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Biden Cozies Up to China’s Xi While Allies Bemoan Lack of U.S. Leadership

AMAC Newsline – By Ben Solis


Standing in front of a background of palms heated by the 90-degree Balinese humidity on Sunday evening ahead of the start of the G20 conference, Joe Biden appeared full of zeal and energy hours before what some diplomats deemed the most crucial meeting of the year with Chinese President Xi Jinping. When Biden emerged from his three-hour meeting with Xi on Monday, he appeared almost jovial about the conversation that began with a friendly “good to see you.” The tone that Biden took, however, starkly contrasts with the dire situation in the Indo-Pacific as U.S. military leaders and allies fret over China’s increasingly aggressive posture.

Of principal concern for both the United States and China heading into the meeting was the status of Taiwan, with both sides ramping up their rhetoric in recent months. Following U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s trip to the island in August, Beijing launched a series of military exercises within Taiwanese waters and suspended most military cooperation with the United States.

Following the meeting, Xi Jinping said in a statement that Taiwan was a “red line” which must not be crossed. These comments come just weeks after Xi refused to renounce using force to reunify with Taiwan at the most recent Chinese Communist Party Congress, where Xi also effectively asserted himself as the indefinite leader of the country. For the rest of the world, Xi’s hostile stance toward Taiwan, along with China’s predatory lending practices and ongoing military build-up, is a sign that China is returning to the “might makes right” philosophy that characterized the rule of Mao Zedong.

Biden, however, thus far seems to have failed to grasp the threat that the United States and the rest of the world face from Communist China. Ahead of the meetings on Sunday evening, Biden claimed that China and the U.S. “have very little misunderstanding.” Following his conversation with Xi, Biden said there doesn’t appear to be any “imminent attempt” to invade Taiwan. The White House also reiterated that the official policy of the United States is support for Beijing’s “One China” policy and maintaining the status quo in the Taiwan Strait.

But those comments are likely of little comfort to either U.S. military leaders or Western allies in Asia – including Taiwan – which have been warning for months about growing Chinese aggression in the region. On Saturday, the Taiwanese Defense Ministry reported 36 Chinese aircraft and 3 Chinese naval vessels near Taiwanese waters. A week earlier, Taiwan’s Defense Minister Joseph Wu said that the probability of a Chinese invasion has only heightened in recent months, and Xi’s statements about wanting to maintain the status quo “might not be as realistic as we hope.”

Just to the north, leaders in Tokyo have doubled Japan’s defense budget while keeping an anxious watch as China threatens Taiwan. According to public polling, more than 90 percent of Japanese citizens believe Japan needs a contingency plan if China invades Taiwan, as a Chinese-controlled Taiwan would enable Beijing to block key trade routes out of Japan. As Biden and Xi met on the sidelines of the G20 conference, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida criticized China for violating Japanese sovereignty.

The Japanese are also concerned about cooperation between China and Russia, two historical enemies of Japan. In June, Japan tracked eight Russian and Chinese warships near its territory, and Prime Minister Kishida warned of growing ties between China and Russia, particularly in light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. “Ukraine today may be East Asia tomorrow,” Kishida said.

Again here the actions of the U.S. military seem to belie Biden’s statements that dismiss talk of heightened tensions in the region. While the G20 Summit is ongoing, 26,000 Japanese army, navy, and air force personnel and about 10,000 U.S. armed forces are conducting a large-scale exercise dubbed “Keen Sword” in clear preparation for a possible future conflict with China. About a week before the summit, Japan hosted its first international fleet review in more than 20 years in Sagami Bay, south of Tokyo.

Japan and Australia have also been working to strengthen their alliance, including by deploying troops in each other’s country. Last week, Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton said that it was “inconceivable” Australia would not join the U.S. and Japan in a defense of Taiwan if Beijing did make a move. Australia has also expanded its commitment to defense spending, boosting funding to 2 percent of GDP with a target to hit 3-3.5 percent in the next five years. Among Australian priorities are plans to produce a new cruise missile and counter-drone capabilities, along with a plan to increase total enlisted personnel by nearly 80,000.

