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AMAC Asks for Your Help in Supporting Reps. Blackburn and Scalise

Attached is a draft letter Reps. Blackburn and Scalise are circulating for member signatures. The letter will be sent this week to three of the national broadcast networks regarding media bias in the Florida Planned Parenthood infanticide lobbying scandal as well as the lack of coverage of the ongoing Gosnell murder case in Philadelphia. Please feel free to reach out to House offices to request their support of this important initiative. Deadline for signatures is close of business this Tuesday.

April __, 2013

Dear [President’s of NBC/ABC/CBS]:


As Members of Congress, we seldom, and with good reason, take the opportunity to communicate directly to you our views on the subject matter of your national news broadcasts. However, we write this letter to express how profoundly appalled we are that your networks have largely ignored two significant stories: Planned Parenthood’s lobbying efforts in support of infanticide in Florida last month as well as the ongoing criminal murder trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia.

Surely, the Planned Parenthood lobbying scandal and the ongoing Gosnell murder case, which has been described as a “House of Horrors,” meet your threshold criteria for a national news segment. Yet despite this obvious fact, coverage of these stories has eluded your news divisions. Our modern world offers no shortage of calamities and crimes to occupy the time of writers, video editors, and announcers. Nonetheless, we see no excuse for your failure to report these stories other than blatant media bias. There is nothing “politically incorrect” about reporting the negative impacts of abortion on women and children. People’s reliance on your networks for information has been sorely betrayed as it relates to these cases and it undermines your credibility in the public square.

We welcome your response to tell us that this is not so – that you can explain why Planned Parenthood’s public endorsement of the right to deny medical treatment to children who survive abortion is not of interest to the general public. Help us understand how one of the most notorious cases in our nation’s history of patient abuse of mothers and babies does not merit airtime on your programming. These sentiments have also been raised by community leaders who wrote to you on April 4 under the auspices of the Media Research Center. Their inquiries deserve a response not merely in terms of public accountability, but also as a measure of common decency.

Health care and the protection of the weakest members of society are subjects of high priority for any civilized society. As Americans assess these cases, the condition of our culture, and the utility of our laws, they depend on you. Additionally, public officials and lawmakers rely upon an unprejudiced press to follow the truth and report the news, good and bad, for all to see and evaluate appropriately. For these reasons, we urge you and your colleagues to take seriously our concerns.




________________________________                    ________________________________

Marsha Blackburn                                                       Steve Scalise

Member of Congress                                                   Member of Congress


Download and Print Letter Here


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Robert Delich, PhD.
9 years ago

Although extremely important for the survival of civility, this is only one of many issues that have been brought to the attention of God fearing Americans. There is something dramatically wrong with leaders when Congress is obsessed with gun control, amnesty, and same sex marriages while we have 40 million people are out of work, families are broken because of economics, homes are lost, and crime is through the roof. In the meantime, the president goes on vacation. I say that because we have taken God out of the country we have taken Him out of our minds and spirit, thus, we have a society absent of accountability and responsibility -including elected and appointed leaders.History shows that countries that took God out of the equation ultimately failed and American will follow suit. We have replaced God’s grace with Satan’s revenge.

Dan Armstrong
9 years ago

Shameful conduct by the media.

Carolyn O'Hearn
9 years ago

I’m apalled the media won’t tell the facts anymore. They just repeat what comes out of the horses mouth. Not many Americans are aware of these abortion issues that are going on and would not stand for this. The media should be held personally responsible for their part in not reporting important issues like this.

9 years ago

The mainstream media is bought and paid for by the Democrats. Do not expect unbiased reporting. That’s been gone for years. They’re just more blantant about it these days. The major networks are a willing part of the propaganda machine that spoon feeds the public what the WH and the Democrat Party deems appropriate for mass consumption. Move beyond listening to the likes of CBS, NBC and ABC, if you want to really know what is going on across the country and the world. You have access to the most powerful information resource on earth, the Internet. Use it to educate yourself and others.

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