Border Patrol Agent: Federal Government “Aiding, Abetting And Facilitating” Illegal Aliens

from – Real Clear Politics – by Ian Schwartz

JOHN BERMAN, CNN: Hector, I want to bring you in here. These busses ended up in this town after these immigrants were flown to California from your state in Texas. Where we are told the situation is growing almost out of control. Texas, the area you’re in often simply can’t handle the influx of people there.

Give us a sense of what you’re seeing on the ground?

HECTOR GARZA, BORDER PATROL AGENT (via telephone): Well, thank you for having me. Basically what we’re seeing is, plain and simple, a rampant abuse of our immigration system. We have a situation right now where our federal government is pretty much aiding and abetting and facilitating these individual aliens. These illegal aliens cross our borders illegally. We apprehend these illegal aliens that pretty much surrender themselves because they know that they’re getting a free pass.

This is an organized — it is an orchestrated situation. It is orchestrated by the drug cartels. It’s pretty much a rampant abuse of our immigration system.

MICHAELA PEREIRA, CNN: So Hector, what do you suggest? Because it is a really interesting perspective to talk to somebody that is there at the border. This is your job. You see this as it ebbs and flows. Is it a sense that, you know, words getting back to people in those countries where things are tough, I know you agree with me on that, that it’s easy to get across the border, that jobs await them? Is it a question of having the United States send message back and do some work on the ground there to say this practice has to end? We know the president has said as such, but does it need to go further?

GARZA: Well, the changes need to start here in our country. We need to make sure our border patrol agents have the proper resources and the proper funding to make sure they can do their job.

As it is right now with this orchestrated and this organized situation that we’re having, it is a border security crisis. Some people call it a humanitarian crisis, and to some degree it is, but it’s a border security crisis. We have to make sure that our agents are able to do their job.

At this point, about 70 percent of our border patrol agents in this area are being reassigned for processing duties. That means we’re leaving approximately 30 percent of our border patrol agents to actually do field work, to actually patrol the border and what that creates is a very porous border where dangerous criminals and dangerous drugs are entering our country undetected and making their way to our communities.

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8 years ago

Geez, what a surprise! … Let’s have our treasonous President creat a “humanitarian crisis” with the wholesale influx of illegal children crossing our national borders because the so-called Republican Party of No won’t just let Dictator Obama further destroy our economy, our welfare, our medical, our language, our jobs, our educational system, our criminal justice system, … Just so that he can continue to destroy America and turn us into another third world country, like Kenya, where he was born!

I’ve got news for you Mr. Obama, every dog has it’s day, and YOURS IS COMING!!!

We will survive this eventually, and you, Sir Socialist, you can run, but you cannot hide … We will hunt you down, no matter where you try to hide … America will find and execute you for your crimes against the people!!!

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