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Amid Bitter Bipartisan Divisions, Maine Republicans and Democrats Unite Against Biden Assault on Lobster Industry

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The fishing industry in the American northeast received unwelcome news this week as the Biden administration announced that the President would take unilateral executive action to prohibit fishing in vast swaths of ocean off the Atlantic coast over “environmental concerns.” The move comes after President Trump opened up those very same waters to fishing last year, providing a huge boost to an industry hit hard by the pandemic.

The decision is likely to be especially unpopular in Maine, where the Biden administration has already hamstrung the state’s famed lobstermen. The new suffocating regulations put forward by the Biden National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are so damaging to the lobster industry in Maine that they have even caused bitterly divided Republican and Democrat lawmakers to temporarily set aside their differences and come together in opposition to policies. All 151 members of the Maine legislature, the Democrat governor, and the entire federal delegation have called on Biden to reverse the new rules.

The commerce created by the lobster industry has a huge cultural and commercial impact on Maine, with an annual revenue of about $500 million in a state with just over a million people. The lobster catch is also a huge deal for the national economy – it was only recently eclipsed by salmon as the most valuable marine catch in the United States.

The economic engine that the valuable crustation propels is now being threatened by the Biden administration in the name of “conservation.” Specifically, the new rules imposed by NOAA allegedly protect the right whale (so named, interestingly enough, because it was easy prey for early settlers, making it the “right” whale to hunt) a rare but incredible sight off the Maine coast. Biden’s NOAA, run by Rhode Island environmental lawyer Janet Coit and a slew of PhD’s with no background in fishing, seems to have taken a short break from their climate change crusade to attack one of Maine’s, and the country’s, critical blue-collar industries.

Protecting whales is a worthwhile goal in theory, but in reality there is no proof that Biden will be helping that cause. The rule shuts down huge swaths of the ocean to Maine lobster fishermen during their peak-season and requires costly changes to their fishing gear. Moreover, this misguided effort is aimed at the wrong target.

In fact, there has never been a right whale death attributed to the Maine lobster industry, with the few deaths that do occur being attributed largely to incidents in Canadian waters. In fact, a Maine lobsterman source that prefers to remain anonymous says that “none of us are even seeing a right whale in the area they are shutting down, and we are out there five days a week staring at the ocean.” What’s more, some of the deaths come from “vessel strikes,” not entanglements in gear. 

That fact hasn’t stopped the Biden administration from recently announcing a huge expansion in offshore wind power projects – much of which would occur in the very same waters they are chasing Maine lobstermen from in the name of protecting whales. These ocean wind power projects, which are unlikely to provide much real benefit to anyone, would undoubtedly increase vessel traffic in the waters in question far more than lobster fishing. The move has left many Mainers frustrated, pointing out that the real danger to whales is the massive increase in vessel traffic that would result from the construction.

So why is the Biden administration attacking the lobster industry while bragging about expansions in another industry that would appear to have even more negative impact on whales?

U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo, who touted the Biden administration’s proposed increase in ocean wind power, was also the one who hired Janet Coit to run NOAA and oversee the new lobster fishing rules. Coit worked for then-Governor Raimondo in Rhode Island, where the pair oversaw the “first two major offshore wind power projects” in the nation, and had to fight off the fishing industry in Rhode Island to do so. As Coit killed jobs in her home state, she coldly explained that “conflicts between offshore wind — which, to meet our clean energy goals, needs to be scaled up — and other ocean uses, primarily fishing, are the rubber meeting the road right now.” In other words, Coit, and by extension Raimondo, were fine with sacrificing the Rhode Island fishing industry in the name of her environmentalist pipe dreams. Now the two are bringing their desire to increase wind power to Maine, with costs to the fishing industry – and potentially right whale populations – be damned.

While the Biden administration attacks this centuries-old blue-collar American industry, just like it has with the energy industry, Biden’s team of climate change crusaders continues to prop up the favored pet projects of his ultra-left political allies. This troubling trend has jeopardized the health of Maine’s economy and brought about a sighting even rarer than a right whale off the Maine coast – political unity in the face of another Biden attack on ordinary, hard-working Americans.

