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CDC Reports Elevated Levels of Influenza; AMAC Urges Those Who Have Not Yet Been Vaccinated Get Flu Shots

flu season shot elderly vaccinated fluNew report suggests the flu may increase the risk of a stroke by as much as 40%

WASHINGTON, DC – There’s still time to get a flu shot if you haven’t done so already, says Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC]. He warns that “it’s turning out to be a major threat to the nation’s health this year, particularly among America’s oldest and youngest populations.”

Weber cites recent Centers for Disease Control [CDC] reports that as many as seven million cases of the flu have been reported so far in the 2018-2019 flu season.  The CDC says that as many as 84,000 people have been hospitalized as a result.

The University of Chicago’s National Opinion Research Center (NORC) polled more than 1,200 participants in a survey conducted in November.  They found that 41% of them had not gotten flu shots and had no intention of getting the vaccine anytime soon.

Weber says that is “an alarming result.  Equally concerning is the fact that nearly a quarter of respondents over the age of 60 said they had no plans to get vaccinated.”

A news release issued by NORC noted that nearly two-thirds of those surveyed were unaware that the 2017-2018 flu season was among the worst on record.  Some 900,000 people were hospitalized and 80,000 died after coming down with the flu.  Most of the deaths were adults 65 and older and children.

“Unfortunately, many people are still not getting flu shots due to broader misconceptions about the value of receiving a flu shot and concerns about the safety and efficacy of the vaccines,” according to NORC’s Caitlin Oppenheimer.

The flu season got off to a slow start last fall, but the CDC now reports that outbreaks of the flu are at elevated levels across the country.

Meanwhile, the Science Daily Web site reported this week that “flu-like illness increased the odds of having a stroke by nearly 40 percent over the next 15 days.”  The report said that the “increased risk remained up to one year.”

AMAC’s Weber urges everyone to heed the CDC’s advice and get a flu shot.  “If you have any doubts, consult your doctor.  Ask him or her whether it is a good idea to skip vaccination.  Indeed, there are those who might be allergic to the vaccine, but the great majority of us don’t fall into that category.  Too many people died last flu season.  Let’s not take risks this year.”


The Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC] [https://www.amac.us] is a vibrant, vital senior advocacy organization that takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests and offering a practical insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.  Live long and make a difference by joining us today at https://amac.us/join-amac.

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3 years ago

A 12 year old boy and a 4 year old girl in MA have just died from the flu. The 12 year old’s family member stated that the entire family had been vaccinated.

I rest my case.

Sheryl S
3 years ago

I can not believe this, I thought this was a conservative group. Yet you urge, recommend the elderly to get a vaccine that can and does most times do more harm then good!!?!

Edwin Barreiro
3 years ago

I am very encouraged by the responses to this article. My daughter and my wife will be making public comments in front of the AICP committee at the CDC in Atlanta on this very issue later this month. We have done a lot of research on vaccines. This is a real problem for our children and even for us adults. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Vaccines are killing us. Vaccines are not being properly tested. We need double-blind placebo studies done on ALL vaccines. Vaccines are not tested the same way other drugs are tested because the drug companies CANNOT be sued for vaccine injuries! Mr. Grimaldi, did you know that the flu shot has not been properly tested and that the vaccine court has paid out billions of dollars for Flu vaccine injuries? Also, many vaccines contain aborted fetus cells!!!!! DO YOUR RESEARCH!

3 years ago

Flu shots do not work well on those over 65! check it out! Flu shots make you more susceptible to flu the next year! and Flu shots only cut the hospitization rate for complications (not the flu itself) by 1-2% of the 6% chance you will get the flu! It has animal and human DNA in vaccines, perservatives, formaldehyde, aluminum and mercury…CDC gets income from vaccines… You are being lied too, the Dr.s take the CDC and pharmaceutical companies research and it is not tested!They don’t test them, they assume they work and say it is unethical to test them properly. The test is giving it to people. What is the results of getting all these vaccines? After 1986 you cannot sue for vaccine injury or death. People do die or are injured from vaccines.(research this !) Vaxxed. You might get a settlement if you wait and ‘prove it’ in 8 years, and you get a hush order. Pharmaceutical companies are the only ones researching and pretty much own the Medical teaching hospitals…Dr.’s are not allowed to go against protocol or lose their license. Yet some Dr. and Nurses have turned against the lack of truth about all the corruption and greed of pharmaceutical companies. The third biggest cause of death is Medical Care mistakes and drugs! Don’t do it! Can’t believe they are giving them to pregnant women! They admit it increases the chance of miscarriage! who knows what else….

3 years ago

Why not focus on healthy lifestyle instead of injecting garbage into a body. I really don’t need Amac telling me what to do…

3 years ago

The only time I got sick was when I was forced to get a flu shot in the Navy!!! WAS SICK FOR TWO WEEKS!! NEVER AGAIN!!

