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Biden Turns Afghanistan Into a Nightmarish Echo of U.S. Exit from South Vietnam

AMAC Exclusive by Daniel Roman


American forces are today engaged in a historic rout from Afghanistan. Over the last few weeks, the Taliban have gone from controlling a third of the country to nearly three quarters. Even a Taliban fighter told NBC News that he was shocked at the speed of their advance, and that they were deliberately slowing it to avoid running afoul of the United States. Under Biden, the Taliban can afford to wait. They know that their takeover is merely a matter of logistics. The US will do nothing to stop them, and their only danger is that they advance faster than the US can retreat. And that retreat is fast.

The United States pulled out of Bagram Airbase, the largest in the country and located on the outskirts of Kabul, in the middle of the night, without telling their Afghan allies who awoke to find the Americans gone after 20 years. They could be forgiven for imagining that Joe Biden wished to treat America’s war in Afghanistan as if it had been nothing more than a 20 year long bad dream. But for everyone else, Afghan and American, it promises to be replaced by a nightmare instead.

Geopolitics is driven by balances of power. In conflicts where being on the losing side can be fatal, those who believe their cause is lost have little reason to try and reverse the course of events. Rather, their incentives are to get a leg up on escaping, or to switch sides. As a consequence, the actual military support offered by the United States to Afghan forces against the Taliban was always far less important than the potential that if the Taliban ever looked like they would take over the country, the US would comeback ruthlessly.

It was that belief which kept Afghan soldiers in the field. It was also that belief which brought the Taliban to the negotiating table with Donald Trump. They may have known that he genuinely wished to disengage the United States from Afghanistan, much as he had Syria and Iraq, but they also knew that there were limits beyond which Donald Trump would not be pushed. Qassim Soleimani learned that lesson the hard-way, and the Taliban as a consequence understood that if they broke their word, they would face the vengeance of Donald Trump and the United States.

Joe Biden carries no such weight. No actions have been undertaken to punish Taliban violations of cease-fire agreements. No air strikes have been launched in support of the Afghan army. The United States gives every indication it will be done with Afghanistan when it withdraws and the message to the Taliban is that all the US wants is for them to coordinate their advance such that the US forces can leave first. When questioned about Afghanistan, Biden replied on July 2nd that “I want to talk about happy things man.”

The result has not just been the Taliban advance, but the collapse of the Afghan Army and state. The Afghans quite rightfully fear that the Biden Administration has cut a deal with the Taliban that leaves them out of the equation—and that once the US forces are gone, the US will do nothing to help them. As a consequence, they are either switching sides, as the Uzbek General Dostum has just done, or running, with whole Afghan units dissolving.

This process should bring back memories of another debacle, also triggered by the determination of Democratic politicians to extricate themselves from a war which the Democratic party had supported. That is the Communist takeover of Vietnam in 1975.

Few American veterans or AMAC members can forget the images from Saigon on April 29th, 1975. As tens of thousands of desperate Vietnamese, including spouses of Americans and those who had risked their lives fighting Communism were held back by armed Marines at the gates of the US Embassy, helicopters carried off the American staff. The sacrifices of nearly 70,000 dead American servicemen, and more than a decade of fighting had been rendered meaningless in a matter of weeks by the advance of the North Vietnamese army. Now the US is making plans for evacuating its Kabul Embassy.

No less a figure than Karl Marx, the patron saint of the left, remarked that history repeats, first as tragedy, then as farce. What happened in Vietnam was a tragedy – for America, for the Vietnamese people, two million of whom found themselves in reeducation camps, and ironically for the Viet Cong themselves, whose National Liberation Front government lasted for exactly 90 minutes before North Vietnamese troops machine gunned fighters trying to raise the Viet Cong flag over government buildings. They would find, much like their anti-war allies in the West, that they were little more than useful idiots whose utility had passed.

The tragedy in Vietnam in 1975 was fully avoidable. What the Johnson Administration had failed to achieve with 500,000 troops, the Nixon Administration had achieved with less than 50,000, forcing the North Vietnamese into accepting a ceasefire in the Paris Accords of 1973. The agreement was far from perfect, but so was the cease-fire that ended the Korean war in 1953. Then too, North Korea remained armed and did forgo its claim to conquer its southern neighbor. South Korea in 1953, like South Vietnam in 1973 and Afghanistan today, was an imperfect government wracked by corruption and infighting. But, the agreement bought time—and in time, freedom and American involvement led to economic prosperity, liberalization, and democracy. South Korea became one of the world’s most prosperous states. In 1975, South Vietnam already had five times the average income of the North. Unfortunately, it did not get the time.