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arnold J Palmieri
1 year ago

He is and all the socialist Democrats are working very very hard to destroy this country

Bill on the Hill
1 year ago

Well all you Maine folks, Y’all are getting what you voted for, ain’t ya? Good luck on this one…All of a sudden, lobster just became very expensive from the state of Maine…
I’m not really criticizing Y’all, over here in Vermont, my home state, we are stuck with a RINO governor, i.e. Phil Scott who so despised his president, i.e. Donald J. Trump, he actually voted for Biden & went on the air & publicaly announced it!
Vermont now has ” Gun Laws ” thanks to Governor Phil Scott. His anti-gun cronies in the Senate have been adding amendments to those laws ever since, he opened the door & they are pouring right in…
I voted for the man that called himself a conservative the 1st time around, NEVER again since & he is now in his 3rd term…He is surrounded by a Democrat majority in both houses & votes in their favor more times than not, sadly enough… It should be noted too, Vermont is pushing CRT real hard in our schools, K -12 so as to indoctrinate our young people into the very communists that now run this state, I suspect Maine is going through a similar travesty as well. I wish all of you well…
Bill on the Hill… :~)

1 year ago

Are there still people that don’t ‘get’ this??
It’s about COMMUNISM.
And the rights of the smug, elite bas Turds, as opposed to to our Rights as an American citizen.
Arm yourselves and go to work.

1 year ago

Biden destroys everything he touches !! He’s a spineless coward!!

1 year ago
Reply to  Kelli

Biden is merely an enabler for leftists that do indeed destroy everything they touch.

Joe M
1 year ago

Maine and all the northeastern states by majority vote democrat and now they reap the the consequences of that stupidity !! There is no morality in the dem party….
they are outright godless !!

1 year ago

When we see we have one thing in common, it may open a door for OTHER possible agreements. We can hope!

Mike B.
1 year ago

Everything that President Trump implemented, J.B. has reversed. This was huge for Maine when President Trump passed this law that the fishing waters were open for business. I’ve been to Maine, and the people in this state a very liberal. There great Americans, but they voted for the wrong candidate. I hope they see the light in 22, and 24. ????????

1 year ago

Bruce and Roberta should read this article

1 year ago

This is yet again another example of a Biden edict with little to no thought of damages to others’ livelihoods or impacts of the falsehood that so called clean energy is for our survival. I’m sick of Biden and his administration’s minions daily lies. Just another Obama 3rd term for over-regulation and a step to socialist communism.

James trent
1 year ago

I’d rather believe the 2020 presidential election was a fraud rather than believe we have this many stupid voters. What especially angers me is the many voters who normally vote Republican that voted for Biden because they didn’t like Trump…an imbecilic knee jerk reaction. During WW11, many people didn’t like General George Patton, but he got the job done. I lost faith in our electorate when Obama was re-elected. Now Biden is trying to finish Obama’s destruction of America.

1 year ago

How many folks that like lobster voted for this wingnut??? Speaking of wingnuts where are more of congressmen and senators on this new attempted extension of oval orifice power? NOW FREAKING LOBSTERS HAVE A “ROLE” IN CLIMATE CHANGE! What a shot of brain matter degeneration.

Willy E
1 year ago

Well, don’t blame me, I voted for Trump! Do you miss Trump yet?

1 year ago
Reply to  Willy E

100 %

Debra Elwell
1 year ago

The Democrats have an AGENDA! That is the destruction of our beloved Country!!!!

1 year ago

Gee. I thought the POTUS had a lot more issues and situations to deal with than Lobstering! Oh, I forgot momentarily that Joe Hidin’ Biden has not a clue as to what is important in his agenda until someone pulls the right strings. I think on this issue someone got hold of the strings and made him look like the fool he really is…. among other things like swindler, liar, cheater, crook , plagiarist, women hair sniffer, senile old curmudgeon, and puppet..

Constant de Calonne
1 year ago

AMEN all honest Congress members NEED to UNITE to save our Country The current political Party in the WH is SABOTAGING our Democracy and CONGRESS AS WELL GOD BLESS AND HELP AMERICA AND AMERICANS !!!!!!!

