CNN Boldly Decides It No Longer Needs Reliable Sources

CNN building jurors ManafortOn July 27, CNN aired a news story in which it claimed President Donald Trump had advance knowledge of the meeting at Trump Tower between members of his campaign team and two Russians working with Fusion GPS. Despite the fact Trump has repeatedly stated that he didn’t know about this meeting until after it had occurred, two anonymous sources assured CNN that former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen personally witnessed the then-candidate for the presidency being told the details about the forthcoming meeting. The two sources went on to claim that Cohen wanted to make this assertion to special counsel Robert Mueller.

So excited was the mainstream media by this anonymously sourced story that it dominated the headlines for days. Trump was caught now! Soon, Mueller would have Cohen under oath before a grand jury, and then Trump’s collusion with the two Russians at the Trump Tower meeting, Natalia Veselnitskaya and Rinat Akhmetshin, would be fully exposed!

Never mind the fact that by this point, it’s been revealed these two Russian lobbyists were affiliated with Fusion GPS, the same research firm that produced the Steele dossier, which had sent them to this meeting to lobby Trump’s team against the Magnitsky Act sanctions.

There has been a very interesting development in this story since CNN published their article.

Michael Cohen’s lawyer, longtime Clinton associate Lanny Davis, outed himself publicly as one of the anonymous sources for the story, and recanted. He did this live on camera during a television interview with Anderson Cooper … on CNN.

In fact, it now looks as if Davis is making an apology tour, since, in just the past three days, he’s recanted both the Trump Tower story and another story for which it appears he was a key anonymous source.

Davis has gone on to recant a story in which he claimed Trump also had advance knowledge of the Russian hacking of Democratic emails. Davis had claimed this was another thing that Cohen looked forward to telling Mueller.

And it gets worse. Just as several media outlets began driving a new narrative based on leaks that claim Mueller’s special counsel team has “evidence” that places Cohen in Prague in 2016, here came Davis in several televised interviews to categorically state Cohen had never been to Prague, and not only that, all the other allegations about his client that appear in Christopher Steele’s dossier are also not true.

If you are counting, that’s three major narratives the mainstream media have been pushing hard that Davis has called into question in just one week.

Even more problematic for CNN: In its report on the Trump Tower meeting, the network stated that Davis refused to comment on the story when CNN gave him a chance to respond to … himself. It stated, “Contacted by CNN, one of Cohen’s lawyers, Lanny Davis, declined to comment.”

Got that? The guy who gave CNN this “scoop” off the record about Trump knowing the Trump Tower meeting was going to happen was asked by CNN for comment on the story, and he declined to respond to himself on the record. You can’t make it up at this point.

While Davis has publicly apologized several times over the last few days for misleading the reporters in several news stories for which he was an anonymous source, the response CNN has made to this has been truly astonishing.

CNN has yet to issue a retraction or even a correction of the original story. It has updated the false story only once at this point, on the same day the article went up, to add in a few quotes from President Trump and his lawyer, Rudy Guiliani.

The Daily Caller’s news editor, Amber Athey, best summed up the problem with this Aug. 27 tweet:

“CNN can resort to the ‘we’re just reporting on what sources claimed’ defense, but that doesn’t explain why they haven’t reported on or updated with the additional information that calls into serious question what those sources claimed.”

As Chuck Ross, reporter for The Daily Caller, and others have noted with some bemusement, CNN not only will not correct the record, they are actually embargoing any mention of Davis’s public recantation—the one he made on air on their own network.

The television news channel won’t even acknowledge that Davis has changed his tune. Brian Stelter, the host of the CNN program “Reliable Sources,” defiantly stated that CNN was standing behind its reporting on the Trump Tower story despite Davis’s retraction.

This “news” network is so desperate for some kind of payoff to their two-year-long pushing of the Trump–Russia narrative that they can’t let go of their last shred of hope. They want to believe Trump knew about this meeting at Trump Tower, so they’ll stand by the story even after their main source admits he lied to them. This isn’t journalism—this is fanaticism.

CNN should be commended for at last dropping its mask and ending the charade of being any kind of objective, neutral news organization. It’s a propaganda arm of the Democratic National Committee, nothing more.

When a major source you used for a news story later recants what they told you, journalistic ethics should compel you to note this development in your further reporting on that story.

That is, if you have any journalistic ethics. And it’s becoming increasingly clear that CNN does not.

Reprinted with permission from - The Epoch Times - by Brian Cates

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4 years ago

CNN is a joke and not truthful……………………………………………………………………..

4 years ago

Who needs CNN for a reliable NEWS source?

4 years ago

I have not watched CNN (aka crazy numb-nuts) since the Obama campaign and also avoid so much as seeing Anderson Cooper even if he is being quoted on other news networks. We all would be doing ourselves a favor along with the other networks by ignoring these biased idiots at all cost.