Many Asian leaders have expressed concern at what they view as the Biden administration’s soft approach to China after the Trump administration’s maximum pressure campaign. Those fears seemed to be only confirmed earlier this year when the White House National Security Strategy for 2023 and subsequent defense budget did not include funding for development of new weapons systems like a new type of sea-based nuclear cruise missile known as SLCM-N.

While much of the Western media failed to report on the importance of counter-strike capabilities in discouraging Chinese aggression, SLCM-N was designed as an ultra-advanced system capable of deterring China, Russia, and North Korea. Instead of continuing development of this weapon and others like it, the Biden administration is now reliant on older air-based missile systems. Biden’s decision to cancel development of SLCM-N is in effect a betrayal of his promises to American allies.

Biden has also taken other actions which have undoubtedly both alarmed U.S. allies and emboldened the Chinese, including withdrawing the entire fleet of U.S. F-15 Eagles based in Okinawa, Japan. The move reduced the total number of U.S. strike aircraft in Japan by about half, and sent a message to Beijing that the U.S. is not serious about maintaining its power projection in the South Pacific.

Joe Biden, meanwhile, seems content to pretend as if all is well around the world, even in light of the mounting number of international catastrophes he has overseen. This time, the cost of ignoring the obvious and failing to take a strong stance could prove even more consequential.

Ben Solis is the pen name of an international affairs journalist, historian, and researcher.

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Robin W Boyd
2 months ago

Of course Biden and all of the current administration is cozying up to the Communist Chinese that put them in office and who’re dictating their actions. Biden is a puppet for those who have sold out the U.S. to Socialists and Communists.

2 months ago

Biden (and Hunter) have always been ‘in bed’ with China. We need to impeach the unAmerican POS….and the incompetent VP too.

Allan E Brem
2 months ago

What’s new?

2 months ago

seems clear to me biden sold us out to the communist china. if you look at his actions from this perspective his actions make sense. as others have commented, he is in bed with ccp

2 months ago

Biden (and Hunter) have ALWAYS been ‘in bed’ with China. I wish he’d move over there and not come back.

A Voter
2 months ago

“Biden, however, thus far seems to have failed to grasp the threat that the United States and the rest of the world face from Communist China.”
This statement is entirely false. Biden and his puppet masters don’t view China as a threat, they view China as a model of what they plan to implement here in the US.

Anita Wasemann
2 months ago

of course he was jovial -more money for the “big guy”.

Aaf Schafer
2 months ago

I agree with Denise. What will happen now that Poland so called has been attacked. War in Europe and Xi taking back Taiwan at the same time. For Joe doesn’t have the manpower or the equipment to fight a war on two fronts.
1939 is just repeating itself. For those of you who didn’t know what happened that year. Germany invaded Poland and WW II started. And 2 years later Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.
See any likeness with what is happening today? American
Troops and tanks are already in or around the Ukraine. And people voted for the dems so called for Democracy. People we are no more a democracy. The migrants and criminals are taking over this country without impunity. And does Joe or any democrat ever mention the border or crime? All is well in China while it has bought up all strategic ports all over the world. Land in America and Joe never mentions it. All is well in Joe’s world.

2 months ago

China, despite the voluminous monster freighters of cheap Chinese junk thanks to “politicians” is an enemy of this nation. Xi is a brutal and heartless dictator bleeding from the eyes to rule the world, his regime is responsible for the brutal murders of untold thousands of Chines citizens….His goal is to rule and sickeningly his China has also bought up thousands of acres of American land…Bill Gates, a traitor, has also bought up thousand of acres of American land primarily to take it out of food production.
China owns Biden and his spawn…and who knows how many other “representatives”. That makes Biden and spawn guilty of high treason. Once upon a time when we still had a true justice system this treason would never go unpunished. There is nothing benevolent about the Chinese dictator. For all intents and purposes we’ve long lost this nation because so many haven’t paid attention or “don’t have time” to investigate beyond the “news” and articles on conservative sites.
Those who are knowledgeable about the future know that China and Russia will be smack dab in the midst of a coming massive world wide war. This was prophesied in God’s word thousands of years ago. We don’t know when, but it will happen…many who’ve spent a lifetime studying the true Book are beginning to think it may be closer than we think…but no one here knows.
Patrick Henry once said; “When a nation forgets it’s God, tyrants soon forge it’s chains.” 2nd.Timothy 3
Describes in painful detail exactly what we’re seeing now.