3 years ago

What kind of a kickback are you getting from big pharma to run yet another pro flu shot article? It wasn’t too popular last time!

Gloria P. Sterling
3 years ago

No thanks!!!

Leslie F Ruff
3 years ago

Why would you encourage flu shots? Get educated AMAC

Carol Minehardt
3 years ago

Don’t believe the flu stats. The results are skewed because we older folks have many diseases and they (BIg Pharma and CDC who are co-conspirators to sell vaccines and the biggest lobby cohort in DC is Big Pharma) do not distinguish those who die from multiple disease failure, from those who have contracted the flu. Check it out with but not with the CDC, FDA or any Big Pharma organization. Everyone who dies is lumped into one category -“died of the flu.”

Also all the vaccines are riddled with aluminum, formaldehyde, polysorbates and etc. These are carcinogenic and deadly. They serve to infiltrate the blood brain barrier, hence the neuro toxic results that occur from vaccinations.

Check the web site for VAERS. The government wouldn’t have started this vaccine injury adverse reporting system IF vaccines didn’t cause fatal and life debilitating injuries.

Finally vaccines do not work, only natural immunity grants the ability to keep you healthy. Fix your gut, eat organic when possible, filter your water, don’t use plastics, don’t use Round-up and stay away from the dirty foods. Check out EWG.org.

Terry Fulton
3 years ago

Because of this BS is why I will NOT be renewing my AMAC membership

Ellen M
3 years ago

Gee, AMAC, you sound an awful lot like AARP. Are the Pharmaceutical companies underwriting you? This article is totally unexpected. I really thought you would be writing in a much more neutral way. Perhaps you should give the arguments for both sides and let us decide. Granted, many already have made their decision, but hearing real facts can be educational. Tell people what sites give good information. Stop spouting MSM-speak. I can get that everywhere else.

Bob L.
3 years ago

Influenza (the flu) is ever mutating and the vaccine is always behind the latest strand of the virus. Just like the less dangerous common cold, it’s impossible to make a vaccine to cover all the strands.

I have a question about vaccines, all of them now used in the U.S. Where are they made? A number of the pharmaceuticals and health supplements we take are produced in Red China, a country noted for it’s loose or poor standards of everything they export to us, many times intentionally. With the current political regime in power in Red China right now, I put as little trust in them as would have been due to the 1940 Japanese military government officials if they had been sending us medicines.

3 years ago
Reply to  Bob L.

I have wondered whether some of the difficulties our returning veterans are experiencing actually have more to do with the incredible number of vaccines they are subjected to than to the extremely difficult conditions and experiences of wartime. Our bodies are not designed to withstand this degree of chemical interference.

Larry Lynn Davis
3 years ago

The last time I got this shot was in 1981, I only did it then because I was serving in the US Air Force and I was ordered to do so. Result was I got so sick I almost died. I tend to think this is a money maker for the makers of this crap. They could care less who they hurt to make money.

3 years ago

As much as I agree with AMAC on must things, this is one issue I completely disagree with you. You should not be pushing anyone to get vaccines of any kind. Even cursory research shows that vaccines are dangerous, especially for seniors. Check out The Truth About Vaccines.

3 years ago

Mr. Weber, please do not recommend anything you don’t know about. Tell me, would you trust the government with your health? Would you?

I work in a science-related field, and have a lot of experience with immunization and immunology. I have not gotten a flu shot since the debacle of the ‘swine flu pandemic’ (which never materialized) in 2009.

You see, there is this thing with big pharma with regards to making a lot of money. This year (and previously with the untested, unproven swine flu vaccine which was rushed to market) there is something called squalene, which is being added to the flu shots. It is an ‘adjuvant,’ meaning this substance supposedly ‘soups up’ the immune response. This adjuvant has been approved by the CDC for the 2018-19 flu season. This is a first.

Squalene is shark liver oil. Now, taken as an oral supplement or massaged into your skin may be fine, but having it injected into your body is something else. It was added to the vaccine in Europe, with disastrous results: Alzheimer’s, Guillen-Barre syndrome, death. It was also added to the shots administered to service people before their tours of duty in the Middle East. If I told you that this was the origin of the illness called ‘Gulf War Syndrome’ would you believe me?

Here’s the deal: Big pharma will tell you that squalene will boost your immune response when, in fact, all it does is increases the number of shots you can get from a vial of vaccine; a 10-shot vial becomes 20 shots. Follow the money.

Funny thing: the shots containing squalene (I can’t mention the brand name, but you can look it up) is recommended for people over 65. What does that tell you? A dangerous substance is being marketed to seniors.

As other posters have said, keep your immune system in top form with supplements and exercise. Stay away from obviously sick people. Wash your hands raw and wear a protective mask, if you feel the need.

Do NOT trust the government with your health.

