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Democrats Aim to Create a New Army of Taxpayer-Funded Climate Activists With $3.5 Trillion Spending Plan

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Speaker of the House Leader Nancy Pelosi has missed yet another self-imposed deadline. This time her goal of advancing both a bipartisan $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill as well as the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation plan (known formally as the Build Back Better Act) is failing in the face of opposition from moderates within her own party. Pelosi is now attempting to salvage Biden’s legislative agenda before her new Halloween deadline. But, as efforts to bring down the overall price tag of Biden’s plan in order to appease moderates have ramped up, opponents of the bill have had more time to review its actual contents, revealing just how radical this legislation truly is.

One of the most scrutinized provisions of the bill is the proposed $10 billion allocation for a “Civilian Climate Corps” (CCC), also sometimes referred to as the “Climate Conservation Corps,” which is billed as a 21st century version of the New-Deal era Civilian Conservation Corps.

The original CCC was launched in 1933 by President Franklin Roosevelt. The program put young, unemployed men across the country on the government payroll, giving them the opportunity to learn skills while improving the nation’s public lands. Members of the original CCC were all males aged 18-25, and they are largely responsible for much of the infrastructure in America’s national parks. The program had an explicit focus on intense physical labor and instilling “manliness” in young Americans. While vocational training and infrastructure projects were later incorporated into the program, there was always an aggressive focus on masculinity, self-reliance, patriotism, and independence.

The new CCC program Biden is proposing would emphasize recruiting young men and women not to act as stewards of public lands in order to preserve them for the enjoyment of future generations, but to “fight climate change.” According to President Biden’s original executive order, the Civilian Climate Corps would:

“…Conserve and restore public lands and waters, bolster community resilience, increase reforestation, increase carbon sequestration in the agricultural sector, protect biodiversity, improve access to recreation, and address the changing climate.”

The Brookings Institute, a D.C. based think tank, has noted that to be effective, compensation for members of the new CCC would start at $15 dollars an hour and increase to match the cost of living in each region. This would be in addition to room, board, and an educational grant of as much as $50,000. The compensation plan would give average members a larger salary, more benefits, and more freedom than the average junior enlistee in the United States Military.

In terms of the actual work, most proposals are noticeably vague. The new CCC could not engage in large scale public works without undercutting union labor. Their mandate for other activities would bring them into direct conflict with local projects as well as national programs. There are already numerous service organizations emphasizing conservation, including the Corps Network, AmeriCorps, and the Conservation Network, to name a few.

Additionally, there is little clear guidance as to how this large national program would substantively reduce carbon emissions. Even an advocate for the new CCC, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), has stated that “emissions reduction, obviously, is the goal we need to achieve for the sake of safety…I support a Civilian Climate Corps. It just doesn’t measurably reduce emissions.” In short, there is little a Civilian Climate Corps can do to measurably “save” the climate.

Republicans fear the real effect of the new CCC would be to create an army of state-sponsored environmental activists bent on promoting progressive ideology and initiatives. As noted by the Washington Post, Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) questioned what new CCC would mean in practice: “Does it mean a taxpayer-funded community organizing effort? Young climate pioneers in every neighborhood to report on who is watering their lawn, whose fireplace is smoking, who is spreading forbidden climate disinformation?”

As dystopian as that may sound, this wouldn’t be the first such program in the United States. Under a recently enacted New York City provision, citizens are encouraged to report idling cars to the police, and will be compensated twenty-five percent of any fine that the motorist incurs. It’s not far-fetched to imagine congressional Democrats attempting to roll out a similar program nationwide with their brand new army of climate activists to enforce new onerous environmental regulations – especially if other parts of the “Green New Deal” become law.

Regardless, much like H.R. 1, restrictions on gun ownership, defunding the police, and a host of other radical policy priorities, it’s unlikely that the progressive dream for the new CCC is going anywhere, even if it doesn’t make it into the final spending plan. Democrats have labeled climate change a top national security issue. Accordingly, they’re going to need an army to combat the threat – even if that threat is ordinary Americans in communities large and small throughout the country who just want the opportunity to make a living free from government interference.