It did not get the time because the 1973 Paris Accords, like the 1953 cease-fire in Korea, had to be enforced by the clear determination of the United States to return if they were violated. North Korea knew if it attacked South Korea that the US would return and that there was no point. Yet in 1975, Congress, dominated by Democrats like John Kerry, not only cut off aid to South Vietnam, but passed legislation prohibiting the US from intervening if it was attacked. This was not only an invitation for the North Vietnamese to attack, but it told the South Vietnamese soldiers and civilians they could expect no rescue and that there was no point in fighting.

Biden has followed a similar path in Afghanistan. His error is not a desire to withdraw. That is a desire he shared with former President Trump. It is rather that in order to withdraw, he needed an agreement, and in order for an agreement to work, he needed it to be of some value to the Taliban. If the US was going to withdraw anyway, then what need had the Taliban for an agreement? If the US was not going to attack them no matter what, why should they keep their word? Biden, by telegraphing his indifference, has destroyed whatever leverage not only the United States had, but also our own Afghan allies.

It’s a tragedy, and a completely unnecessary one.

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J. Callaway
6 months ago

Just like Vietnam, we should not be in the middle east. The only reason we were ever there was for the oil. Those people have been fighting each other for thousands of years. Why should our military people fight and die for countries who won’t fight for themselves and don’t like or support us.

Lanny Camden
6 months ago

I spent 16 months in Vietnam from 1970 to late 1971. I still remember some of the Vietnamese people telling me they wanted to be like America. They hated Communism and hoped a peace treaty would result in a South Korea type Vietnam. My heart broke as I watched the retreat of America 1975 knowing the waste and the fear of the people pleading at the gate embassy. They trusted us. When Richard Nixon introduced Rolling Thunder across the dmz the North communists returned to the negotiating table from their stubborn refusals to talk.Water gate was a political monkey wrench that emboldened the communists to hold out and it worked.Bush warned Obama not to pull out of Iraq and After he did the innocent was sweep away by wicked men with an estimated 500,000 innocent butchard. Trump ended that in less than 6 months ago and kept a backup there.After all we still have camps in Germany and Japan and PhilippinesNever trust democrat policies. Bible says. When rightous lead. The people prosper. When the wicked lead. The people suffer. Inflation and false promises are here once again. How will we and our allies fel the pain of stupid decisions?

Robert Zuccaro
6 months ago

My objection: I’m not for perpetual wars but we spent 20 years telling women there to take off their birkas, go to school, get out from under mens rule and be individuals… what do you think the Taliban will do to them? Go ahead and pull out but when the murders begin, make sure you OWN IT Joe!

Ken in Arizona
6 months ago

The U.S. never has any clear cut goals with these military actions. It’s basically just day to day war until tired.

6 months ago
Reply to  Ken in Arizona

And then we abandon the locals who were helpful to face the wrath of our enemies
Reminds me of all those Vietnamese who had to flee the VCong in 1979.
Way to go Joe/Rice/PSayWhat.

6 months ago

The article is correct, but: We have allowed politicians to lull us into these idiotic and destructive wars for far too long. As in Korea, Vietnam and so many other places, the point was never to actually “win” the war, it was to have a war. With all of the enormous theft of taxpayer dollars, growth in the military industrial complex and the loss of our freedoms that entails.

6 months ago

Biden could care less about the women and children in Afghanistan!!!

Dave Smith
6 months ago

Why would this surprise any American? The last democrat with something resembling a spine was JFK. But their actions mirror the party who has gone from “Ask NOT what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country,” to “Whaaaaa! I want free stuff!” Cowards hiding behind the Constitution that Americans serve and defend.

Pete from St Pete
6 months ago

When will our leaders learn that you should rarely announce military withdrawal plan in advance? They just serve to inspire your enemy more than your friends.

Brenda Blunt
6 months ago

Hasn’t the leaders read their history? They need to do things the right and best way!!!

