“Dark Money” Democrats Spend Millions to Stop Kavanaugh Confirmation

cash harmless provisions savings tax corporations moneyWhen a political action group called “Demand Justice” launches their $5 million attack on Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court, you’ll know who’s leading the charge: former staffers from the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton’s campaign, like Demand Justice’s executive director Brian Fallon.

You’ll know their strategy: TV ads in Maine, Alaska, West Virginia, Indiana and North Dakota, to reach swing votes in the U.S. Senate.

What you won’t know—and probably never will—is who put up the $5 million to pay for the attack ads. Who’s writing the checks to keep a Supreme Court nominee off the bench?

Welcome to the world of “Dark Money” politics—which Democrats simultaneously decry and embrace.

Take Sen. Elizabeth Warren, for example. She’s often complained that “Right-wing billionaires are pouring buckets of dark money” into political campaigns.  “One of the principal tools rich and powerful people use is dark money,” Sen. Liz Warren said in April. “They have created an evasive enemy that slithers out of sight, with only a glimpse here or there.”

Yet she’s one of the senators working with Demand Justice to try and block Kavanaugh’s confirmation. In fact, Warren has met with–and taken money from— “dark money” organizations like Democracy Alliance, who use millions from anonymous donors to promote Democratic causes.

And hours before President Trump announced he was nominating Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court, Sen. Chuck Schumer was already bemoaning “the influence of dark money in our politics.”

Liberals love attacking the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling that rolled back restrictions of campaign funding and made the current system possible. The media love the “campaign finance” issue, too. In fact, you’ve probably seen a story on CNN or MSNBC about the Judicial Crisis Network, a conservative organization advocating Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

But chances are you’ve seen or heard little about their liberal counterpart, Demand Justice, or the complex, layered funding system it’s using to keep its donors secret.

Not that they’re breaking the law.  Demand Justice has set itself up as a so-called “social welfare organization,” or 501(c)(4), and they are allowed to advocate for causes under certain limits. For example, politics has to be less than half of what the organization does. As long as they obey the rules, they can raise money, run ads, and never reveal their donors.

The irony is that progressive groups are using Judge Kavanaugh’s jurisprudence—because money can be used to pay for political speech (TV ads, websites, etc) it should be given First Amendment protections similar to speech—to raise these off-the-record millions to attack him.

Not only that, but Demand Justice in particular has a complicated pedigree.  Demand Justice is essentially a front for yet another “dark money” organization—a tax-exempt social welfare organization called the Sixteen Thirty Fund that is acting as Demand Justice’s fiscal sponsor. “Donors who steer money to Demand Justice would report donations to the fiscal sponsor rather than Demand Justice itself, adding an extra layer of secrecy that further obscures the source of funds,” says the Center for Responsive Politics.  This system allows Demand Justice to avoid filing a nonprofit 990 tax return, so there will be virtually no formal record of their activities opposing Kavanaugh.

So liberal millionaires and far-Left activists give money to the Sixteen Thirty Fund, which in turn uses that money to fund Demand Justice, which uses that money to buy TV ads to influence swing votes in the U.S. Senate in an attempt to stop a democratically-elected president from filling a vacancy on the Supreme Court—all with money from undisclosed sources.

And all the while, Schumer and Warren are attacking Kavanaugh for his defense of free speech that makes this “dark money” funding possible.

Once again, both sides use the current campaign finance system to advance their cause. Beth Kanter, a spokesperson for the Sixteen Thirty Fund umbrella group, insisted to the AP that they “strictly follows all laws.”

In a less than forthcoming op-ed for USA Today, Fallon defended Demand Justice’s “dark money” by saying “thousands of grassroots donors have invested in our fight to save our courts from Trump. The average online donation is just $30.”  What the former Hillary advisor fails to mention is that their “fiscal sponsor,” the Sixteen Thirty Fund, listed 60 donors on their most recent tax return who, according to the AP, donated $21 million in contributions of up to $7.3 million.

