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Better For America: Humble and Hungry with Scott Hamilton

Rebecca had the incredible honor to sit down with Scott Hamilton, US Olympic Gold Medalist. Scott is a true testament to the power of love, dedication, positivity, and prayer. In this episode, learn from a true American icon that the only disability in life is a bad attitude – limits are self-imposed. Faced with multiple health challenges and defeating cancer, Scott never let that stop him. Tune in to find out the mantra that has gotten Scott through some of his most brutal battles and brought him to the highest level he could reach as a professional athlete. He may have fallen 41,000 times, but Scott Hamilton has gotten up 41,001!

Scott Hamilton’s Cancer Resources:

Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation

4th Angel Mentoring Program

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Joan Chambers
1 month ago

A very inspiring interview with Scott – thank you AMAC. It was such an inspiring interview I watched it twice.

1 month ago
Reply to  Joan Chambers

A strong testimony to Faith and Perseverance. Living in SimsburyCt, an international rink for practice, it was a privilege to see his joy and humor on ice. Now, to hear the storms of life and his faith, love and grace has dominated his life. A big Kudo Scott for the example of true success and perspective leadership. I cried.. so tender. What a role model! ????????⛸❤️

Mary Curry
1 month ago

This was so inspiring. I am a figure skating fan and always admired Scott’s skating ability. Now to hear his whole story and especially hearing him share his spiritual growth is so meaningful.

Joe Salins
1 month ago

I didn’t know that Scott was a Christian and I can see how God has shaped his life. I thoroughly enjoyed the interview and it’s very uplifting and encouraging.

Michael & Judith Kuriatnyk
1 month ago

Enjoyed so very much hearing Scott being interviewed. A real encouragement! Thank you!

1 month ago

Watching and hearing Scottie talk was better than stepping into a church this morning. I am so blessed.

Debbie Reynolds
1 month ago

Thank you for this broadcast. I wept with hope.

1 month ago

Great interview. Thanks Rebecca and Scott. Very inspirational.

Jeannót Gamache
1 month ago

Thank you so very much for Interviewing my beloved Scott Hamilton!! He was always my favorite skater!!! I can still picture in my mind the famous backflips!

I considered this like a mini sermon with the both of you sharing the greatness of our Lord, and what all He can do in ones life-if we will just allow Him do the leading!!!
Authentically, Jeannót

1 month ago

Our military has become lacks. We need to train our men in hand to hand combat and cyber attack combat.
Being a woman, I am strong in many areas. But it would take a rare breed of woman to want to learn that. It is not for all woman..
I don’t think forcing woman to sign up is the answer. Teach our children the importance of patriotism. That would help.
But schools teach children to hate their country

M Rossol
1 month ago

Scott Hamilton was an amazing skater I watched in earlier years. I learned much from this inteview that I did not know. Very encouraging to hear him speak. Thank you for this piece.

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