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AMAC Magazine Exclusive – Top Five Most Harmful Biden Economic Policies

By: Palmer Schoening


In 2019, the economy hit record numbers across the board, business optimism was high, and business owners were operating in a relatively friendly environment in terms of taxes and regulations. As the current economy continues to recover on shaky footing, President Biden has proposed moving in the opposite direction of the previous administration by dramatically increasing both taxes and regulations on small businesses.

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1 year ago

It’s not even our commander and chief that’s sabotaging our constitutional freedom of speech and everything else that allows us FREE AMERICAN CITIZENS to prosper and live a quality life (remember YOU DID NOT BUILD THAT you deplorable chumps! It’s actually our birthday partying ex president who’s found this destructive tearing apart of our foundation and core of our country, all elites who have basically taken a foothold on all of us and with guaranteed hyper inflation already here we’re in serious trouble! This country better be ready to defend our constitutional freedoms or it’s completely OVER! Another 3-4 TRILLION DOLLAR pork package and it is over

Jocelyn Taylor
1 year ago

I find Biden being the weakest most pathetic for a president that I have ever seen in my lifetime

James Boyles
1 year ago
Reply to  Jocelyn Taylor

Biden is a trojan horse, the mouth piece for his handlers who are actually running the country, the socialist cartel of pelousi, shumer, Nadler and dnc.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jocelyn Taylor


Jim Jolly
1 year ago

Biden Puppet is fastly heading us into Socialism and he doesn’t even know it OR DOES HE.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jim Jolly

It doesn’t matter whether he has the cognitive function to realize what he is doing or not. He is ultimately accountable for these actions that he is doing either freely or by those pulling his strings. In any event, we are suffering from the results of those actions, which need to be halted and reversed ASAP. Anything else is noise.

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