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Bill Bennett speaks with AMAC founder Dan Weber

On the Bill Bennett show “Bill Bennett’s Round Table” AMAC founder Dan Weber is interviewed on ObamaCare and the healthcare system.

You can hear this section of the program now by pressing the play button below.


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9 years ago

If Obamacare is so great, why do our politicians opt out of it. Even the unions who backed Obama are now asking out of the program once they’ve had a chance to read it more thoroughly. Why has our govt been allowed to pull money from SS for years and never pay anything back into it. When tax cuts come up, you never hear about the politicians looking to cut their benefits, they look to SS and call it an entitlement… how can it be an entitlement when we’ve paid into it for 40 or more years? I’m still looking for some good comparisons between AARP and AMAC, and I haven’t found anything that helps. I don’t know who Dan Weber is, don’t know what organizations he is espousing, etc. I do know that AARP has become very liberal over the last 15 years. I’m 71, been an AARP member since age 46. Yes, they took my money and sent me a card, so I’ve been a member now for 25 years. I’m not happy with AARP, but I don’t know much of anything about AMAC except their form letter. I would like to see some unbiased comments in comparing the two, but haven’t found any yet. .

curtis Lee cunningham
10 years ago

Has anyone looked into how many are paying over 1000.00 dollars a year, don’t sound like much does it, well multiply that by 71,000,000 seniors sums up to $71,000,000,000.00 a year in premiums.

George Michaud
11 years ago

What I would like to know is what is AARP doing about this? They just seem to have a desire to re-elect Obama and that just won’t go with me and my friends.

11 years ago

My 1st year of forced to take a distribution from my meager savings 401k. My taxes last year were 1110 aprox but this year over 3200.
Much of it because of the SS add in. No cola
for 2 years when the military and many others
still get it. Gas is now $4.40. All other bills
have gone up and we see much higher in the
pike coming at us. I agree that those lawmakers who do not have to depend on SS should not be squeezing us…They let the fake doctors /medical supply companies get away with millions for years from medicare. I too would like to drop out of AARP but need the
ppo they provide. With all the overcharges on items for the war effort.,etc….they are like vultures
trying to pick our bones even before we are
off the planet.. I worked 35 years and paid in.
I want my full benefits not some fancy ways to
steal my money for them to overspend with.

bill castleberry
11 years ago

washington has repeatedly RAPED the social security fund without ever personally contributing to it.planned obsolescence???

11 years ago

Good idea–thank you! My husband and I receive about $35,000 annually in social security benefits. Because we withdrew $18,000 from a deferred annuity this year to supplement our income, our taxable income increased by $33,000. $18,000 was of course due to the deferred annuity being taxed; And $15,000 was due to the increase in the taxable portion of our social security–from about 36% to 78%. In other words, withdrawing $18,000 triggered an increase in adjusted gross income of $33,000! Our tax bill increased by $3,000. Ouch!

Edward C. Olivares, Sr
11 years ago

I have several times mentioned directly and face to face with my Congressman the inequity of being taxed on our Social Security payments. My wife and I both draw on SS, both have retirement income from our previous employment, and my wife works 32 hours a week in order to make ends meet. Our total income is about $72,000.00 per annum. We are required to pay income tax on 85% of our combined SS Payment. That ususally adds over $4,000.00 to our income tax liability.
We are both 76 years old and my wife would like to quit working, but that would put us down in the poverty level. I have tried to get appropriate employment, but no one wants to hire a 76 year old man with lots of capability, other than Fast Food and other low paid burger flipping.

11 years ago

AMAC and Dan Weber, we looked at changing from AARP to new AMAC when it was founded. Due to health insurance through AARP we could not change. Heart and cancer patient here and would not find affordable insurance and co pays to Medicare and Scripts. Seniors get ripped at every turn and it did not happen yesterday. It has been going on a long time. Lobbist are for thee but not for me. AARP was the Grey Panthers and did much for Seniors but have turned into something else.

11 years ago

This is getting out of control. My husband gets $900.00 a mo. How could he live anywhere if he was not married, especially the cost of a studio. He would be living under the freeway. The more money I make, the more he his taxed at the end of the year. This is not fair.

11 years ago

Whenever Congress discusses cutting the debit, entitlements come up. Whenever entitlements come up, Social Security and Medicare are the subjects for extensive cuts. Why are Congressional entitlements ALWAYS unmentioned.

I think someone should do some research into what the Congressional entitlements are costing – including paid vacations, raises even when SS gets no raises, free health care now and forever, and retirement benefits (at full pay?) forever after four years or less of service. (Our military cannot get retirement after four years.)

Why are they concerned about the cost of benefits to the average person (after 30 years of working), but not about the gravy benefits of the political elite? C’mon!

Carl Radford
11 years ago

I have for the past five years been trying to get someone to listern to me stop taxing our ss. now it sounds like someone is starting to pay attention.

11 years ago

There should be no tax laws or cuts made to SS by anyone that is not facing SS when they retire. They add taxes on me and then I pay for their retirment. I don’t think [email protected]

11 years ago

There should be not tax laws or cuts made to SS by anyone that is not facing SS when they retire. They add taxes on me and then I pay for their retirment. I don’t think [email protected]

11 years ago

All medical insurance companies should be non-profits with annual premium adjustments according to costs. Removing stockholder dividends lowers costs. Nobody should benefit financially from the afflictions of others.

11 years ago

Taxes should be paid on SS benefits only after receiving back what was paid in.

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