2 months ago

Are we sure that’s not just a cardboard cutout of Biden? Anyway, Biden OWES China in so many ways and he doesn’t want to lose them in his corner. It would be nice to know just how much he offered China, under the table so to speak. Biden will lose it all as we will see in the not too distant future.

2 months ago

I doubt that Joe grasps much. He is a figurehead and there to collect on his favors to China. He is not there as a diplomat or statesman; he has no idea what to say or do nor how to negotiate. Again, he is just the stand in for whoever is making the real decisions so his inane statements e.g. not imminent nor a threat are just blowing smoke.

2 months ago
Reply to  Del


David Millikan
2 months ago

WHY are so many Americans going
Moooo! And question nothing.
Old saying…A Mind is like a Parachute.

Philip Hammersley
2 months ago

Biden HAS to cozy up to Xi. After all, he’s been bought and paid for!

Barrett Smith
2 months ago

Biden’s weakness in Afghanistan inspired Putin’s aggression and now will inspire Xi’s.

2 months ago

Biden’s benevolent attitude towards China makes one wonder how much dirt the CCP has on the Biden clan. In truth, leaders of neither political party, besides former President Trump, have exhibited enough concern over a Communist nation making so many of our medical devices and medications or chemical intermediates used to make medications. Biden can’t seem to say anything about China’s cover up of the source of COVID, the reported theft of US research, China’s militant stance on Taiwan, China’s repression in Hong Kong, data possessed by the CCP on Americans as a result of our use of Tik Toc, China’s creation of militarized islands in international waters, etc. Democrats are focused on Russia as the evil incarnate, but Russia’s military prowess looks less than competent. Meanwhile the US is more concerned with woke indoctrination of our military than they are about military readiness while China is beefing up its military.

As we approach the 2024 elections, Republicans need to articulate positions on these issues. The increasing dominance of China is not something we can ignore forever.

2 months ago

Sleezy Joe should have full of zeal, after all, Xi enriched joe and Hunter with millions of dollars.

2 months ago
Reply to  Jerry

And…helped him get in to the White House.

Dennis Belotti
2 months ago

Traitor Joe is moving America closer to domination by China. This has always been the goal since that phony American black man became President. The mid-term elections were corrupted just like in 2020.
Was there a RED wave in the Mid Terms ? … you can bet on it, but corrupt voting machines and criminal poll workers would not let that happen.
Good bye America ! The sheeple in this country have no spine.

2 months ago
Reply to  Dennis Belotti

They don’t pay attention and vote according to issues that affect themselves or their beliefs not on the candidate and what his or her qualifications are. They are brainwashed by the media who are the real culprit.

2 months ago
Reply to  mytake

Dennis, this is NOT over. Don’t give in so quickly. The facts are there and one day they will explode on the scene and NO ONE will be able to deny it.

William C Smith
2 months ago

Record everything this guy does and says.

2 months ago

He is a traitor to the People of our country. He doesn’t care about Americans or our country. He is a puppet for the ccp. Pretty obvious isn’t it?

David Millikan
2 months ago

DICTATOR Beijing biden getting his cut and instructions.

2 months ago
Reply to  David Millikan


2 months ago

Biden has to cozy up, he and his son are on the take…convince me they are NOT…

2 months ago
Reply to  Jeb

No one has done anything about it so far. What does that tellnus?

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