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Big Tech War Room | Will Chamberlain | EP 158

Have you heard about the Internet Accountability Projects Big Tech War Room? It is no secret that conservatives have been silenced in the public square for too long. Will Chamberlain, Senior Counsel at the Internet Accountability Project and the Article III Project, joins the Better for America podcast to share with AMAC’ers how they have been legally holding big tech accountable. They have acted on companies like Amazon and their ploy to drive the little guy out of business; United Health Care; one of Americas largest insurers, and their plan to monopolize the industry, and Facebooks collusion to silence stories like Hunter Biden’s laptop. Will also shares some insight over the FBI’s misuse of power! If frustrated over Big Tech censorship is an understatement, then you will want to tune in to this episode to find out how people like Will Chamberlain are fighting to rein in Big Tech!

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