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American Flag Survives California Wildfire

The 2018 California wildfire season has been one of the most destructive on record. As strong Santa Ana winds howl through the state, rapidly advancing wildfires have destroyed forests, homes, and property, leaving toxic ash and destruction in their wake.

In Butte County, a deadly blaze dubbed the ‘Camp Fire’ had destroyed much of the Northern California neighborhood. However, there was one thing the fire couldn’t destroy.

Photos shared on the Elk Grove Police Department’s Facebook page show an American flag still standing amid the remains of one street in Paradise, California.

Many have called it a miracle and say it represents the strength of our country in the face of crisis and disaster.

“Our officers were driving down one street where every house had been leveled, nothing left, except a flag pole that was standing with flag in almost perfect condition,” the police department tweeted. Action News Now anchor Spencer Joseph also shared an image of the surviving flag on his Facebook page, calling it “One of the most stunning images I’ve ever taken.”

One of the most stunning images I’ve ever taken. This is in the town of Paradise after the #CampFire swept through. All that is left of this street of homes is this American flag, still waving, still unburned.

Posted by Spencer Joseph on Saturday, November 10, 2018

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Rita Pratt
3 years ago

Just now learned about AMAC. I asked my Facebook friends about this organization and after a lot of good reports I joined today. Can’t wait to get my first magazine. I will be surfing the net for AMAC information. Very excited.

4 years ago

Hey AMAC — when I see this post on my FB Newsfeed, the photo is blanked out – replaced by “safe_image” !!!!!

4 years ago

May our flag stand tall amongst the social wars across our Nation.

4 years ago


Rick B.
4 years ago

I know this will go against the grain here, but might there be a simpler explanation than divine intervention based on the principle of Occam’s razor?

If the heat and smoke had diminished enough for a police cruiser to drive through the area in question, might they have been preceded by a former resident or someone else passing through, who saw an empty flag pole and decided to hoist Old Glory as a symbol of the indomitable American spirit? Thinking of those firemen at ground zero on 911. Less stranger things have happened. I do believe that miracles have happened and will happen, but I am reluctant to explain every unknown event as the result of one.

I do agree with Trump. Regular controlled burns of areas prone to forest fires would help tremendously. Instead of one huge firestorm roaring and sucking up every bit of oxygen and dry fuel, numerous small fires are purposely set at the same time at many different locations. They burn toward each other, and when they intersect at the midpoint, no more fire. And no more dry undergrowth waiting for just a spark to start another uncontrolled conflagration. Works everywhere else, why not in CA?

Faye Linton
4 years ago
Reply to  Rick B.

Rick B. You must read deeper into God’s Word and recognize awesome messages from God. It has been reported often how a picture of Christ in a burned home was untouched. God loves America and He is not through with her yet. He designed America and helped her to defeat the world’s largest and most successful army. This flag looks scorched and if all around it was burned it too could have burned. Would you have stopped to raise a flag? The flag looks pretty dirty to have just been raised. I’m more apt to believe the other comments. God does amazing things at incredible times. May God continue to Bless America.

Rick B.
4 years ago
Reply to  Faye Linton

You mean like a staff made from a dead almond tree branch that somehow leaved and bloomed, and was later placed in the Ark of the Covenant? Or a sea that was somehow parted to allow a caravan to cross it on dry land? Or a mud poultice made with the spittle of a Palestinian Jew some 2000 years ago that somehow caused a man blind since birth to finally see? These and many other miraculous things in the Bible I do believe. But I am not persuaded that this flag rises to such heights. Was it the only flagpole in Paradise that day, and if not, how fared the rest? “I believe, help my unbelief.”

Cristine Meixner
4 years ago

I pray this is a sign God has not yet abandoned this country.

4 years ago


Henry Robinson
4 years ago

If AMAC offered prints of this ‘miracle’ flag, I would buy one ..

Doug Marrs
4 years ago

Long may SHE wave.

Peggy Pittman
4 years ago

God hasn’t given up on America, we shouldn’t either!!!

4 years ago

That is a sign to California to get back to the basic policies of the United States , the rulings of Brown and socialistic policies will be destroyed but America’s values and policies will stand strong .

Cristine Meixner
4 years ago
Reply to  Dennis

I pray you are right.

4 years ago

One picture is worth a thousand words. Awesome.

Richard M. Camp
4 years ago

Do the liberals get the message? Doubt it.

Chris H. Call
4 years ago

God works in mysterious ways.

4 years ago

It was God at work.

4 years ago

Anyone want to discuss the use of a DEW (directed energy weapon) that started these California fires? Metal will burn and melt, but trees are spared and thus the flag remained untouched too because of its molecular structure. So many photos of destroyed homes but yet the vegetation remains?

Phyllis A.
4 years ago

It’s as if God is saying, keep the faith, America will soon be great again!

Harry ward
4 years ago

Who knows somethings defy explanation

Doyle Wagner
4 years ago
Reply to  Harry ward

God knows!

4 years ago

Even in judgment, there is hope.

4 years ago

I just got the chills and teared up.

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