“We have a diverse set of donors that share our commitment to social justice,” Kanter said.

Maybe. Maybe not.  We’ll never know. What we do know is that they’re millionaires and billionaires who want to make an impact on the political process.

In secret.

Reprinted with permission from - Inside Sources - by Michael Graham

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4 years ago

If it was a liberal judge it would be conservative dark money against em. So transparency is need across the board.

4 years ago

Why do we keep letting them get away with this crap? Bunch of spoiled rotten loudmouth brats!

4 years ago

God bless America. Please do not let the Democrats bring more immorality to our country.

this is
4 years ago

We pray that God will step in and take care of everything that is right, and upset what the Elites are doing to keep Kavanaugh from getting the confirmation. Things are going on now behind the scenes not only in Washington but all over that most of us are not aware of, but our trust in God will soon expose it. So people, pray for justice..

Martin Steed
4 years ago

Do da name George Soros sound familiar??????????????

Pat R
4 years ago

Plus they’re now going after Judge Kavanaugh’s wife. Spouses and children were ‘supposed’ to be left alone. Talk about dirty politics, the big money has only perpetuated and multiplied it. That ruling was one of bigger ones that removed government from the people.

4 years ago

Well…with the present makeup of the senate, I question whether any nominee from President Trump will get confirmed. The numbers indicate that the Republican Party has a slim majority of members with an R behind their name, but that means very little in today’s world.. Having an R behind a politician’s name these days doesn’t mean much As I see it, we have four so-called Republican senators who I believe are Democrats wearing Republican cloaks, the worst of which is Senator John McCain. and he hasn’t even showed up for work for near eight months.. The only thing that can save any of President Trump’s nominees is for a delay until after the mid-term elections, and Real Republicans tale control of the senate, then maybe, just maybe, some sense will be brought back into our government. If not, I’m afraid our Ship of State is heading into some rough seas that may sink hrr..,

4 years ago

The democratic party is trying to “Bork” Judge Kavanaugh. Call your U.S. Senator and tell them you want them to stop this hypocrisy.

this is
4 years ago
Reply to  Diogenes

Unfortunately, some of those senators are against Kavanaugh’s confirmation. I’m from CA so you know who I am talking about!!!!

4 years ago

What they really mean is they are terrified Trump has nominated a man who upholds the Constitution and enforces laws as written, rather than liberal legislating from the bench as the 3 liberal ladies whose opinions are what they want to see, not what is there.

this is
4 years ago
Reply to  Jackie

It’s been prophesied that the Supreme Court is not immune to evil and that 2 Justices will be removed due to their “back-door” dealings. This is not a prediction but a prophesy from “up above.” The names have not been revealed but I can guess at one of them. Things are happening folks, so pay attention to the truth and not the fake news media who only want to spread doom and gloom and get everyone upset and depressed and believing in their lies.

4 years ago

The Democratic Party has gone off the deep end, God help us.

4 years ago

I will NEVER vote any Democrat. Anyone who knows the truth and history about the Democrats and loves America will not vote for any Democrat. Party and power comes before whats good for America and the American People. Too many Democrats vote the why their leaders tell them to vote rather than what the people want.

4 years ago

It’s an easy decision to know who to support: If the left and the Rino’s attack them, they have to be good for the country.

Linda Bethel
4 years ago

Money probably Soros or Steyer. Informative people swill not be swayed. Remember all the money poured into Hilary’s campaign out spent Trumps.

this is
4 years ago
Reply to  Linda Bethel

Not only Soros or Steyer, but big corporations as well who belong to the deep state or Cabal…that list is very long, folks. I can’t imagine why people like them with all their money, would not want what is best for America, it’s people, have respect for our nation of laws instead of berating them, help this country to become prosperous. But I think I know the answer to that…Pres. Trump is upsetting their “agenda” and they get their marching orders from some “higher ups” in this world who want to control all of us, so they are creating a “war” against Trump and the confirmation of a conservative judge like Kavanaugh who will further upset their work. I call that “political bullying” and shame on them for acting like spoiled, over-grown kids with too much money to toss around like candy. But, that’s okay as God, through Pres. Trump, is exposing all the evil people and they will be dealt with very soon. That has been prophesied…not predicted.