1 year ago

so lets see—- Maine has a democrat governor- A democrat majority in both houses, and that wonderful joke of a senator Susan Collins who is a friggin joke RINO- Plus 3 out of 4 electoral votes went to the biden gang in 2020…My message to that state is: you voted for it now live with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Betsy t
1 year ago

This makes me want to cry. He is systematically destroying everything good about America. Next he will outlaw apple pie.
Every day is a spit in the face from that imposter.

1 year ago

Biden and whoever that biden fool is listening to are idiots. If he’s destroying one very old, established, productive industry simply to build some “wind turbines” in an area that’s going to be impacted by the turbines both short and long term then he’s the idiot I always thought he is. But then again, I already know he’s the idiot I always thought he is. He’s just showcasing his idiocy, compounding its out of control expansion daily!

Shame on those who voted for this derelict, brain dead fool to be their “president”! Biden’s tough guy act has fallen to the wayside decades ago. Now, he’s being propped up like the paper puppet he is, his handlers telling him what to say, when to say it, how to say it, who to say it to and to shut up when asked questions. The latter he’s still trying to perfect… like that will ever happen. LOL.

Nah, biden’s not our POTUS, maybe by name only but he’s not the fool running that democrat POTUS circus. Not even close to it.

He’s one pathetic fool.

MAGA2024! TRUMP2024!

Roger D.
1 year ago
Reply to  BwaHa

As you said Biden is President in name only. As for Afghanistan and his leaving all of the military equipment for the Taliban which apparently sent some of it to Iran, my thought is that his handlers told him to leave it there for the Muslims to use and now that China is using the Bagram air base for them also probably. I have written to our representative in the House telling her to start impeachment proceedings there but of course she is a Democrat. That party does want to destroy everything that has been accomplished over the last 200 + years. As mentioned in another article about Venezuela the elites here want to do the same thing. But when Americans do not have enough money to buy new items from our companies how will Zuckerberg and Musk etc. continue to live their in their current lifestyle unless they decide to move to a tax free country like so many others have done?

1 year ago

Ordinary people must outnumber the elites who know what they want but leave it up to someone else to do whatever it takes to satisfy them…except they seem to be never satisfied. Ordinary people will not let this madness continue.

1 year ago

These socialists are doing everything they can to wreck all areas of this country so that they can eventually get total control of every every aspect of every American citizen.

First, they wrecked energy sector and energy independence. They also want to kill coal.

They’re going after your land. Legislation is on tap (part of the 3.5T bill) to collect inheritance tax based on the ORIGINAL paid value. Bought a 1,000 acre farm in 1900 for $10K and now it’s worth $10m. The inheritors will be taxed based on the capital gains since 1900 or $990,000. Objective, destroy the family farms. The socialists want to control all property zoning from Washington. California already made single family zoning illegal.

The want to destroy your safety by defunding police and not prosecuting criminals. Why? So that big cities and other areas start calling for Washington to “save us”…all the while Pelosi is starting to expand the Capital Police (into a national police force controlled by the socialists) all across the country opening offices in CA. and FL.

They want to control what your kids learn (indoctrination) and are now unleashing the FBI to quell concerned parents who don’t want CRT and it’s associated racism.

And here we go with the socialists doing everything they can to shut down Maine fishing industries.

They want to control our medical, control where/how we can live, control what we can eat, and take away our guns so we can’t fight back.

But of course, non of this will impact them.

Roger D.
1 year ago
Reply to  FedUp

You mentioned that Biden wanted to destroy our energy. He killed the pipeline that would have imported crude from Canada and apparently wants everyone to drive electric cars. All of these environmentalists want to get rid of the oil companies and the Biden asked OPEC to increase their oil supply and send it here. California already imports oil and then Los Angeles County now closes 1600 oil wells putting those people out of work. These people apparently only think that the oil industry produces fuel for cars and trucks. What about trains and airplanes? Most of them do not run on electricity and all of the solar and wind farms will not be able to produce enough electricity for our homes and factories, plus the wind farms kill birds and bats. They are not thinking about all of the other items we have that depend on oil such as plastics, some clothing, fertilizers and about 6,000 other items that most of us use.

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