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[…] Americans can expect even more radical changes to their everyday lives, from higher taxes to government-funded climate warriors knocking on their […]

3 months ago

Global-ony is second only to Covid as the biggest scandal and scam of the century.

3 months ago

I wonder if Biden’s stewards of public lands will be dressed in brown shirts and use the goose-step in parades?

3 months ago

Yes, Another Stupid Move by our Socialist President!God Help us!

3 months ago

“it’s unlikely that the progressive dream for the new CCC is going anywhere”. How can we be sure that this does not happen? Who is watching this? This is Government openly spying on Americans and cannot happen. It’s bad enough that this is what the FISA courts are doing, and now this?

3 months ago

Ha ha ha, this is funny. We worry about “climate change” and don’t care about our leadership or strength in the world. One nuclear weapon tossed our way and the last thing you will think about is “climate change”. Priorities, priorities.

james Carlyle
3 months ago

It is apparent that this CCC is designed to create a “Climate Crisis” to provide justification for the GND which does not presently have one to address.

3 months ago

l wiII NOT compIy.

3 months ago

The CCC reminded of the Brown Shirts in NAZI Germany that were form to counter dissent and round up Jews . They were allowed any means , including violence.
The CCC would eventually be given the same power to stop any opposition to the climate cause.

3 months ago

I wouldn’t bet on Republicans to stop it ! They give in yo everything the communist want !

Andy Henderson
3 months ago

Climate change is the new word for Socialism. It will only foster government control of everything and create an army of spies and snitches. This humongous waste of taxpayers’ money will only succeed in crushing debt and more misery for regular citizens. I hope it fails miserably.

Stephen Russell
3 months ago

& do what? drive around in EVs ??
What explain

3 months ago

As long as China and the rest of the industrial nations around the world don’t cut back their carbon omissions United States cannot do it alone but even though we have reduce our carbon emission and probably got the best of anywhere in the world there’s no pressure coming from the government of the United States on China to reduce their carbon this is a big scam to steal more money from the American people people has to wake up all this is is a scam let’s do our business here in our country make America first we need to stop spending money all over the world and take care of our business here at home we know when they send money out to the other side of the world all over most of the money is not going to wear it supposed to be going it’s another scam that the government has pulled over on the American people for many of years it’s all coming to light now Donald Trump has open the door job for the fraud that’s going on in our country and he’s even shocked how bad it is and how corrupt our government is from top to bottom and all the three letter alphabets are corrupt time to clean out all the three letter alphabet start over too many people has become comfortable in this position and they become so corrupt that it’s pathetic let me know more foreign aid to any country 

3 months ago

Makes me wonder what other subversive seeds are imbedded in the Biden’s BBB bill.

3 months ago

This is the beginning of the “BROWN SHIRTS” in Germany

3 months ago

This is 2021 not 1933.No one has experienced a Depression since then.My point is this is a far fetched idea

3 months ago

I think they caught the STUPID VIRUS, we need Trump to Warp Speed a vacinne to stop the spread!

3 months ago

This just gets more and more strange by the minute..ha!

3 months ago

Creepy Joe and company are dangerous. He is intent on fostering the kind of inflation that was the death of the Weimer Republic in Germany and led to the Nazi takeover.

3 months ago

Ouch! . . . Just listening to LYING JOE spewing His Climate Change Garbage as how we NEED TO DEVELOP SOLAR AND WIND POWER! . . . The ONLY WIND POWER IS COMING FROM HIS MOUTH!

3 months ago
Reply to  Rik

Hey Rik, China manufactures nearly 95 percent of the world’s solar panels and they already own a majority share of the minerals and materials used to build wind turbines. Joe is just doing what is best for the country that owns him lock, stock and barrel and it isn’t us. So expect much higher energy costs going forward. We have to catch up to the absurd energy prices paid by the Europeans and the rest of Asia.

Joanne De Calonne
3 months ago
Reply to  Rik

Yes only wind power comes from Bidens lying mouth and Schumers failure to practice in good faith Yes also Nasty

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