Peggy McCormack
4 years ago

If only, the media would report the real news, a lot of this conflict would not be happening. If the Democrats wants to destroy a reputation of a person they go at it with a degree of hate that I have never known. They are out to destroy regardless of that person credibility. Power is a destructive thing and the media and Democrats are out in full force. They have already said they are not going to vote for Kavanaugh so why try to destroy him? Why? Because of Trump? It makes me wonder if all this hatred is not because Hillary lost the election or is it because the take over of our country was interrupted with the election of Trump or any other Republican. Unfortunately a lot of people believe all the lies that are said daily.

Robert Schwartz
4 years ago

Name names, everyone knows big money infuences politics.

Michael Jones
4 years ago

If this subject was not so sad and outrageous, i fear I would be laughing. These same “Black Money” participants are the ones decrying election fraud and meddling. Sounds like a whole lot of meddling going on here. Sure wish President Trump could have more then 8 yrs in office because it is going to take many yrs beyond his time to fix what is wrong in this Country. Perhaps if the mid-term goes as many of us hope, that time can be cut down.

4 years ago

What to expect when criminals are worried about a judge…Dark Justice…Voters should vote against any candidate who won’t support the nomination of Brett Kavannaugh as Supreme Court Justice. This includes Vermont’s RINO Governor Phil Scott. He must have reason to personally fear an honest justice on the court. He’s certainly already given us Vermonters reason to suspect him, ever since he’s taken office. When he decided to join in the Democrat/Socialist/Progressive/Swamp attack against the President of the United States, I decided he would not have my vote next election, even though I’m ashamed to admit I voted for him in the last. I and so many others got snookered.

Martin Steed
4 years ago
Reply to  Clara

You’re worried about your RINO governor and have been re-electing for years your Dem Senator, Pat Lahey (not sure of the spelling) who long ago had his security clearance revoked because he leaked TS information he got during a classified briefing.

4 years ago

So much for transparency. Why is this funding even allowed? This just makes it possible for a few rich people to influence the government that we the little people have very little control of. Maybe part of MAGA is getting rid off this kind of fund raising. If you want to raise money for a particular organization or movement, you should have to take ownership and be accountable for your donations.

Martin Steed
4 years ago
Reply to  Darryl

Didn’t used to be that way. Campaign Finance Reform, passed by the Dems and a few RINO’s including good ol’ John McCain, was touted as getting “the money out of politics”. Of course it did just the opposite, AND, it allows it to be hidden. Remember when LLoyd Bentsen used to be called the Senator from Texaco? Sure he was bought and paid for by Big Oil. Everybody knew it and it didn’t matter. BUT, just who is behind Elizabeth Warren? It sure as hell isn’t the American Indian Movement! They ALL get BIG money but now it gets filtered through PACs and “Americans for (or against) ___________ (fill in the blank) and the people don’t know. You can no longer “Follow the Money”.

this is
4 years ago
Reply to  Darryl

Those people with so much money must be part of the deep state or Cabal, and don’t want America to succeed as they want a one world order govt. and want America to be brought down to its knees. And if they don’t want a conservative Justice in the Supreme Court, we can only guess at what it is that they are trying to prevent from happening….that the Supreme Court with conservative Justices could shatter their big plans, perhaps?? I pray that God will be with Kavanaugh in his getting confirmed! Time to get rid of all evil-doers and their dark money.and render them powerless. God is in charge and not those dark money donors.

michael failla
4 years ago

Sounds like alinsky 101 to me.

4 years ago

All the more reason to vote for Kavanaugh, appears to be a good man. All American man. I vote for the opposite of what the Dems. say. They are not to be trusted.

Mable Cole
4 years ago
Reply to  Donel


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