6 months ago

Perhaps theTaliban reads history. They saw how badly Vietnam went, and what the eventual outcome was……the tyrants won. This because we went into a war with no intention of finishing or winning in any shape….it was politics and power, not true pursuit of democracy. We failed there, we failed in Iraq, we failed in Afganistan, even before we began. All they had to do was wait. Like Nam, the public and the political powers lost their focus, aim, and desire…..and we as a nation lost a conflict that should have been short lived, and successful. As a Vietnam vet, I saw first hand how the military was used and abused. How politics managed the battle field. How the “enemy” became us, to the joy of the enemy of democracy and human rights.
We are such poor students of our own ignorant ways. Meanwhile, China, Iran, and Russia wait in the wings, with drooling mouths. Every battle fought in Nam was won militarily, and then nullified by the political powers. Every battle fought in Irag was won militarily, and nullified by the political powers. The battles fought in Afganistan will prove the same when we finally count the cost. Now we are a laughing stock in the world, our enemies (the real ones) domestic and foreign are emboldened, our military is losing support, and our debt is over the top. We have been primed, the fuse is lit……

6 months ago
Reply to  D.P.

Excellent post. All completely accurate as well. The U.S. military has never been allowed to win any major military engagement since WW2. Every military engagement since WW2 was poorly planned from the onset and then run as largely a “police action” with the ROE being successively more restrictive with each passing year. Winning the war quickly and decisively and returning all our troops home was never the planned outcome. If it was, the strategies employed would have been substantially different from what were actually used.

Gary Swanzy
6 months ago

You folks leave something out about Nixon and 50,000 troops. Nixon was not afraid to turn the B-52’s loose.

Bill on the Hill
6 months ago
Reply to  Gary Swanzy

That is correct Gary… The arm chair generals in DC are the one’s that thwarted his efforts, sadly enough…I voted for Nixon both times. Nixon was a choir boy when compared to what Obama has thus far gotten away with… Same with the Hildabeast…
Bill on the Hill… :~)

6 months ago

Here we are with an incompetent leadership with President Puss for Brains repeating Democrat failure after failure!
We were winning in Vietnam but liberal media pressure made us cave.
The US abandoned our efforts in Vietnam at the cost of so many American lives! Which created a GIANT sucking VOID for The Communists and they POURED in.
I am a Vietnam Veteran …. I WAS there… sometimes I still am….
Democrats are the Party of Slavery and CONTROL!

lee howell
6 months ago
Reply to  JOHN

tried to give you a thumbs up but I guess I am not allowed.

Bill on the Hill
6 months ago
Reply to  lee howell

I just did it for you lee… All set… MAGA…
Bill on the Hill… :~)

6 months ago

We should have learned from the Russian debacle that the taliban is a barbaric society willing to kill anyone that doesn’t submit to there beliefs. we should have bombed the hell out em and let them know we mean business without boots on the ground. Biden doesn’t care how many of our troops were killed or how many are committing suicide everyday.

Roy Law
6 months ago

The Demorats never have drawn any lines in the sand, when they can just give up our hard earned victories to the enemies of our country. I am a Vietnam Veteran, and we never lost a battle, but lost the war. Seem strange to anyone but me?

6 months ago

Trump said he would get out, so at least Biden says we are getting out. This has to end after twent years of what……

6 months ago

From what I remember twenty years ago, a lot of people warned not to go here and to look at history. Now the time has come.

John D. Beach
6 months ago

Those who don’t learn from the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them. What could, possibly, be more descriptive of the Democrat Party?

6 months ago
Reply to  John D. Beach

They know what the history actually is. They just don’t like it, so they ignore it because it doesn’t fit their agenda. That the American people keep tolerating the Democrats shoving the same set of failed policies on the country over and over again, with the same predictable results, is the truly scary part. One would have hoped the American people would have wised up a long, long time ago. Obviously not.

Bill on the Hill
6 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

Paul… Sadly enough, this is so true… Item #6 out of the (7) listed I believe on the Saul Alinsky playbook of Marxism says, Apathy & Complacency ” is an absolutely necessary ingredient towards the completion of the total indoctrination of the masses. Most unfortunately, America it would appear has already reached this milestone… :~(
Bill on the Hill… :~)

Robert W
6 months ago

Exactly, a “carbon copy”!! Vietnam Vet

6 months ago

Just proves how sneaky and dishonest bumbles is.

6 months ago

Ted the Liar of the Senate Kennedy
Did the same thing to South Vietnam

Robert W
6 months ago
Reply to  Hen3ry

You bet he did and what we did in Saigon was sneaky and dishonest!!!!!

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