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andrew-mangioneby Andrew Mangione – “In the face of the so-called ‘snow-quester’ – and despite the Federal government shutting down for what turned out to be merely a rainy day – AMAC is proud to report that it conducted another round of meetings on Capitol Hill with numerous House and Senate offices. On Tuesday and Wednesday, March 7th and 8th, AMAC leadership blitzed the Hill, executing a campaign of education and information gathering with key Senators and Representatives.

AMAC established nearly a dozen individual briefings, with both members and staff, to present our proposals for fixing the Nation’s critical problems, to introduce AMAC to new audiences, and to strengthen existing relationships. Meetings with multiple offices were highly productive and promising, and AMAC was given several hours of time to cover issues of mutual importance, to detail our solutions, and to communicate our expectations moving into the 113th Congressional session.

This particular round of briefings followed closely on the heels of a gala reception that AMAC proudly sponsored downtown on Tuesday evening, whereupon AMAC leadership continued to enhance our profile in Washington and conducted critical face-time interaction with several elected members of the Congress. AMAC’s brand and purpose is one of excellence, attentiveness and diligence, qualities that elected members are quickly recognizing and valuing.

Things are gathering steam in DC, and the concerns and issues most important to AMAC and to you, continue to gain attention. As we grow, and as these issues move to the forefront of discussion, our momentum continues to increase – and we can assure you that we’ll use it to maximum effect.

All in all, it was an extremely productive week in the Nation’s Capital, and we look forward to hitting the circuit hard next week when we’ll be back in DC for CPAC.

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