3 years ago

This article is disgustingly disappointing, especially coming from an organization that is supposed to be letting the members give the marching orders. It is full of bogus factoids. The fact is, the flu shot does not protect MOST people from the flu and can make things WORSE for many people, and as noted, it contains aluminum, which, together with fluoridated water, creates aluminum fluoride, which is known to cause lesions in neurons. And that IS what Alzheimer’s is all about. So one runs a slight chance the shot will help, and sets up for long term dementia. Aluminum is POISON to the human body. I wouldn’t eat it, let alone get it injected into my tissues. Doesn’t make sense!

My parents forced me to get an annual flu shot when I was in high school. I got several strep throats a year. When I went to college, I didn’t get the flu shot, and in spite of the fact that I had to walk to class in snowy weather, I did not get the flu or a strep throat all year. I haven’t had the flu shot, a strep throat, or the flu since then, and that was over a half century ago. Never again will I get the flu shot.

There are many natural ways to boost immunity. They work far better, and they are safe. You should be educating us about this, not recommending we take poison into our bodies.

When you repeat fake news like that, with such recommendations, you’re practicing medicine without a license. The fact is, the biggest enemy of health these days in America is the medical Establishment. An organization such as yours should be advocating FOR us AGAINST those who want to poison us with multiple pharmaceuticals (which ARE poisonous in larger doses, which is why they “work”). It’s not your job to help brainwash your members into becoming victims of the medical Establishment. If you aren’t willing to take our side, you’re no better than the AARP. Shame on you!

3 years ago
Reply to  Pat

Thank you, Pat; you’re spot on!

3 years ago

Do you recall the AMAC newsletter article “Everyone Needs a Flu Shot, Particularly Those at Greatest Risk – the Elderly, says AMAC” published on September 27, 2018? There are 144 comments at the end of that article with maybe 6 people supporting the flu shot. Steve – I would consider those comments to be an accurate poll, at least concerning the flu vaccine. About 2 weeks later, I contacted AMAC asking them to address all of that negativity about the flu vaccine. Haven’t seen or heard anything
yet and I hope today’s article isn’t AMAC’s idea of a follow-up. I posted this comment with the web address of the Sept. 27 article 3 hours ago and it’s not up yet. I’ll try this again without the address. The article can be found by clicking the link “Read more articles by John Grimaldi” between the article and the comments.

3 years ago
Reply to  Mike

I have read this far, and so far EVERY comment has been anti-flu shot. Not sure where you managed to find 6 people in favor!

3 years ago
Reply to  Pat

Those 6 in favor were among the 144 from the September flu shot article. That leaves about 138 negatories.

3 years ago

I was shocked when I began reading about Amac not only supporting the flu vaccine but encouraging people to take this poison! Then I began reading your comments and took a big sigh of relief because your are educated and, informed about the dangers of vaccines, especially the flu vaccine. I do believe they are being used to get the world population down by 90% which is the New World Order’s goal. Notice how they push quite a few vaccines on the “older” population. Super strength flus shot for us, why? I doubt that’s it’s because they want us around for any long period of time, “useless feeders”, their words, not mine. Check out the documentary Vaxxed and Vaxxed 2, roman numerals. You can order it through Amazon, I believe. I’m not sure the second one has been released yet. This will open your eyes. Amac please do your research, we all can’t be wrong bout these vaccines. I would like it if you did your research and then come back and let us know where you stand on the flu vaccine afterward. I bet dollars to doughnuts you will have a different point of view on this subject., I pray you will. I haven’t taken a vaccine in years, not since I educated myself on the dangers. I take vitamins , herbs and incorporate homeopathic medicine, massage & acupuncture & I’m pretty healthy for a 71 year old. Please do some research on this subject. You are on the wrong side of this subject. God Bless

Press ONE for English
3 years ago

There are many alternatives to getting a flu shot, a risky proposition that offers a limited range of benefits. Let me offer what has worked for me. I eat a grapefruit EVERY day. Maybe in summer when they are hard to get, a half. But I eat grapefruit every day. Grapefruits are not harmful. I drink green tea every day. Green tea is not harmful. I avoid going out so much as I can, and I avoid crowds. I don’t hibernate, I do what I have to do. I just use a bit of discretion. This time of year, when people are getting colds and the flu more often, I also have an orange every day. This is probably stupid, but I also take a multivitamin every day. Who knows what’s really in it? But it hasn’t killed me yet. I avoid using stuff like hand sanitizers, things that can weaken your immunity to everyday germs. I dial the thermostat WAY down in winter as well to become acclimated to the cold. And as a result of doing these things, and probably some degree of good luck, I have not had a cold in about 20 years. Who knows, a similar regimen may help you too. I haven’t had a flu shot yet and refuse to even consider getting one, for any of the myriad good reasons enumerated in the comments. There is clearly room for debate around this issue.

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