4 years ago

When is the Clinton News Network going to report on the progress of investigating Hillary’s espionage, sedition and money laundering. NEVER! Their objective is to use innuendo, and heresy to chip away at this president rather than report real news. Unfortunatly all airports show them as background noise for entertainment, and entertainment (not accuracy) is all they are.

Amelia Little
4 years ago

Many of the msm media buffoons have their heads and egos swollen, thinking they can convince us mere mortals what they say is golden. Unfortunately there are still people who do still hand on their every word, but it is less and less each day. When you are (in your own mind) top dog on the top of the heap–in this instance the manure heap–you feel that, whatever you say, whatever you make up is going to be taken as THE TRUTH. No need to, like the in days of real journalism, check the sources, check the stories before printing them, or putting them over the airwaves. And, when it is PROVEN that the source was wrong or lying, the information is FALSE and FAKE–just keep on repeating, hoping some people will never hear about that. Or, just drop the story altogether. Some outlets might put a correction hidden somewhere (usually print) but, there are those who, okay, drop the story, no correction, on to the next mythical scandal.

4 years ago

CNN fake? Not exactly a news bulletin.

Brett Morton
4 years ago

The DNC, along with their corrupt media minions, has become the party of the anarchists. It is interesting to see the similarities between George Orwell’s ‘1984’ and Ray Bradbury’s ‘Fahrenheit 451’. Fact is stranger then fiction!!
Paul J. Goebbels would be proud of the USA’s un-american media.

Dr. Sam Adams
4 years ago

CNN means the Created New Network. It’s news created by the way of deception, confusion, and distortion. All to make evil good and good evil. Their reliable source is Satan himself.

4 years ago

CNN is on a downward spiral and I suspect the senior editors are getting desperate. A continued slide in AdWeek (and other) ratings will result in reduced ad revenue rates, meaning CNN will either have to reduce expenses or increase ad-time/broadcast hour, neither of which will provide any improvement in their content. If it continues its slide, TBS (owner) will likely have to go in and make changes. Their hail mary strategy of trying to find anything that will be a revelation in the Trump-demise doctrine is simply making their situation worse. And the great irony here is their antics are actually helping Trump. In the first round, it was Hillary who was providing the much needed Trump support….now its the radical left-controlled cable networks. All Trump has to do is to continue to provide results (tax, trade, manufacturing jobs, peace negotiations) and continue to drive the left wing media to distraction and decompensation with his tweets, and he’ll almost certainly get reelected.

Wm Keasberry
4 years ago


4 years ago

Didn’t Carl Bernstein report this story? That’s why CNN will not retract the story. That would make Carl Bernstein a big big liar, which he is!! Does anyone watch Fake News CNN anymore? We do not need that Fake News Network around anyhow!!

4 years ago

Is CNN a backer of the Flat Earth Society?

4 years ago

Networks like CNN are making a mockery out of the national news platform. Recorded canned laughter should be played after every segment on CNN – they really are a joke! The entire investigation of Mr. Trump is a simple case of deflection – the real criminals are the investigation team itself along with the Hillary Campaign. National network news is the democrat party, therefore, we hear nothing about the real criminals. CNN might be the standard by which all fake news is judged, but the others follow closely behind.

4 years ago

All will be right in the land of the Nutjobs , only if the silent majority can deliver the message like the Free Press . Get the tape and play it more than the nutjobs play the Russian whatever of their Man saying our elections are safe there is No Russian interference ! Play until everyone is sick of it !!

4 years ago

Americans know the fake news game. A bit more iceing on the cake dosn’t hurt. While flipping channels during advertisements we might pause for a bit of amusement. You can tell by the reporters demure attitude, they are trying to pull the wool over the audience eyes. It’s pathetic and laughable. I expect that advertisers will loose credibility for supporting such nonsense as well. News would serve our country better by pumping up our greatness and not tearing it down.

Paul McAnaw
4 years ago

CNN is now know as the CLOWN NEWS NETWORK. Anyone with average intelligence and above, stopped watching them years ago.

4 years ago

Who owns CNN? That is the answer to why this news media is in such a dismal state. Those who work there are willing slaves to the extremist. Anything is ok to fool the public.
No truth , no integrity, no remorse!!

4 years ago

We have “Truth in Advertising” laws which are mostly BS. Perhaps we should have “Truth in News and Politics” laws?

Personally there should be LIBEL laws in regards to News?

4 years ago

CNN is a rag reporter, up there with The National Enquirer. You are better off spending your time reading a comic book.

Wayne Godfrey
4 years ago

CNN= Credibility Not Nown (known) lol

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