Autumn Thoughts on Bread and Government

breadWhat’s not to appreciate about a freshly baked, well-structured loaf of bread on a cool autumn day? As the process of making such a loaf of bread meanders through my mind, I cannot help myself as an unsolicited comparison is made upon reaching the tricky dough rising stage.

An over-expanding batch of yeast dough is not dissimilar to our government which is growing well beyond the control of “master” bakers who wish to shape it into a manageable palatable loaf. Our bloated government is like a pasty mass of dough that must be gently punched down before it is kneaded (or needed) and shaped so it can rise again without collapsing upon itself. The unwieldy bureaucratic bulk must be deflated a bit first so it can be worked. To create a well-structured loaf of bread, it is essential to remove gas bubbles from yeast dough so it can rise again properly. The dough must be punched down, gently though, so as not to deflate it entirely.

My mind continues the bread dough metaphor… the loaf will only be as good as the ingredients, even if the process has been conducted properly. “We the People” are the ingredients of good government. If we do not take the time to engage in critical thinking and teach our children and grandchildren to think critically, the result will be unpalatable and perhaps destined for the trash heap of history.

There! Now my mind is free to get back to enjoying that freshly baked, well-structured loaf of government (I mean bread).

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Ivan Berry
7 years ago

Hello Diana. So very poetic and unlike the left, so much substance in your symbolism.
Prior to my discovery that I had celiac, I was the baker in our family. We had hard Italian and Turkish as well as traditional American loaves, often with hard cheeses and hard salami with finger vegitables on our day trips and outings. Since even handling wheat causes symptoms, it’s now cornbread (no flour), corn tortillas, or home made rice flour biscuits or pancakes.
In regards Constitutional government, it should be–should be like unto cornbread where the measured levening does not cause it to rise above a support level. Butter milk, soda, salt, eggs and enough oil to prevent sticking (other than to your ribs) will produce a near perfect pone when the ingredients are properly measured. It up to us, the people, to see that the proper amount goes into the product, and the best way to accomplish this is to become knowledgable enough to select the proper members of our Congress, where all this administrative power was initially planted. If not, like your overlevening loaf, our government and nation are subject to fail.

Diana Erbio
7 years ago
Reply to  Ivan Berry

Sorry to hear about Celiac Ivan, but love the analogy to cornbread!

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