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AMAC Takes Mature American’s Message to Capitol Hill

by Andrew Mangione –

This week, AMAC leadership returned to Washington, D.C., taking the message of Mature Americans straight to Capitol Hill. Over the course of three days, AMAC President Dan Weber, and Director of Business Development, Andy Mangione, conducted a series of meetings with prominent Congressional offices in both the House and Senate on a range of priority issues critical to AMAC members and older Americans across the country.

Not only helping to build a stronger dialogue with lawmakers on the Hill, these meetings allowed AMAC leadership to keep a spotlight focused on the top concerns of Mature Americans and the impacts of legislative inaction on our Nation’s fiscal and economic health. AMAC also used each and every meeting to present key Congressional members with our ideas and solutions to the most critical challenges facing both Mature Americans and future generations.

To most effectively pursue our priorities in Washington, AMAC targeted the offices of House and Senate members serving on the most relevant committees and subcommittees that have the power, responsibility and jurisdiction over the issues that most affect older Americans and their interests. With entitlement reform playing a more important role in U.S. economic discussions, AMAC used the meetings to focus on Social Security and to communicate our plan for ensuring the security and solvency of the program for retirees and future generations. We also discussed a range of other issues important to AMAC members, including ways to continue truly reform health care, and how changes in the tax code could impact the strength of private sector investment and retirement options.

Overall, our trip was very successful, with AMAC leadership receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from the meetings and even getting significant face time with Senators and Congressional Representatives. In fact, our accomplishments on this visit only reinforce our commitment to you, to maintain momentum and to keep building upon the gains we’ve made. We remain optimistic about the steps being taken to advance policies on behalf of AMAC members and we will continue to engage with Congress to advance our cause. As the issues of entitlement and health care reform continue to be a greater part of the critical discussions being held in the Nation’s Capital, AMAC members can be confident that we will continue to champion your interests and concerns with a clear, realistic and commonsense voice.

AMAC fights for you!

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Robert Morrow
9 years ago

I have read the the article of Women of The Right, Petty good, but I doubt if anyone of them will take on the Corrupt Agencies that now rule. Agencies that we did not vote into power, but our corrupt Senators and Representatives have with no controls. Let me write of just one, FDA (murder for corporate profits Inc.). Just why is this Agency allowed to exist? Their leaders have sold us to the highest bidders for monetary gain and power. I will quote one here:”THE THING THAT BUGS ME IS THAT PEOPLE THINK THE FDA IS PROTECTING THEM. IT ISN’T. THE FDA IS PROTECTING THE PROFITS OF THE CORPORATIONS THAT PAY US AND THE POLITICIANS!”. Herbert Ley, M.D. Former FDA Commissioner. Please note who is getting paid with the Blood Stain 30 Pieces of Silver, POLITICIANS. I find that the so called news media is more concerned with Soap Opera news which has no redeeming qualities. Just like like our corrupt elected official has sold the Republic down the river. WHY! Profit and Payola. The FDA Allows drugs that kill and not cure with thousands of percent mark up and you thought the oil companies were bad, as least they try to provide energy. The Worse part is the approved Toxins allowed in the foods that make you and your Children Sick in mind and body, yet no one has the guts to speak up. I do, but I am just a dot in the landscape and ignored by all, especially my own Senators and Representative who I handed, posted and called to stop the poisoning of the people. Their reply is zero. Just take a look at some of the items; AZODICARBONAMIDE (poison plastic foaming chemical outlaw in most all countries),High Fructose Corn Syrups which causes Diabetics, then there is Ammonium sulfate, Mono & Triglycerides, Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate, Tartrazine(coal tar waste) liked to behavior disorders & allergies in children. The list goes on and on, yet when I write or bring this to the attention of my Corrupt Congressman or Senator, all I get back is propaganda. I am tired of for profit making me and the Children Sick and treating them with death dealing drugs which cause them to suffer in pain and agonies. I know that this will fall on deaf ears as it has before. Presently I have been teaching free cooking classes which I named “How to cook outside the FDA poison box.” at the local Cancer Awareness nonprofit group. So, have a great day Comrades and be sure to eat you poison staff of life bread. Chef Robert Morrow here in what was the Land Of Enchantment New Mexico.

Diane Galante
9 years ago

Betrayed by AARP, I dumped them like they “dumped” the seniors they supposedly represented. Good riddance! Sign me up, AMAC.

9 years ago

Actually, I would like to see Mr. Mangione provide more details and specifics of what was discussed and stated in these meetings.

Carolyn Goodin
9 years ago

I joined AMAC because I simply oppose AARP and anything they have to offer.. They are NOT fighting for the best interest of Seniors, but are pleased to profit from government imposed health insurance. The mere fact that they joined forces with Obama to pass Obama Care was enough for me to look elsewhere for Senior Organizations who would actually work for Seniors. I am very pleased to have AMAC and the alternative to AARP. I waited until age 65 to join because I was never going to sign up with AARP period! Thank you for the support. My prayer is that AMAC will convince all AARP members to switch to your organization, leaving AARP with empty offices!

Concerned citizen
9 years ago

THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU, Dan Weber and Andrew J. Mangione Jr. for the work you are doing on our behalf. I’m so proud of AMAC and what it is accomplishing.

Wayne Spaulding
9 years ago

I would like to add my AARP comments to that of Nancy Hannan. Several years ago the AARP made a deal with the devil (the US government) and as a result if we worked after we started receiving Social Security up to 85% of our Social Security benefits would be taxable. Now I’m not talking about the reduction in benefits received when you receive benefits before age 65 and continue to work. I’m talking about the limit on income (that is very low) that affects the tax on Social Security no matter what your age is. Since I retired 16 years ago I needed to continue working and paid several thousand dollars in taxes on my Social Security Benefits and only because of the greedy AARP. Now AARP supports Obama Care and the reason is that they sell insurance to thousands of members at a very nice commission. AARP is a big rip off.

9 years ago

Keep up the pressure to achieve meaningful and intelligent entitlement reform.

Nancy Hannan
9 years ago

About the debate over reducing “entitlement” benefits: This is a double edge sword. Those who feel entitled simply due to the fact they live in our country are very different from those of us who have worked, paid taxes, and funded the Social Security system and Medicare.

Today, I could not exist without Social Security and Medicare. To have them reduced after sixty years of contributing my hard earned money to these funds is not only unfair, it is wrong!

I was married to a medical professional for thirty years and we paid very high taxes. The divorce altered my life style dramatically, but it was my life choice.

At 81, I still work so I do not need to depend on the government for a free hand out.

I cancelled my long time association with AARP because I felt they were talking out of both sides of their mouth, and not acting in the best welfare of the retired and senior citizens.

I feel much more comfortable under the wings of AMAC.

You have my support and I appreciate the feed back through the newsletters.

Nancy Hannan

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